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40 spanish teachers in China

Trusted teacher: Hello, My name is Santiago and I am native Spanish speaker from Uruguay. I am offering individual and personalized virtual Spanish classes to improve both your oral and written communication. The main focus of my classes is focused on developing fluent and structured communication of the Spanish language either to prepare international exams, or to be able to communicate properly in the professional field or to reinforce and maintain prior knowledge of this language. I am a graduate, graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in the USA. Having learned English as a child at the Ivy Thomas Memorial School in Uruguay, and lived a year and a half in Thailand, followed by 4 years in the USA I acquired great knowledge and fluency in the English language. In Thailand I spent a year and a half studying communication arts, which helped me, prepare for my studies in the US. I had several communication classes, learning techniques of how to speak better using not only our words but also our body to help us speak more naturally, calmly, and without getting nervous if we get stuck or forget what we wanted to say. During my career in the US, I was constantly writing essays for my classes, in addition to having to present projects in front of my teachers and classmates. At the same time, I was working at university and after graduation I worked for a year, mainly having long phone conversations with people from all over the country. If what you are looking for is to improve your knowledge of the Spanish language, I will help you. My methodology is simple. Each person is different and I adapt the content of my classes to the needs and interests of my students. We all learn in different ways and at different times,
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Trusted teacher: The literary text provides a resource with great potential in the language classroom and offers the student an exponent with which to develop both their linguistic and pragmatic, discursive and cultural competence. The above will be reinforced with the emergence of the communicative method for teaching languages and in which literature, through the use of functional texts, that reflect aspects of daily life and that make use of natural language, gives greater connotation to communicative competence and spoken language; Therefore, it is considered a very effective resource for the development of the four skills within a significant cultural context. Literature provides the student with samples that reflect the expressive diversity of language, contributing to developing their ability to differentiate connotative and denotative meanings and their interpretive skills. Likewise, they confront him with various textual typologies, variety of registers, sociocultural contents and involve him emotionally when dealing with topics and situations that he can extrapolate to his personal life, providing the affective component so important in learning. Furthermore, literary texts offer multiple interpretations and opinions that give rise to useful dynamics of interaction and negotiation in the classroom. So the subject Latin American Literary Panorama offers a general vision of the literature made in Latin America divided into four major stages: the pre-Columbian, the colonial, the independence and the revolutionary, taking into account the literary movements that developed in each use. Included are literary works of all genres that have received recognition from readers and specialized critics as the most relevant in each literary movement. On the one hand, the aim is to analyze and comment on these works from an aesthetic perspective and on the other, to study how these works fit within the framework of the cultural and intellectual history of Latin America. To this end, students will verify through the proposed readings how the historical and political events together with the movements on said continent constitute a unique corpus within universal literature.
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Native spanish lessons / Clases de español realizadas por un nativo. (Beijing)
The lesson with Aída was really great. She was very patient and took her time to evaluate my level of Spanish. We spoke about my goals and needs and how we can achieve them together. I can only recommend her as a Spanish teacher.
Spanish language (Shanghai)
Natalia is an amazing Spanish teacher. I really enjoy and learn a lot from her class. She pays great attention on my pronunciation which is what I really want to improve. Thank you, Natalia.
Review by YICHIEN