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Trusted teacher: I am a qualified native Spanish teacher with a strong linguistic background and two master's degrees, specializing in the field of education and teaching Spanish as a foreign language. With over 10 years of teaching experience, I am dedicated to tailoring my lessons to meet your specific needs. Spanish is my mother tongue, and I have received specialized training in Spanish language education. I hold a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Salamanca, Spain, and I also had the opportunity to study at the University of Geneva during my Erasmus program. Additionally, I possess two master's degrees: one in Language Education and another in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Throughout my career, I have taught a diverse range of students at various levels, from elementary to professional settings, accumulating over 10 years of valuable experience. My teaching approach emphasizes the importance of mastering essential grammar foundations while ensuring a fun and engaging learning experience. I strive to establish authentic Spanish dialogues with my students, providing them with practical opportunities to apply their acquired knowledge. I adapt my teaching style to suit your specific requirements, whether you need assistance with grammar and writing to improve your school grades or if you are a professional seeking to enhance your oral fluency. Rest assured that your lessons will be customized to cater to your needs, whether it's expanding your vocabulary and refining grammar for high school studies or focusing on specific subject areas.
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Prof.Mendoza - Zurich12Fr
Trusted teacher: Learn Spanish with Prof.Mendoza One of the best online classes in Spanish in Silver Spring, Wheaton, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Riverdale, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and rest of the world. • Classes start from scratch and will get you to intermediate level. • The classes are online with an instructor who is a Spanish native speaker. • Access to a web platform is provided to study the materials. • Get a certificate of attendance if you finish the course fully and attend all classes. Send me a message to get started! ====================== • Les classes commencent de zéro et vous amèneront au niveau intermédiaire. • Les cours sont en ligne avec un instructeur qui est un locuteur natif espagnol. • L'accès à une plate-forme Web est fourni pour étudier les matériaux. • Obtenez un certificat de fréquentation si vous terminez complètement le cours et assistez à toutes les cours. ====================== • 课程从头开始,将使您达到中级水平。 • 这些课程由西班牙语母语的讲师在线上。 • 提供对网络平台的访问以学习材料。 • 如果您完全完成课程并参加所有课程,请获得出席证书。 给我发消息开始吧! ====================== • تبدأ الفصول الدراسية من الصفر وستوصلك إلى المستوى المتوسط. • الفصول الدراسية عبر الإنترنت مع مدرب يتحدث الإسبانية كلغة أصلية. • يتم توفير الوصول إلى منصة ويب لدراسة المواد. • احصل على شهادة حضور إذا أنهيت الدورة بالكامل وحضرت جميع الفصول الدراسية. أرسل لي رسالة للبدء! ====================== • ክፍለ-ክህደት ከምዝራፍ ይጀመራሉ ናብ መዕከል ደረጃ ክኸውን። • ትምህርቱ በኢንተርኔት አማካኝነት የስፔይን ተወላጅ ከሆነ አስተማሪ ጋር ነው። • ቁሳቁሶቹን ለማጥናት ወደ ድረ ገጽ መግባት ይቻላል። • ትምህርቱን ሙሉ በሙሉ ከጨረስክና በሁሉም የትምህርት ክፍለ ጊዜዎች ላይ ከተካፈልክ የተሰብሳቢዎች የምሥክር ወረቀት አግኝ። ለመጀመር መልዕክት ላኩልኝ! ====================== Areas served: Spanish Classes in near Silver Spring, Spanish Classes in near Wheaton, Spanish Classes in near Chillum, Spanish Classes in near Brentwood, Spanish Classes in near Mt Rainer, Spanish Classes in near Bladensburg, Spanish Classes in near Hyattsville, Spanish Classes in near Riverdale, Spanish Classes in near Prince George, Spanish Classes in near College Park, Spanish Classes in near Greenbelt, Spanish Classes in near Langley Park, Spanish Classes in near Adelphi, Spanish Classes in near Hilandale, Spanish Classes in near White Oak, Spanish Classes in near Kemp Mill, Spanish Classes in near Kensington, Spanish Classes in near Garret Park, Spanish Classes in near Bethesda, Spanish Classes in near Aspen Hill, Spanish Classes in near Rockville, Spanish Classes in near Olney, Spanish Classes in near Derwood, Spanish Classes in near Redland, Spanish Classes in near Gaithersburg, Spanish Classes in near Germantown, Spanish Classes in near Montgomery Village, Spanish Classes in near Clarksburg, Spanish Classes in near Damascus, Spanish Classes in near Frederick, Spanish Classes in near Laurel, Spanish Classes in near Beltsville, Spanish Classes in near Lanham, Spanish Classes in near Potomac, Spanish Classes in near Mc Lean, Spanish Classes in near Falls Church, Spanish Classes in near Arlington, Spanish Classes in near Washington DC, Spanish Classes in near Maryland, Spanish Classes in near Virginia, Spanish Classes in near Baltimore, Spanish Classes in near DMV. Rest of the World: Spanish Classes in near Geneva Switzerland, Basel Switzerland, Bern Switzerland, Lausanne Switzerland, Lucerne Switzerland, St. Gallen Switzerland, Lugano Switzerland, Fribourg Switzerland, Thun Switzerland. Spanish Classes in near Paris France, Lyon France, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence France, Toulouse France, (French) Greater Lille France, Bordeaux France, Nice France, Nantes France, (French) Greater Strasbourg France, Rennes France. Spanish Classes in near Brussels Belgium, Antwerp Belgium, Liège Belgium, Ghent Belgium, Charleroi Belgium, Schaerbeek Belgium, Bruges Belgium, Anderlecht Belgium, Namur Belgium, Leuven Belgium. And rest of the world. More: Spanish Language Lessons Spanish Group Language Classes Spanish Private Lessons Spanish Tutor Spanish Teacher Spanish Instructor Spanish as a Second Language Spanish Conversation Classes Top 10 Spanish Classes Near Me Top 10 Best Spanish Classes Spanish Language Classes Resource Spanish Language Classes Find A Class Private Lessons Affordable Spanish Tutors Spanish classes near me Spanish Tutors & Lessons Top 10 Spanish Tutors Near Me Spanish Language groups Top tutors Spanish Classes in Maryland & Online in Where can I learn Spanish in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC? Who can teach me Spanish near Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC? Which/What are the best Spanish classes in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC? Why and how I can learn Spanish? Spanish self-paced. How can I become fluent In Spanish? How can I improve my conversational Spanish? Spanish tutor. Conversational Spanish meetups near Silver Spring, Wheaton, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Riverdale, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC. Learn Conversational Spanish in Silver Spring, Wheaton, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Riverdale, Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC.
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Hi there! This is Arkhesia from Madrid, Spain. I'm an experienced and qualified teacher who teaches Spanish and English at all levels. I'm also certified to prepare Cambridge exams (Linguaskill). I have been working as a high school teacher in my country, as a governess, home-school headteacher, teacher in offices and academies. Now, I just moved to Switzerland and I'm trying to settle over here, so I'm sure if you need classes this can help both of us :) I work with language acquisition upper 3 years with sensorial stimulation and the Montessori approach, academic support for all subjects until 10 years, and exam preparation courses. I like to work with various activities to find the methods that correspond to my students and their processes of learning in different fields to develop different skills (communication, comprehension, and writing) and have fun (I really believe attitude and predisposition determine learning :P). I organize my courses so that my students can have solid and structured knowledge with a positive, extrovert, and dynamic approach, I guess more under a Hispanic perspective rather than the British one xD. Interested in cultural aspects?! Well as you already know I'm from Madrid, but I have also been living in Panama, England, and Ireland among other places so we can share different perspectives too. Willing to know about my studies? ask for my CV if so cause that's a bit wide hahaha but trying to put it in a nutshell I studied English Studies Degree (UAH, Spain), Master in teacher training E.S.O, Bach., FP, and languages. Specialization: English. (UFV, Spain), Module in Educational Leadership: agency, professional learning and change. (OU, U.K) and Master in Conscious Education. (Kuestiona, Spain). Can't afford the prices? Let me know. I'm into SociocracyForAll, and I agree and consider a world in which people engage together to meet their individual and collective needs in an equitable way, with respect for all living beings as a standard.
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Spanish is a language on the rise. I'm going to share some information with you: 1. Second most spoken language: Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese. This means that learning Spanish will open doors to a large number of people around the world. 2. Job opportunities: Spanish is a key language in international business. Many companies look for Spanish-speaking employees to expand into Spanish-speaking markets. Being fluent in Spanish can increase your job opportunities. 3. Culturally enriching: The Spanish-speaking world has a rich and diverse history and culture. Learning Spanish will allow you to access a wide range of literature, music, film and art that you would not otherwise be able to fully enjoy. 4. Travel: If you like to travel, Spanish will be useful in a wide variety of countries, from Spain to Latin America. Being able to communicate in Spanish on your travels will allow you to dive deeper into the local culture and connect with people. 5. Connection with the Spanish-speaking community: Learning Spanish gives you the opportunity to connect with people from different cultural backgrounds. You can make friends all over the world and build meaningful relationships with people whose native language is Spanish. In short, learning Spanish is not only useful from a practical point of view, it also enriches your life in many ways, from broadening your cultural horizons to improving your work and travel opportunities.
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French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Rabat)
Fawzi is friendly with an approachable manner. He is quick to understand your level of French and what needs to be achieved. He explains French very well and makes you feel comfortable even if you are inexperienced and looks for the positives in your approach to learning. I am happy with our training schedule so far and I hope to develop and gain confidence in my pronunciation of French and speaking.
Review by JUDE
Spanish classes from level A1 to C2 and preparation for DELE and SIELE exams (Málaga)
I've really enjoyed my lessons with Lucia. She's well prepared and also responsive to your specific areas of interest. It's been great to learn from and practice being conversational with her. Gracias Lucia!
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Monalee is great, she really listens and asks the right questions to find your themes and topics.
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