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3 pilates teachers in Luxembourg

Welcome to my invigorating and transformative Pilates class – an oasis of wellness where mind, body, and spirit converge! Step into a class designed to promote harmony and balance while strengthening your core and improving flexibility. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, our Pilates class caters to all fitness levels, providing a holistic experience that nurtures both body and soul. About me: I am a passionate dancer and certified Pilates and Barre teacher. In 2017, I successfully passed the ballet and contemporary dance entrance exams of the Ministry of Culture of Greece and graduated from the professional dance school "Aktina" in 2020. Following my studies, I immersed myself in various workshops and seminars, exploring techniques like Hofesh Shechter, Gaga, Martha Graham, contact improvisation, and more. Alongside my love for Aikido, Yoga, video editing, and psychology, I aspire to bring all my body knowledge into the classroom, using creative approaches to help my students establish a profound connection with their bodies. About the class: The class begins with a mindful centering exercise, allowing you to connect with your breath and become present in the moment. Each movement flows seamlessly into the next, emphasizing the importance of controlled, precise actions. The focus is on quality over quantity, ensuring that every repetition is purposeful and intentional, maximizing the benefits of the practice. About Pilates method: The Pilates method emphasizes core strength, alignment, and flexibility, promoting a healthy spine and improved posture. Through controlled movements, you'll enhance your body awareness, making it easier to carry these principles into your daily life. *Classes only in English*
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Trusted teacher: ¿Por qué la movilidad pélvica es importante? 🔆La movilidad pélvica es imprescindible para satisfacer las necesidades funcionales diarias más simples como puede ser caminar o subir escaleras. La pelvis es el centro de gravedad y el complejo óseo más grande del cuerpo humano. Es un punto de inserción de fuertes músculos: que conforman las cadenas musculares que tiene como punto de anclaje la pelvis. El acortamiento o sobre entrenamiento de algunas de ellas, por posturas o gesto deportivo, puede generar un desajuste en el sistema de tensegridad de la cintura pélvica y muchos problemas locales y adyacentes, desde descompensaciones musculares, dolor, problemas de salud a nivel visceral y muchos otros aspectos que no se tienen en cuenta 🧐 ✅Tienes que cuidar que tu pelvis esté en posición neutra, alineada en todo momento y en cualquier actividad que realices para que tu cuerpo no tome posturas erróneas por defecto y evitar tener problemas en su movilidad y en consecuencia otras disfunciones derivadas, como hernias, lumbalgias, problemas de suelo pélvico, etcétera. 📌El programa tiene como objetivo el trabajo de fortalecimiento, estiramiento y puesta en tensión de las cadenas musculares y el trabajo analítico del complejo de abductores, aductores, extensores y pelvitrocanterios. Todos estos elementos miofasciales determinan la posición pelviana y, al hacerlo, crean o limitan la libertad de la pelvis teniendo incidencia en los miembros inferiores y superiores. 🤗 Claro que no vamos a dejar de lado el resto del cuerpo❗️❗️😅 El abordaje del entrenamiento será individualizado, luego de una valoración corporal general y analítica. Basta ya de tantas molestias, dolores, libera las fascia superficial y profunda y revitaliza tu centro de energía. 🥰
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Trusted teacher: My classes are aimed at boys and girls from 4 years old to older adults, mainly pregnant women. From basic to intermediate level. The user's needs and interests are prioritized and we work in a personalized or individual manner, small groups from their homes, parks, outdoors, and virtually either through the Zoom platform or Google Meet. MISSION Provide preschool children to young adults, and older adults, women in interesting state; yoga classes, because it is an alternative to improve physical and mental health; by performing the different asanas or postures that they can do according to their progress, physical condition without any risk. VISION Making this yogic practice more accessible to users since this oriental discipline is very common in the West. The aim is to improve the quality of life of these practitioners through harmony, flexibility in their extremities, self-confidence, and reducing some levels of stress, stiffness in their joints, loss of balance, lack of concentration, not knowing how to quiet the mind between others. I work on various types of yoga, such as: Hatha Yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for children in which more recreational and playful exercises are performed, pregnant women using postures that are not risky for them or the baby. To know the user's state of health, an anamnesis or medical history is used, with the purpose of knowing their state of health, what physical ailments they have, illnesses, stress, and the doctor's opinion. I use relaxation techniques, massages, chakra alignment, handling mudras with the hands. The duration of each class is one hour.
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