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Trusted teacher: I’m a self-employed yoga teacher freshly installed in London. I teach vinyasa yoga as slow or fast paced as you need, with a strong focus on intertwining the rich yoga philosophy with the physical practice. I trained as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in San Francisco at Laughing Lotus (now renamed Lotusland Yoga) with Jasmine Tarkeshi and Brima Jah. This teacher training was life changing for me, and as I soaked in Jasmine & Brima’s knowledge, kindness and values, I strengthened my own yoga practice and developed my own way of sharing yoga with others. My approach to teaching can be summarized in three major commitments: - honouring yoga’s roots: I use both sanskrit and english names for asanas, I’m passionate about yoga mythology and love sharing the stories behind my favorite shapes - offering teachings that represent the whole yoga philosophy: yoga is so much more than a workout, my classes always have an intention to them, they tend to be focused on one or two of the chakras and include at least another of the eight limbs (pranayama, one of the yamas or niyamas, meditation…) - making my classes accessible to various communities and identities: yoga is for all! I offer many options in every asana to make them accessible to all bodies, I always encourage practitioners to rest as needed and follow their own pace, and I avoid using gendered cues that are inherently exclusive. I’ve lived in many places and I've worked as a medical imaging software engineer for six years. A year ago, I quit my job and spent a sabbatical year with my partner, traveling Europe in our van. This year-long journey taught me so much and reinforced my confidence that I want yoga to be a major part of my life (both professional and personal). So as we settle into our new home in London, I’m taking this opportunity to focus on my career as a yoga teacher.
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Biology, Chemistry, Science, Maths Tutoring classes (Camden)
My middle school daughter really benefited from her first lesson and is enthusiastic for more. She commented on how well prepared Yanni was and how reassuring about learning science. Yanni made her feel more confident and capable.
Review by SM
Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry tutoring for GCSEs and KS3 (Holloway)
Iliona taught my niece and was excited to work with her. She found her kind and very clear in explaining mathematical concepts, the fact that she speaks French also helps a lot.
Review by SYNATRA