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203 spanish teachers in Switzerland

Trusted teacher: Trilingual in English and Spanish, having lived in six countries, I offer French and Spanish courses to professionals and individuals to develop the speech, the accent development, the grammar, the scenarios, the interview preparation (oral / written), commercial pitching and exam preparation. I coach professionals (lawyers, diplomats, executives, entrepreneurs, nurses etc.), students and children. My clients have all evolved and feel more comfortable speaking English with me and with others. Graduated from a Bachelor's degree at the American University of Webster in Geneva, having grown up in English-speaking countries and having evolved in a cosmopolitan environment, my courses are aimed at all those who wish to learn / improve their English. My learning method is fun, structured and tailored because it is adapted to the level, profile and goals of each. Moreover, it is dynamic and essentially based on conversation. My goal is for my clients to have a good time while learning the language. Modern equipment is regularly made available to my clients and tailor-made monitoring. I am a patient coach, attentive and motivating. My classes are dynamic, varied and creative. I love teaching by valuing and encouraging my clients regularly so that they can progress. I have been teaching for years to professionals and individuals of all levels in many countries. My students appreciated the seriousness of the lessons provided, the flexibility of adaptation and all made good progress. Some examples of results that my students have achieved thanks to me: Some were able to integrate better locally, others passed their exams successfully while others were able to keep their jobs. Some had the opportunity to evolve within the company and had access to international positions. I also coach professionals at the United Nations and in renowned multinationals. Individual lessons: 120 / h Travel in GE Township, 30.- more per trip.
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Trusted teacher: ¡Hola! Soy Sara. Would you like to communicate in Spanish confidently, in a natural way? If so, I am a professional and experienced teacher and would be happy to help you! My teaching methods are tailor-made to meet your needs. I emphasise the communicative aspect of language, to help you interact with Spanish speakers in a natural way. Any level is welcomed from beginner to advanced. EXCLUSIVE PERSONALISED LESSONS - Taylor - made for your needs and goals - Online via video-conference (Skype or Zoom) - Interactive and enjoyable - With creative material provided - Homework and corrections included - Flexible times Each lesson is structured around topic areas that relate to real life scenarios whilst incorporating the relevant grammatical framework to build a good knowledge of the language. The topic structure means that you quickly feel confident with the language and phrases for use in everyday situations. The classes are supported by a programme of homework material that set the context for forthcoming lesson and means that you get the most out of the sessions. Plus you benefit from having material to refer back to as your Spanish improves. This would be optional, depending on your availability. Creative material is provided, supported by Google doc. presentations. This with the shared screen function allow us to edit it on the fly and use videos, pics, and all kind of information from internet. My goal as a teacher is understanding you as a person and a language learner, so I can make each lesson relevant to your needs and learning style.
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Juan Felipe - Geneva34Fr
Trusted teacher: [ENGLISH BELOW] Voulez-vous apprendre l'espagnol pour votre prochain voyage ou parce que vous souhaitez améliorer vos compétences avec une des langues officielles des Nations Unies? Je m'appelle Juan et je vais vous aider avec ce projet! Je propose des cours particuliers individuels ou en groupe et je suis très flexible avec le lieu et l'heure! Je viens de la Colombie (l'espagnol le plus neutre selon les experts). Je suis titulaire d'un diplôme en psychologie de l'Université de Derby, Royaume-Uni et d'une maîtrise en psychologie de l'Université de Louvain, en Belgique. Mon intérêt m'a amené à me concentrer sur les aspects linguistiques de cette discipline, donc j'aime travailler en tant que tuteur privé de langue. Mon expertise est l'enseignement de l'anglais et de l'espagnol, et mes méthodes d'enseignement sont toujours adaptées aux besoins de l'élève. J'aime enseigner la langue formelle et académique, mais j'ai aussi beaucoup de succès avec les débutants. Ma femme est française et britannique. Du coup, cette situation trilingue m'a permis de beaucoup voyager et de connaître les différences culturelles qui s'expriment à travers la langue. De plus, l'expérience de lui apprendre personnellement l'espagnol m'a fourni les connaissances essentielles dont j'ai besoin pour pouvoir transmettre tous les aspects divers de cette langue qui sont généralement impossibles à atteindre dans les instituts de langues normales. Je pense qu'il est important que l'enseignant maîtrise la langue maternelle etudié afin de réussir à enseigner des expressions et des idiomes plus complexes, ainsi que d'avoir une expérience d'apprentissage dynamique et rapide, mais efficace. Je serai donc en mesure de vous enseigner un haut niveau de cette langue, ainsi que les différences entre l'espagnol parlé en Espagne et en Amérique latine à travers de nombreuses activités amusantes et engageantes! J'espère que vous êtes prêt à commencer ce voyage et ensemble, nous atteindrons vos objectifs avec cette langue fantastique! [ENGLISH DESCRIPTION] Would you like to learn Spanish for your next trip or because you would like to broaden your skills with this United Nation's official language? My name is Juan, and I will be helping you with this project! I offer both individual or group private lessons and I'm very flexible with location and time! I am a native speaker from Colombia (the most neutral Spanish according to experts). I hold a degree in Psychology from the University of Derby, UK and a Master's in Psychology from the University of Leuven, Belgium. My interest led me to focus on the linguistic aspects of this discipline, therefore, I enjoy working as a language private tutor. My expertise is teaching both English and Spanish, and my teaching methods are always tailored to the pupil's needs. I enjoy teaching formal and academic language, however, I am also very successful with beginners. My wife is half French and half British, as a result, this trilingual situation has enabled me to travel a lot and to get to know cultural differences that are expressed through language. Moreover, the experience of teaching Spanish to her personally has provided me the essential knowledge I need to be able to transmit all the diverse aspects of this tongue that are usually impossible to reach in normal language institutes. I believe it is important that the teacher masters the target native language in order to succeed in the teaching of more complex expressions and idioms, as well as to have a dynamic and quick, but effective, learning experience. I will, therefore, be able to teach you a high level of this language, plus the differences between the Spanish spoken in both Spain and the whole Latin America through lots of fun and engaging activities! I hope you are ready to start this journey and together we will achieve your goals with this fantastic language!
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French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Paris)
If you like to exchange different cultural and moral perspectives while also learning about the history of the language you are learning with Fawzi, he's the guy. He will explain anything that you have difficulties in understanding of the particular language you are learning with him step-by-step in a clear way.
Review by RISA
SPANISH FOR ALL LEVELS AND AGES (Espagnol pour débutants ou avancés avec un prof de langue maternelle) (Geneva)
Juan Felipe
Juan is a great Spanish tutor. He is very easy to talk to, he gives constructive feedback and speaks very clearly. I have learned many new expressions and made noticeable progress in my spoken fluency in the short time he has been helping me. I would definitely recommend Juan !
Review by SAM
Beginner or intermediate French, English and / or Spanish course (Vevey)
Alexander is a very nice and capable teacher who's lessons are thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to improve their french, no matter what level they are at.
Review by MAX