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Piano lessons in Hamburg-West. Be able to play your first pieces and improvisations in just a few weeks! I work according to various methods, have my own collection of etudes in booklet form and countless new edited piano music and arrangements of current hits on the PC. A piano lesson can have the following stages: greeting, short meditation, technique, vom-bltt-play, literature play and ideas for your own improvisations. The piano lesson can be recorded on request. Lessons also in French or English. I am 50+, a classical musician and a qualified piano teacher, and have been teaching beginners and adults, from beginners to advanced, for over 40 years. Include improvisation, sight-reading, foreplay training, and applied music theory in class. Teach all styles of music. Also teach viola da gamba (early music). Lessons also in French and English. At the age of 5 first lessons in viola da gamba from his own father, at 10 he started with piano, harpsichord and historical organs, with 11 tours with the viol quartet R. Noack, studied at the Frnakfurter Musikhochschule (church music, piano pedagogy, chamber music). 1989 move to Hamburg. Pianist with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, the theater for children (altona) and the cabaret "Das Schiff". Stage music, arrangements, chanson appearances. Since 2010 alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in own practice in HH and Lübeck. Workshops for experimental group improvisation, artistic process support at international conferences and congresses. I offer a reduced rate if several lessons are booked at once Fee 60 € for 60 minutes For 5 teaching units (package) 55 € For 10 teaching units (package) 50 € The free trial lesson lasts 45 minutes.
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Methodology: I accompany young people and adults, beginners and advanced, schoolchildren and students in professional clarinet playing with great passion. I have already gained a lot of experience as a teacher in different countries in addition to my professional concert activities. As different as my students are, they all have their own unique characteristics. It is important to me that the students always have fun with the music. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to get back on track after a long break: With me you get creative, individual lessons. I will train you in it, your age does not matter! It's never too late to learn an instrument. It is important to me that you know: No matter whether you play the clarinet as your hobby or have professional intentions, I have infinite patience, a huge amount of life experience and many tips and tricks for successful clarinet playing. And I adapt all of this to your needs. About me: I started my clarinet studies at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía and the Centro Superior de Música Katarina Gurska and am currently studying at the Freiburg University of Music in the class of Prof. Kilian Herold and Prof. Anton Hollich. As an active orchestral musician, I have played with numerous international orchestras, as well as with the Staatskapelle Dresden, the Philharmonic Orchestra Freiburg, the Philharmonie Baden-Baden and the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra under the direction of well-known conductors such as Daniel Harding, Wladimir Jurowsky and Christian Thielemann. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Irene Martínez
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Trusted teacher: Hello! I am a Canadian from the West Coast and I have recently made Berlin my home. I am excited to offer flute lessons here, because I have a lot I can teach. I have taught for a few years in Toronto, Canada where I hold a degree in music. To begin with, all my lessons are grounded in body and mind awareness. I strive to impart to my students an ability to stay centred. My knowledge comes both from my teachers in the past, my experience teaching, my experience playing, practising, and performing, on the flute and other instruments and the study of Alexander technique, Tai Chi, and yoga. The insights I share are always unique to each student, as each student will have particular strengths and weaknesses with sound production and technique. At the base of all my lessons is what’s most fundamental— developing a rich expressive tone through the control of the respiratory apparatus. What I do differently from other teachers is incorporating both the “classical side” and the “jazz side” in my lessons. Through the “classical side“ we will approach expression, clarity of tone, phrasing, and breathing through the interpretation of music. Through the “jazz side” we will work on developing a basic working practical theory with improvisational exercises, which you will be able to apply both to improvising your own music and interpreting other’s music. My desire is that my students don’t become “caged” into the notes on the page, but are able to freely and fully express themselves on their own. Ultimately, the two sides meet in the ideal of all my teaching—to help bring out my student’s voice. This is the art which the great performers of the world have mastered— communicating with their own voice. With this, it won’t matter whether you’re playing your music or someone else’s— it will sound like “your own”. If you or your child are completely new to the flute, or you have played for many years and have gotten stuck with what to do next, or if you play an entirely different woodwind instrument and want to learn about improvising, , please contact me I have no doubt I will have a lot I can help you with. 🙂 I spent many years in the notes-on-the-page-cage, and I broke free, so I can help you do the same.
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Singing lessons by a Professional! Unlock The Voice You Didn't Know You Have! (Giessen)
This was the first time for me taking singing classes. For me, Paola is a very sweet, nice, and patient teacher knowing exactly how to guide you and make you relax and feel comfortable. Helpful first exercises with increasing challenges according to your needs and capabilities. Also, I was impressed by the power of her wonderful voice. And for sure, next class is already booked!
Review by MARKUS