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17 piano teachers in Leuven

Trusted teacher: (See below for the Dutch version) I give piano lessons to all levels, adapted to the wishes and expectations of the student. In the lessons you will be able to get acquainted with or delve further into different genres and styles. You can learn the following things from me: - play pop songs and learn to arrange them yourself - learn to play and read chords - learn to improvise (in different styles such as jazz, pop, but also classical or neoclassical) - create your own songs or compositions - improve your piano technique - learn to accompany yourself or someone else as a pianist - learn to play a song by ear - ... No prior knowledge of music theory or chords is required. I like to adapt to what the student finds interesting and wants to learn for themselves. Educations: - Master in Music Pedagogy (LUCA School of Arts Campus Lemmens) - experience in different bands and projects (blues; pop/electronics; music for theater) - several years of experience as a piano teacher -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- I teach piano to all levels, tailored to the student's needs and expectations. In the course you will be able to get acquainted with or further explore different genres and styles. You can learn with me the following things, among others: - play pop songs and learn to arrange them yourself - Learn to play and read chords - learn to improvise (in different styles such as jazz, pop, but also classical or neoclassical) - Write your own songs or compositions - Improve your piano technique - Learn to accompany yourself or someone else as a pianist - learn to play a song by ear - ... No prior knowledge of solfege or chords is necessary. I like to adapt to what the student finds interesting and wants to learn. Education: - Master in Music Pedagogy (LUCA School of Arts Campus Lemmens) - Experience in various bands and projects (blues; pop/electronica; music for theatre)
Piano · Music composition · Song writing
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Andries - Leuven$56
Trusted teacher: Ik ben een ervaren pianist en leerkracht. Ik heb gestudeerd in Leuven en Basel waar ik ben afgestudeerd met grootste onderscheiding. Ook heb ik een master diploma in muziekeducatie en een bachelor in HaFaBra-directie. Deze lessen zijn voor iedereen die muziek wil leren, eender welk level. Mijn doel is om mijn passie voor muziek te delen met de student en hem zo veel mogelijk te motiveren. Voor beginners: Aanvang met de basis in zowel pianospel als notenleer, er wordt gewerkt op het tempo van de leerling. Voor de gemiddelde: Er zal verder worden gewerkt op reeds vergane vaardigheden en verdere ontwikkeling om een vaardige en handige pianist te vormen. voor gevordere: indien je hoge ambities hebt, zal ik mijn uiterste best doen om deze te verwezenlijken. We kunnen repertoire uitbouzen en het pianospel van de afgelopen 150 jaar bespreken. *** english version *** I am a skilled pianist and teacher with experience in the categories mentioned above. I was a student at the Hochschüle für Musik in Basel in the Piano performance master department and LUCA School of arts, Leuven (both obtained summa cum laude) I also have a masters degree in Music education and a Bachelor's degree in Windorchestra conducting. This class is for everybody that wants to learn music, on any level. My main goal is to share my passion for music with the student and to motivate them as much as possible. For beginners: we will start with the basics in both piano playing and music theory. We will work on the tempo of the student. For Intermediate: We will work further on previously aquired skills and develop them in order to become a competent and handy pianist. For Advanced: If you have high goals, I will help you trying to achieve them. We can broaden your repertoire and I will teach you about piano playing throughout the last 150 years.
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Trusted teacher: Are you dreaming of playing the piano? Do you want to play FASTER, STRONGER and sound like a PRO? Do you like to play pop music or you're into classical training? Are you a beginner and trying to take your first steps on the keyboard? Or maybe you are already a player and your goal is to improve your technical skills? Let's make your dreams come true! I will guide you and help you or your child to achieve your goals, like I have helped dozens of students before. A FEW WORDS ABOUT ME: My name is Gina and I am a piano and music theory teacher. I have been professionally teaching for more than 6 years and have guided children, teenagers and adults of EVERY age! I consider myself a musician in a more holistic way than just a pianist, having experienced also multiple other instruments such as the viola, the tampouras (traditional byzantine instrument), guitar and voice, as well as different choirs and orchestras. At the age of 21 I gained my first professional degree in music harmony from the Conservatory "EHOGENESIS" and one year later in the classical piano from the Conservatory of Saint-Dimitris. Meanwhile, I was accepted in "The Royal Conservatory" of The Hague, to continue more advanced piano studies. Now I live, study and teach piano in The Hague AND online! The construction of the lessons is tailored on each student's needs and wishes. I choose pieces and exercises from different books, while guiding the students on practising songs that they personally like. I also provide basic music theory notes and knowledge, to help with the understanding of the piano and music in general. Every lesson is an opportunity to learn something new and my goal as your teacher is to help you pursue your passion and bring out the BEST in you! *For the students who want to understand deeper the music, I am also teaching music theory as a separate class. Thanks for your interest and see you soon!!
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Flute for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, amateur and/or Professional (Leuven)
Of course I'm more than willing to leave a review here although I think it is much too early after two hours. I'm a very choosy person, Artur convinced me from the first second, he has this irresistible mixture of intelligence, seriousness, humor and passion for his instrument; at the same time he is very down-to-earth. What I like besides other things most about him is his concentration, he is really with his student, thinks of individual solutions - great! After I had the lessons with him I cancelled my subscription of an online learning program - the lessons online felt much better.
Review by KAREN
Piano Lessons with the Best Colombian Young Pianist! (Budapest)
Juan Sebastian is a great & effective teacher to our 7-year old son, he provides great material to learn ahead of the time, and finds methods and ways to make lessons enjoyable, despite some more challenging learning parts of piano/music grammar. Also, he is always providing our young student with homework to practice music/piano playing. He also checks on homework and provides feedback on what to do to improve skills. I also think because Juan such a great piano player, he does spark interest in piano playing, which helps with motivating and stimulating the interest in it.
Review by ZHANAT
Jazz/Pop/Classical Piano/Music lessons for all ages (Amsterdam)
I have had 5 very helpful lessons with a relaxed atmosphere so far. Federica has directly spotted my weaknesses and has helped me to make my practice time more effective and goal-oriented instead of simply playing what I had learned at some point. I have definitely become more aware of things that I can improve and learned how to make progress more quickly. So far, we have combined different exercises on technique with music theory and also worked on my repertoire a little bit.
Review by JULA