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Lydia - Antwerp$55
Trusted teacher: I am a professional pianist offering private piano and theory lessons to students of all levels. As a pianist with 14 years of teaching experience and over 23 years of playing, I enjoy motivating my students with music of their own preferred style and interest, whether that be classical or contemporary. My main goal is to promote a positive experience and love for music-making during the course of learning piano. If the student is interested in a more serious approach, I can also guide preparation for grades 1-8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams. I also have successful experience preparing students for conservatory entrance auditions and for various competitions. Recently, my students have achieved the highest marks in the ABRSM exams as well as prizes in competitions. We also have a class concert for interested students twice per year. I am happy working in both a relaxed and serious approach, we simply need to discuss the objectives of the student. My own studies are as follows: I have obtained two postgraduate degrees at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp: "Concertsoloist" in Piano Performance and "Chamber Music." Prior to this, I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano Performance/Music from the University of Minnesota and TCU-Fort Worth, TX, USA. My experience includes collaboration with many different instrumentalists and singers, performing as a soloist in orchestra (also as a harpist), and receiving top prizes in several competitions. While maintaining my performance and recording career in Belgium at present, I am developing my private music studio and look forward to meeting new students.
Piano · Keyboard (music) · Music theory
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Sana - Antwerp$65
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone, I am piano docent in Conservatory and performing pianist. I give private piano lessons to students of all ages and levels. Are you an enthusiastic beginner or do you want to pick up again after some time? Toddlers and preschoolers from 3 years old can take their first steps in the world of the piano. Young adults and adults are also very welcome! The piano lessons take place at my home in Berchem I live a short distance from Berchem station . During the lessons I will take into account specific wishes, such as preference for classical or popular music. I use a piano method suited to your age. No prior knowledge of music is required. I will open the world of music through the basics of piano playing. You don't know where to start? No worries, in this class you will learn everything about fingers, pianos and posture! My goal is to encourage you to pursue your passion now, or to bring out the best in you. I have been active as a pianist for more than 25 years. I graduated as a Master of Music. My teaching philosophy ​“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” Brad Henry Greetings Sana Hallo allemaal! Muziekles voor alle leeftijden en niveaus. Tijdens de les maken wij verschillende ritmische oefeningen, zingen we, leren noten in verschillende creatieve manieren en spelen we piano. Professioneel pianiste met Master diploma conservatorium en lerarenopleiding met ruim 20 jaar ervaring enerzijds als uitvoerend musicus, anderzijds als docent piano aan verschillende muziekacademies. Voor wie? Jonge kinderen: Je bent nieuwsgierig naar al die witte en zwarte toetsen, maar te jong voor de muziekacademie? Tieners en jongeren: Je wil graag muziek spelen als hobby, gewoon voor jezelf en voor de fun, maar je hebt geen zin in extra theorielessen of examens? Wat dacht je van pianoles op maat? Op jouw tempo, zonder verdere verplichtingen! Volwassenen: Je wil graag piano leren spelen zonder 2 of 3 avonden per week in de muziekacademie te spenderen? Je hebt ooit al gespeeld en je wilt de draad terug oppikken? Volg les op je eigen niveau, wanneer het jou past. Ik heb jarenlange ervaring als pianiste en pianolerares en maak daarbij gebruik van mijn eigen ontwikkelde en bewezen leermethode. Ik kan je verzekeren dat als je bij mij pianoles volgt je binnen een korte termijn zal vooruitgang boeken.
Piano · Music theory lessons · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: Step into the world of personalized music education with me, Marilena, a multifaceted artist specializing in opera singing, acting, Santur playing, and music theory. Experience the magic of private, one-on-one music classes designed to ignite your passion and elevate your skills. 🎤 Singing Classes: Unleash your vocal potential with tailored lessons in pop, musical theater, and opera. I'll work closely with you to refine your vocal techniques and expressions, helping you achieve your singing aspirations. 🎭 Acting for Singers: Elevate your stage presence and storytelling abilities with acting lessons uniquely crafted for singers. Whether you're preparing for a role or seeking to enhance your performance, I will guide you to captivate your audience. 🎹 Piano Lessons (Up to Grade 2): Embark on a musical journey with beginner piano lessons. Whether you're starting from scratch or aiming for Grade 2 level, I'll guide you through the keys and notes. 🎶 Santur Lessons: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Santur, a Greek folk instrument, through personalized instruction. I share my expertise to help you explore the melodies of this beautiful instrument. 🎼 Music Theory: Deepen your musical knowledge with private instruction in music theory. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced musician, I simplify complex concepts, allowing you to apply theory to your personal musical journey. Why Choose My Music Classes? - Individualized Attention: Receive dedicated guidance tailored to your unique goals and abilities. - Proven Expertise: Learn from an accomplished artist with a wealth of experience. - Flexible Scheduling: Arrange classes at your convenience for a truly customized experience. - Supportive Learning Environment: Collaborate in a comfortable, one-on-one setting. - Holistic Music Education: Explore multiple facets of music with a single, dedicated instructor. Discover the joy of personalized music education with me, Marilena. Elevate your musical talents, achieve your goals, and embark on a transformative musical journey. Contact me today to begin your personalized musical adventure!
Singing · Acting · Piano
Trusted teacher: 🎹 Milan Lee: A Maestro of Classical Piano and Inspirational Educator 🌟 Esteemed Pedigree and Artistic Odyssey: Milan Lee's musical journey is celebrated for its prestige and excellence. A direct descendant of the legendary Stefanska family, Milan is renowned for his deep mastery of classical piano. His performances and teachings are imbued with the artistic grandeur of the Chopin legacy. 🎵🌍 Student Testimonials: "Milan's classes transformed my understanding of music. His passion and expertise are truly inspiring." - Emma, Advanced Student "Under Milan's guidance, I've achieved milestones I never thought possible. He's more than a teacher; he's a musical mentor." - Liam, Intermediate Student Teaching Philosophy and Methodology: Milan's approach to teaching is rooted in a deep psychological understanding of his students. He tailors each lesson to individual needs, ensuring that whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, you're receiving the guidance and support necessary to reach your full potential. Milan's lessons are a blend of rigorous technical training and expressive artistry, aimed at nurturing not just skilled musicians, but well-rounded artists. Global Resonance and Collaborative Brilliance: Milan's global impact is marked by his collaborations with legendary artists and performances worldwide. His teaching incorporates this extensive experience, offering students a rich, culturally diverse perspective on music. 🌐🎶 Educational Excellence: Milan is recognized for his innovative teaching methods at the Bach Academy of Music and through online courses. He fosters a deep appreciation for global musical heritage in his students, making each lesson a transformative experience. 📚🌟 Awards and Recognition: Milan's achievements in music education are highlighted by numerous prestigious awards and qualifications, including the International Solo Artist and Chamber Music Artist Performance Diplomas, and the Advanced Teacher Qualification from the Central Conservatory of Music. 🏅🏆 Join the Musical Journey of Milan Lee: Embark on a journey with Milan Lee and experience the epitome of musical excellence and educational innovation. Milan's teaching, combined with his rich artistic heritage, makes him a true symbol of musical prowess and pedagogical expertise. 🎉🎹 📍 Based in Antwerp, Belgium – The Epicenter of Musical Education
Piano · Children's music · Music theory
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Piano lessons for acquiring and/or improving piano skills (Antwerp)
I have my own piano studio for children & adults who like to be involved with music. Stefan's lessons are a great professional support for me: for my own study, to bring my piano technique up to speed & to sharpen my understanding of music. He is an excellent and passionate pianist himself and that works inspiring. Stefan has insight into how someone can learn new things, and a very good approach to teach you a good piano technique in a relaxed way. You come to yourself, in your body, in the music and this opens new doors for a very personal experience with music. For me this is the ideal input at the right moment. If you want to work with piano semi-professionally or professionally, this coaching is highly recommended!
Review by MIEKE
Piano Lessons in Classical and Contemporary Styles for Beginning-Advanced Levels (ages 6 and up) (Antwerp)
I had my first lesson today and I was immediately struck with the feeling that I am in the presence of a maestro in Piano playing, a professor in teaching and an extremely patient pedagogue. It was like Lydia knew me for years and instantaneously detected my strengths and my weaknesses in my piano playing and practice. I am an adult student and I highly recommend Lydia for all ages and all levels. An exceptional teacher that provides and exceptional lesson experience.
Review by CHAIM
Piano lessons for all ages and levels in Dutch,English.Always wanted to learn the piano but never got the chance?No worries, I can help you! (Antwerp)
We booked and experienced a trial lesson at few days ago. She is an experienced teacher with excellent teaching experience. She is willing to communicate and is willing to teach with different level of children. She explores the children's talents and also wiling to set learning goals with the children’s & parents. She uses her own teach way to arouse children's interest into music. My daughter likes Sana very much.
Review by MIA