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26 piano teachers in Antwerp

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Lydia - Antwerp$44
Piano · Keyboard (music) · Music theory
Piano lessons for all age groups. Classicaly trained pianist, with years of experience in teaching in all age groups, offers piano lessons in Antwerp city. The lessons are tailored according to each student's level and needs, and can take place either in your space or the teacher's. Web lessons are also an option. The piano lesson includes technique, sight reading, repertoire, and can also include basic or more advanced music theory, history and analysis, basic improvisation and more. About the teacher: Anna Alvizou is a Greek concert pianist and vocal accompanist. She obtained her Bachelor's degree with great distinction form the Ionian University with a double scholarship in Piano Performance. She continued her studies in Germany, where she obtained 2 Master's degrees, in Piano Performance and Liedgestaltung (vocal accompaniment) from the Staatliche Hochschule fuer Musik Trossingen. She had a year of Traineeship as a vocal accompanist in the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp where she also broadened her knowledge in opera and song repertoire. She has been distincted in various competitions and actively participated in numerous masterclasses with artists like Malcolm Martineau, Hideyo Harada, Kyoko Hashimoto etc. She frequently performs as a soloist and vocal accompanist in concerts. Previous concerts include solo and Chamber music concerts in Greece, Germany, Austria and Belgium. Teaching experience: Corfu Children's Choir, Private schools in Germany, Traineeship at the Ionian University, private lessons. Other job positions: piano accompanist in Corfu Children's, in the Music University of Trossingen, in the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp,
Music theory · Piano
(1 review)
Martine - Antwerp$39
Piano · Music theory · Song writing
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Piano lessons for acquiring and/or improving piano skills (Antwerp)
I have my own piano studio for children & adults who like to be involved with music. Stefan's lessons are a great professional support for me: for my own study, to bring my piano technique up to speed & to sharpen my understanding of music. He is an excellent and passionate pianist himself and that works inspiring. Stefan has insight into how someone can learn new things, and a very good approach to teach you a good piano technique in a relaxed way. You come to yourself, in your body, in the music and this opens new doors for a very personal experience with music. For me this is the ideal input at the right moment. If you want to work with piano semi-professionally or professionally, this coaching is highly recommended!
Review by MIEKE
Private piano lessons for adults and children (all levels) (Antwerp)
Asja is really a good teacher to me, since I had 10 lessons from her before and my level growing from 3 to 4 during the lessons. Now I bought 10 lessons from her again. I planed to be her student in my whole piano studying life, because she is very good at teaching piano. Not only good at teaching me about the piano skills, melodious, and to be patience, but also good at correct my mistakes and explain how to improved it until I totally got her point. Especially some mistakes I don’t how to express those problems, but I feel something wrong. Share some useful skills with me to improve my skills gradually. Always have a happy lesson from her, and feel so friendly with her 😊 Its my luck to have such a good teacher 😃
Review by ZERO
Piano Lessons for Beginner-Advanced Levels in Classical and Contemporary Styles (Antwerp)
I had my first lesson today and I was immediately struck with the feeling that I am in the presence of a maestro in Piano playing, a professor in teaching and an extremely patient pedagogue. It was like Lydia knew me for years and instantaneously detected my strengths and my weaknesses in my piano playing and practice. I am an adult student and I highly recommend Lydia for all ages and all levels. An exceptional teacher that provides and exceptional lesson experience.
Review by CHAIM