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Apprendre le français / Learn how to speak French
Bonjour. I am a French student who is coming to live in NYC starting August 2017. I am offering French lessons for people in need to speak in a short-term time. This class is for learning very basic French to an intermediate level. The focus is to learn how to speak in a very simple way and be able to initiate discussion in French. You'll learn a variety of expressions, grammar and everything that make the language complex, but If you are an absolute beginner, don't worry, I taught to very beginners when I lived in China for a year. A très bientôt!

Tutoring for Elementary and Middle School Students
Having trouble with the basics? I can help with elementary and middle school level language skills, geography, social studies, science, math and Spanish. The class will supplement classroom work and help with any assigned homework. The goal is to help you pass your classes. Also, Spanish for beginners and intermediate learners.

Spanish Classes with a spanish speaker and writer from Argentina - for children and Adults
Hi! Im from Argentina and I moved to DC this year to an exchange. Im glad to share my languagge with you, Im a spanish speaker and writer. Im a student of law too, just finishing my degree next year in my country. Write me and lets set up classes!

Cours de Maths en français / Math lessons in French
I am a 23-year-old French student from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, one of the best engineering schools in France. I am currently pursuing a double degree with Columbia (MS in Management Science & Engineering). Prior to that, I earned my "Baccalauréat S" with the highest distinction and then I completed one of the most demanding programs in Maths and Physics in France, more commonly called "Classe préparatoire". I offer math and physics lessons for all levels before Baccalauréat, in French (perfect for Lycée Français' students). Back when I was in France, I accompanied many students, who finally earned their Baccalauréat with high distinctions. I am extremely patient and totally adapt to the level of my students to leverage their main strengths. Please, feel totally free to reach out to me for further information! Thibaud -------------- J'ai 23 ans et suis initialement un élève des Ponts et Chaussées, l'une des meilleures écoles d'ingénieurs de France. Pour ma dernière année d'études, je réalise un double diplôme en Management Science & Engineering avec Columbia. Avant cela, j'ai décroché mon Bac S, mention TB et me suis orienté vers une classe préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles (MPSI/MP). Je propose des cours de maths ou physique, en français, et pour tous niveaux de la 6eme à la terminale (parfait pour les élèves du Lycée Français de New-York). J'ai déjà accompagné de nombreux élèves jusqu'au Bac lorsque j'étais en France, et ils ont généralement eu de très bons résultats à leurs examens. Je suis très patient et je m'adapte au niveau des élèves pour utiliser au mieux leurs points forts. N'hésitez surtout pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations ! Thibaud

Maths & Physics Lessons with a Columbia Engineering French Graduate Student
I am a 23-years old Columbia Engineering student, enrolled in the Master of Science in Management Science & Engineering, offering Mathematics or Physics lessons to High School, Undergraduate and Graduate students. I have a strong analytical background in Mathematics and Physics with my undergraduate studies in France. I have followed an intensive formation for 3 years at Sainte Genevieve (Versailles), the top ranking preparatory school, after which I entered the French "Grande Ecole" Telecom ParisTech (Paris), one of the best Engineering School in France. There I acquired efficient and strong work methods, and some experience in private teaching, and I would be glad to help whoever may need. I suggest a focus on the notions and on exercices, that are essential to the understanding, and a progress according to short to middle-term objectives we fix together with the student. And I adapt to the student I have. Do not hesitate to contact me for any question, Nawel

Introduction to Philosophy: Ideas in the History of Western Thought
I specialize in helping students understand basic philosophical concepts in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics. It's possible to grasp, for instance, what Plato said about the truth or what Kant said about ethical behavior without resorting either to over-simplification or jargon. I assign readings and ask the student to write short papers on various subjects.

learn French easy and nice test preparations traductions
My name is Anna. I'm from Poland. I speak English, French and Polish in advanced level. If you want to learn these languages and know french or polish culture, you'll find it in my lessons ! I make also a traductions and I help to preapre to the test or exams

French lessons and Help for homework by a French native speaker.
I'm a French native speaker. I specialize in tutoring French for children and adults. I was speech therapist in Switzerland before during 8 years. I'm used to work with children and adults by showing patience. I use many games to obtain the attention of young people (and even adults sometimes ) and various tools to improve the pronunciation of the adults. I have also a French Arts diploma and I followed one year of lessons to become a teacher in France (for children from 3 to 11). If your child needs help in French or wants to learn French with fun, if he is in a French school and needs help for his homework, or if you are an adult and want to improve your pronunciation, your comprehension or your expressive skills, don't hesitate to contact me.

Mathématiques / Physique
Je viens de finir mes etudes en France. J’ai fait une Ecole d’Ingenieur (ESEO ANGERS) et un bi-diplome en Commerce (ESSCA ANGERS) afin d’exercer la profession d’Ingenieur d’Affaires. Je suis a NY pour un an, car j’ai une bourse sportive pour jouer au tennis pour l’universite ASA College. Je suis tres motive pour donner des cours de Mathematiques, Physique/Chimie (sur Manhattan ou Brooklyn). I just finished my studies in France. I did an Engineering School (ESEO in Angers) and a Business School (ESSCA in Angers) in the goal to be a Trade Engineer. I’m in NY for one year, because I have an athletic scholarship to play tennis for ASA College. I’m really motivated to teach Math, Physical/Chemical, French and/or Tennis lesson (in Manhattan or Brooklyn).

Russian classes for foreigners (lexic, grammar, pronounciation)!
If you are feeling excited about learning how to speak and understand Russian, this is the right place to be. I provide Russian language courses per Skype for those who wish to study Russian as a foreign language for work and for business, for everyday life and for communication or just for pleasure. I am a native Russian speaker and I have several years of teaching experience. My lessons have been designed to give you a broad knowledge of the language, and include the four main disciplines of language learning -- reading, writing, speaking and listening. Classes are offered in various levels, from beginner to advanced level. I monitors my students' progress by regular testing, homework and individualized study assignments. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch!

French lessons for all levels
Hello, I’m a French student currently studying in NYC. I am available to give French lessons for all levels ! I really enjoy transmitting the French language and French culture and I will help you improve your French and understand French culture ! Please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to answer your questions ! Looking forward to meeting you, Marianne

English as a Second Language via Skype
I have been an ESL tutor for over 20 years and I really love teaching. My method is excellent and you will see results very quickly. I live in New York, so the classes are taught via Skype. I have made hundreds of people speak English. I want you to be the next!

Jeune normalienne étudiante à Columbia donne cours particuliers (rentrée 2015)
Bonjour, Je m’appelle Maud, j’ai 22 ans et je propose des cours particuliers à New-York, tous niveaux, dès la rentrée prochaine. Mes matières privilégiées sont la philosophie, le français, la culture générale, la méthodologie et l’histoire-géographie. Après mon bac L mention TB avec les félicitations du jury (18,5 de moyenne), j’entre en prépa littéraire dans une grande prépa parisienne (Fenelon). C’est ainsi que je décroche l’ENS et HEC à la suite des concours. Je suis donc actuellement en double diplôme à l’ENS et à HEC Paris. C’est dans le cadre de mes études que je passerai un an à Columbia dès la rentrée prochaine (août 2015-juin 2016). J’ai une grande expérience dans les cours particuliers, et j’ai déjà préparé plusieurs futurs bacheliers au bac de français et de philo (avec succès!). Je suis disponible et à l’écoute de mes élèves. Je pense un cours particulier comme un moment privilégié où poser toutes les questions que l’on n’ose pas poser en classe; c’est aussi le moment de revoir avec rigueur certaines méthodes (connaitre le cours ne suffit pas, il faut aussi savoir se confronter à l’exercice par lequel l’élève sera évalué). Je m’adapte aux besoins de mes élèves, je les aide à prendre confiance, et on s’entraine à leur rythme! N’hésitez-donc pas à me contacter, et rencontrons-nous dès mon arrivée à New-York! Maud

Chinese, GMAT Prep
Hi, I am Stone from Shanghai, a new Law/MBA graduate of UGA and I've been living in GA for 4 years. Firstly, I can help you improve your GMAT score, if you have any plan to attend B school graduated program. Secondly, I have teaching experience in Integrated Chinese and Business Chinese. I started tutoring my friends and their kids elementary Chinese when I was at UGA. Later, I started teaching in corporate environments, specializing in international business purposes. I design my own class materials and the classes are mixed with textbooks, videos and recording tapes with extra reading and news discussions, tailored for different age groups and backgrounds. Currently, I can be your tutor during weekday evenings and I am flexible on weekends; I have students ranging from 5 to 50+ years old.

Math Tutoring
I specialize in tutoring math for students in Elementary, Middle, and High School as well for GMAT, SAT, ISEE, and SSAT exams. My goal is to challenge students and work towards accomplishing their learning goals. I have state math teaching certification and have been tutoring professionally for 5 years.

I have good knowledge of Mathematics to tutor student for their SAT preparation or help them with their high school curriculum.

English Language for foreign speakers with emphasis on effective speaking and communication skills.
Tutoring communication skills via the medium of the English Language. Practical communicating skills with English for speakers of another language. This is practical lesson/course with emphasis on the spoken language. Everyday situation can be practised and experenced in the field. Business language is a speciality of mine. I cater for all ages and all levels.

Etudiant à Columbia donne cours particuliers, niveau lycée
Etudiant en double diplôme Sciences Po - Columbia, je donne des cours particuliers à New York (Manhattan), pour lycéens. Ma formation (bac S en France, puis formation intensive à la fois en mathématiques et en sciences sociales) me permet de m'adapter aux attentes des élèves et de couvrir un large champ de sujets. Je peux me déplacer dans Manhattan.

Cours particuliers en Mathématiques à domicile niveau primaire/collège/lycée
Diplômé en Master Métier de l'éducation de l'enseignement et de la formation MEEF spécialité Mathématiques à l'université d'EVRY Val d'Essonne et professeur de mathématiques dans l'éducation nationale française durant 4 ans de 2013 à 2016. Vivant actuellement à New York, je propose des cours particuliers de Mathématiques à domicile pour les niveaux Primaire / Collège /Lycée. J'ai beaucoup d'expérience dans le domaine. Je suis pédagogue, enthousiaste et prends beaucoup de plaisir à accompagner l'élève dans la compréhension des concepts mathématiques. Mon objectif est de lui permettre de prendre confiance et d'acquérir une aisance dans la résolution des problèmes. Un peu de soutien est souvent tout ce qui est nécessaire pour surmonter les blocages de l'élève en mathématiques. Pour tout renseignement supplémentaire, veuillez me contacter .

Doctorante propose des cours de maths/français niveau lycée/classes préparatoires scientifiques
Je donne des cours particuliers de soutien ou d’approfondissement en: -français. -mathématique/physique/chimie (diplome d'ingenieur Grande Ecole) -Economie (PhD en Economie) J’enseigne ces disciplines jusqu’au niveau terminale/classes préparatoires. Je peux préparer un étudiant au baccalauréat ou a un approfondissement pour la suite du lycée. Ingenieure de 29 ans diplômée d’AgroParisTech, je suis aujourd’hui doctorante en Economie et je vis a New York depuis maintenant quatre ans. Je possède par ailleurs une expérience approfondie de l’enseignement, j’ai donné des cours particuliers de mathématiques a Paris pendant deux de mes années d’école d’ingénieur, et j’ai préparé deux élèves au concours d’entrée des Ecoles d’Architecture lors de mon séjour d’étude Erasmus a Madrid. Je suis disponible en semaine et les week ends, les horaires peuvent etre vus au cas par cas. N’hésitez pas a me contacter pour toute information complémentaire.

Etudiant à Columbia University donne Cours de Maths, Physique et Chimie à Manhattan
Bonjour à tous, Je suis actuellement étudiant ingénieur en master à Columbia University (Master of Science in Management Science & Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department), anciennement à CentraleSupélec (Paris) après deux années de Classes Préparatoires au Lycée Sainte Geneviève (Versailles). Ayant donnée des cours particuliers pendant 3 ans pour des lycéens et post-bac, je souhaite continuer l'aventure à New York. J'adapte ma méthode de travail selon l'étudiant. J'essaye de manière générale à ce que l'élève arrive à être autonome et sache comment appliquer les notions de cours lors des exercices. Pour plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Alexandre

Our students in The USA say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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