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29 spanish teachers in Maastricht

Trusted teacher: The aim of these classes is to encourage the motivation of the student, showing him/her that creativity and curiosity can go beyond what we think we are able to do. Anything is possible when talking about art! Learning a language is also a matter of motivation and it depends more on the attitude of the teacher than the student's. For that reason, my role is to captivate what the interest of those who I am teaching and help them towards learning a beautiful language while having fun and developing their creativity. In this course, not only you will be able to gain knowledge and fluency in the Spanish language, but you will also be able to expand your creativity and artistic skills by enjoying sessions where these two get mixed. At the same time, the first 15 min of each class will be destined to a little Spanish-related session, where activities such as reading comprehensions, talks, role plays or grammar exercises will be performed. This way, listening, speaking and writing skills will be developed and improved! The topics will depend on the interests and likes of the student and school support can also be assured by helping with homework as well as providing useful material in case self-study is needed. The rest of the class will be based on different activities, once again, depending on the likings and ambitions of the student. Throughout the course, you will be able to try different features like painting, drawing, creative writing, theater, singing, acting, photographing, video editing or music playing. Each week will be based on a project that we will be working on together. The only rule is that the final result will have to be in Spanish! These classes are very flexible and can vary from a very basic level to a quite advanced one, regarding the language. The artistic skills however, due to limitation of the materials available, can only range between beginner and intermediate. For the most little ones, babysitting is available. What are you waiting for? Come and have fun while learning a language that will open uncountable doors for you!
Spanish · Art · Creative writing
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Maria Herranz
Maria is very friendly, positive person, lessons with her are enjoyable.
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