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Celia - Rotterdam50€
Trusted teacher: Piano performance & Music therapy Hello! My name is Celia. I’m from Spain and I’m currently studying Music Therapy at the Rotterdam conservatory. I recently become a Music Therapy intern at Florence, The Hague. I obtained my bachelor diploma in piano performance in 2016. I have performed concerts as a soloist, in duet with other pianists and in bigger ensembles/orchestras. Since I moved to the Netherlands, I’m also part of a music trio where we perform pop, jazz, arrangements and compositions from our singer. All these experiences together give me for sure a big capacity of working repertoire and understand the different needs of my students as a teacher! 🙂 As I’m in education as a therapist, I also use all my knowledge in combination with Music Therapy skills with all my students and especially with people who demand a different experience during a music lesson. Music Therapy techniques allow you to play music without any knowledge of theory, so it’s very useful when in the middle of the lesson you need a break or when you just need to connect with yourself, for example. Music Therapy triggers your curiosity 😉 Learn & explore During more than 10 years of experience as a teacher, I have worked all kind of people: children, adults, people with disabilities, families… I’m quite flexible and able to adapt my way of teaching to the circumstances! I like to work individually and in groups. Each way has its own advantages! In my lessons I use all methods I could experiment myself among my piano career; I’m also always open for new knowledge, repertoire and ways of working what my students may propose me. It’s fascinating how I never stop learning new repertoire and music styles thanks to my students! I try to offer music in a different way for every student according to their needs, with creativity and a relaxed ambience where the student can learn and explore. Each person has his/her own rhythm… which in my opinion is very important to respect. I also work with music theory, explaining concepts to my students from the pieces we play. I find this way is effective, instructive and much more motivating 🙂 In my lessons, we can work on classical, jazz, pop, arrangements, 4-hands piano music, improvisation and much more! Happiness Music needs a bit of commitment. It’s like a plant: a bit of water every day is much better than a lot of water just one day per week! However, every plant is different, and in the end, the important thing is that you feel happy and motivated during your learning process. This is also important for me, so for sure I always try my best to help my students in that aspect. The enjoyment of music (and everything) makes you learn much faster, don’t you think? Feel free to ask any kind of question! :)
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Cellolesses, viola da gamba lessons, music theory lessons (The Hague)
I am a guitar teacher and professional musician myself who had no experience with the Viola da Gamba when I contaced Anna for lessons. As a trained musician, I have had many teachers in my life and I can honestly say that Anna is one of the best that I have ever had. She is knowledgeable beyond her years and her passion for music is so strong that it is easy to get inspired by it. She also puts a great deal of thought and preparation into her lessons, so you will be getting a lesson that is very much made for you specifically to be able to progress in a fast, yet relaxed way. Anna is extremely patient and took a lot of care to give me a good basis on the gamba. She gives very good exercises to target specific weaknesses (for me bowing), in addition to the note-reading exercises so you can get to know the instrument both with notation and without. In this way, you can also start from the beginning with very good technique. I have greatly enjoyed learning in the form of duets, playing simple melodies in the beginning that you can first practice at home by yourself. Then playing together with Anna is always enjoyable since the pieces and exercises she chooses are musically very beautiful and satisfying to hear on the two instruments together. Anna is a patient, passionate and devoted teacher. I know that she is an excellent player and it is rare to find someone so talented as a performer, that is also as devoted to her students and their own progress. I highly recommend her!
Review by SAHIL
Violin and Viola lessons for children and adults in Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
Our first lesson was an exploration of the feeling of holding the viola and the bow and of playing some notes pizzicato and with the bow. Maya was enthusiastic, patient and flexible in adapting to what I could and wanted to try. Her calm approach (letting learning sink in, allowing a process of getting used to the playing and learning) made me feel very comfortable and inspired!
Review by BRITTE
Violin lessons, Music theory, Musical language for any age or level! (Groningen)
Anna is the best! I was afraid of the lessons at the beginning but she is super cool and knows how to teach. I have learned a lot. Violin is a really complicated instrument but she is always looking for different ways to teach with many exercises and the most important part she is really patient. I have had a really good experience learning violin with her.