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Trusted teacher: Lets work together and get those music skills better, shall we?😜 My name is Juan, I am a Spanish born flutist that works internationally, and nowadays I'm based in Rotterdam. I have already finished two Master degrees and a Bachelor with some of the worlds best professors and institutions: Robert Winn in the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Germany), and Jacques Zoon in Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía (Madrid). Since many years, I work and collaborate with many different symphony orchestras as principal flute, soloist or piccolo flute, as well as with chamber music groups and ensembles. You can check the links below to listen some of my performances! :) I have a very wide teaching experience. I've been teaching for around 10 years now, in many different institutions: high development schools, orchestras, private schools, private students... and nowadays live and/ or online! I can teach all flute levels, from initiation to preparation for bachelor, master or orchestral auditions. I have a wide knowledge of the repertoire, and I've worked on it with many of the best flutists we have today: Formisano, Baerten, Grehl, Franz... Feel free to contact me to organice a personalized lesson, or just to know me a little bit more! Lessons can be at my home (Delfshaven-Rotterdam), online or at your home (after figuring out traveling expenses, etc. At my place, I have a very big space where covid security measures can be perfectly applied (even for a flute lesson!) Looking forward to know from you :)
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Have you always dreamed of playing the flute and expressing yourself through music? Whether you're a lifelong music enthusiast or seeking to enhance your existing skills, I'm your adaptable instructor. I warmly welcome students of all ages, backgrounds, and musical tastes, ensuring our lessons are customized to your unique journey, needs, and preferences. With extensive training, including Masters and Bachelors degrees in Flute Performance, I'm here to be your musical guide through the enchanting world of music. Is there a specific musical style or piece you've always aspired to master? From the timeless elegance of Baroque to the vibrant rhythms of Modern music, the richness of World Music, or the catchiness of Pop, I've got your musical ambitions covered. Together, we'll uncover your distinct musical voice. In my teaching philosophy, I prioritize individualized learning. There's no one-size-fits-all approach here. Instead, I'm committed to crafting a personalized and enjoyable path tailored specifically to your goals. With years of teaching experience, I'm enthusiastic about introducing you to the captivating world of flute and music. But wait, there's more— I'm also a professional flutist with orchestral and chamber music experience and I have a wealth of insights to share. I'm flexible when it comes to lesson locations. We can meet in various convenient spots in or around Utrecht city center. Plus, if it suits your needs, I'm willing to travel to different locations across The Netherlands.
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The shinobue is a flute that is used in street music but also in more sophisticated artistic performances. Japanese music has developed its own conception of beauty. Learning this music is a way to enter Japanese culture! Traditionally, Japanese music is learned orally through shoga (a song using onomatopoeia). During the course, you also experience this method and will learn several types of music. Course: From 1 to 3 lessons per month / 1 lesson only and possible too ​*I help you find and buy the instrument Some testimonies A few years ago, I was looking for a shinobue teacher on the Internet because I wanted to join the dance and music group of the Kagura Autumn Festival (in Japan) I found Nozomi Kanda's page and videos. I was pleasantly surprised that she played Western classical music, contemporary music and also Japanese music. With Nozomi's knowledge of Western and Japanese music culture, it is always very inspiring for me to learn from her. Eventually, I might become a member of the Kagura band and I hope to be able to play contemporary music too in the near future. By studying shinobue, I can deepen my knowledge, insight and experience of traditional Japanese crafts and arts. Nozomi, thank you very much. (Japanese paper craftsman / Shikoku - Japan / Online course) --- I started the shinobue class 9 months ago. After several lessons, I mastered the basic techniques under Nozomi's patient teaching. I started playing several scores with the other students. Together we participated in an end of year show. I am very happy to have the opportunity to share the delicate sound of shinobue with others. In the future, I would like to always be able to take my flute on vacation. I'm going to become a nomadic flautist! :) (Employee / Paris - France)
Transverse flute
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Trusted teacher: I am a graduate of flute performance and instrumental pedagogy and a certified music physiologist. I have experience teaching in both private as well as public educational system, working with children up to 18 years old. I perform solo, in chamber groups as well as in orchestras - to complement my artistic activity, I research scientifically in the interdisciplinary field of science & medicine in arts. I offer performance preparation for competitions, auditions, concerts with any type of repertoire/genre - we will work on your individually set artistic, expressive and instrumental goals to reach them together. I base my teachings on the foundations of performance science, including technics, exercises and tools from music physiology and psychology, to provide you with the most optimal and balanced learning experience. I will teach you how to hold and use the instrument in the most physiologically correct and healthy way, as well as give you all the strategies and methods for optimal, enhanced learning. The scope of my expertise: * working from 0 - learning to play the instrument * working on the repertoire (orchestral excerpts, flute repertoire from baroque to modern, chamber music, solo music) * working on the flutistic basics: posture, embouchure, articulation, support (...) * working on the physiological level: tension release, tension management, strengthening exercises, warm-up, cool-down * working on the psychological level: mental training, mental practice, anxiety management, performance preparation * piccolo * piano accompaniment * playing in duo I teach all the levels - from beginners to students preparing for orchestral auditions. I provide with special materials and scores. Languages: German, English, Polish
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In this comprehensive flute class, you will embark on a musical journey guided by our expert instructor. Through a series of engaging lessons, you will learn fundamental techniques, gain a deeper understanding of music theory, and develop the artistry required to create captivating melodies. Here's what you can expect from the course: 1. Flute Fundamentals: Begin your flute journey by mastering the basics. Learn proper posture, breath control, finger placement, and embouchure techniques to produce a rich and resonant tone. 1. Technique and Articulation: Explore various articulation techniques such as staccato, legato, and vibrato. Develop finger dexterity, learn scales, arpeggios, and exercises to improve your technique and overall fluency on the flute. 1. Music Theory: Enhance your musical knowledge by delving into essential music theory concepts. Understand key signatures, time signatures, scales, intervals, and how they relate to flute playing. Discover how to read sheet music fluently and interpret musical symbols. 1. Repertoire and Musical Expression: Immerse yourself in a diverse range of flute repertoire spanning different genres and styles. From classical compositions to contemporary pieces, you'll learn how to express emotions, phrasing techniques, and add your personal touch to each musical piece. 1. Ensemble Playing and Performance Skills: Develop your ensemble playing skills by collaborating with fellow flute players. Learn the art of listening, blending, and harmonizing with other instruments. Gain confidence as a performer through regular opportunities to showcase your skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. 1. Individualized Feedback and Guidance: Receive personalized feedback from your instructor, who will provide constructive critiques and tailored guidance to help you overcome challenges and reach your musical goals. By the end of this flute class, you will have expanded your repertoire, refined your technique, and gained the confidence to express yourself through the mesmerizing sound of the flute.
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Flute ONLINE for everyone. Children to Adults. (English, Russian) (Ghent)
I might not know much about flute, but what I know is that if you want to learn it, Anna's your gal. She's fun, smart, punctual and really professional and, to top it off, a really good teacher. She is going to make you feel appraised for your smallest accomplishments (which will definitely help you evolve much faster than using any conventional book/online course etc.) and will find the sweet spot between theoretical concepts and fun, practical songs to keep you entertained. I myself had an internal kerfuffle and nearly quit after 2 weeks of trying to learn flute. But flute can be fun and entertaining, and Anna's teaching method is the proof to that lemma!
Review by HORIA
Apprenez la flûte traversière ou le piccolo avec professeure expérimentée dans une ambiance fun! (Zurich)
Geraldine is a professional flute teacher and flute performer. She knew straight away how to get me started on the flute and how to build up each lesson so that there is a natural flow in the learning. She enjoys teaching the flute and i feel i have learnt somehing new each week.
Flute Lessons, music theory and study techniques. All levels and motivations are very welcome. (Granollers)
I’ve had two lessons so far and I really recommend Jaume. He’s very accommodating of what kind of music you like to play, and he has a lot of good strategies to improve technically. Most importantly, I’ve had a lot of fun!
Review by CARLIJN