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7 pilates teachers in Brussels

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7 pilates teachers in Brussels

Trusted teacher: El pilates es método de entrenamiento que permite fortalecer el tono muscular y la fuerza. No importa la edad el pilates no es agresivo con las articulaciones, alivia el estres y puedes obtener grandes beneficios, estare pendiente de tu proceso y te ayudare a mejorar tus debilidades con mi clase de pilates tu puedes : Aumentar la capacidad para reeducar la postura corporal. Prevenir los dolores musculares y lesiones articulares. Fortalecer y tonificar los músculos, sin aumentar su volumen. liberar el estrés, lo que repercute muy positivamente en aspectos metabólicos y psicológicos. Mejorar el humor y la autoestima. Aumentar los niveles de energía. Fortalecer el sistema inmunológico. Mejora la coordinación y aumenta el rango de movimiento, flexibilidad y elasticidad. Ayuda al sistema nervioso, circulatorio y respiratorio. La práctica de Pilates en el estilo mat debe ser lenta y suave, siempre conectando la respiración y la mente, llegando con los ejercicios hasta donde el cuerpo alcance, sin forzarlo ni sentir dolor. Pilates is a training method that allows you to strengthen muscle tone and strength. No matter your age, pilates is not aggressive with the joints, it relieves stress and you can obtain benefits such as: Increases the ability to retrain body posture. Prevents muscle pain and joint injuries. Strengthens and tones muscles, without increasing their volume. It helps release stress, which has a very positive impact on metabolic and psychological aspects. Improves mood and self-esteem. rise the levels of energy. Strengthens the immune system. Improves coordination and increases range of motion, flexibility and elasticity. Helps the nervous, circulatory and respiratory system. The practice of Pilates in the mat style should be slow and smooth, always connecting the breath and the mind, reaching the exercises as far as the body can reach, without forcing it or feeling pain.
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Trusted teacher: Pilates tones and stretches your muscles at the same time. It is a balanced, elegant form of movement and you can easily do it at home, not much space or stuff needed. It improves muscular and postural strength. It's a safe and effective method of rehabilitation and exercise that focuses on muscular balance. It lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced way. It improves body awareness and interception. Are you curious about deep meditative states yet are too fidgety to just sit and do nothing? Try Breathwork with me = learn how to experience deep relaxation, how to be more in tune with your body in the present moment. Learn how to calm down and control stress and anxiety symptoms on command. Breathing is the only automatic body function of the Autonomic Nervous System that you can influence. Through breathing, you can activate the parasympathetic branch, rest-and-digest. Paying attention to your breath activates the dlPFC (Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex), decreases amygdala activation, reducing stress and rumination. This practice leads to greater mastery of your own body and mental state. During our sessions, we will practice relaxing and safe breathing techniques that activate the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system. If you wish, we can focus our attention on Pilates or spend a bigger chunk of the lesson focusing on breathing practice. About the tutor: I am a certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach and a BASI®Pilates Instructor, passionate about somatic therapy and applied psychology. Join me on the path of exploring the mind-body connection🌱
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Anna is the best! I was afraid of the lessons at the beginning but she is super cool and knows how to teach. I have learned a lot. Violin is a really complicated instrument but she is always looking for different ways to teach with many exercises and the most important part she is really patient. I have had a really good experience learning violin with her.
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I just finished a month of lessons with Cécile, and she was great. Very friendly and positive, tailored lessons to my needs (intensive learning over a short time), gave clear explanations, and used interesting tools beyond simple textbooks (e.g. using news & media).
Review by BENJAMIN
Fitness with elements of Pilates & Yoga + nutrition consulting. (Brussels)
Great training, a really nice guy, very professional and very impressive in his knowledge/understanding -- he pushes you but is clearly an expert in observing your abilities, weak points to improve etc. I totally recommend him
Review by DAVID