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My name is Polly and I am a professional opera singer. I am currently performing as a Young Artist with Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam as part of their brand new Studio Programme. Alongside performing, I have a passion for teaching classical singing to students of all ages and abilities. As a newcomer to Amsterdam, I am looking to build my teaching studio and to share my love of singing! Whether you sing purely for your own enjoyment, are preparing for a big audition or performance, or simply just want to know more about how the human voice works, I am here to help! I previously trained at the Royal College of Music (MPerf, Distinction) and the National Opera Studio in London, as well as working for opera companies including Opera Holland Park, Royal Opera House, Pop-Up Opera, Charles Court Opera, and British Youth Opera. I also achieved ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Voice (both Distinction), so I am able to provide piano accompaniment in lessons. Prior to my Masters training at the RCM, I studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (BSc Hons) at Durham University, which included modules in Animal Physiology. I am therefore fascinated by and have a deep understanding of how the human voice functions. I teach using the SATS model devised by my teacher Janice Chapman, which uses evidence-based science to teach the fundamentals of classical singing. So, no matter what stage you are in your vocal training, I will be able to help to build and strengthen your vocal technique and help you towards vocal freedom and experience true joy in your singing! Languages I sing in include English, Italian, German, French, and, to a lesser extent, Czech and Russian. I have received the input of many world-class language coaches over the years, so I am happy to coach you through the sounds and meaning of texts in these languages.
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Hi, my name is Juncai, and I'm very happy that you clicked my profile among all those excellent professionals, I appreciate that!! In this course , you will learn from me: 1. The vocal technique that I've learned from my teacher. 2. The correct concept of singing. 3. A systematic self-learning process on music learning. 4. How to give yourself feedback efficently. 5. How to interprete different music styles. Not-So-Fun facts about learning singing: 1. You should efficiently practice singing EVERYDAY! (If not, at least 5 times a week.) 2. It really really takes time, so please be patient and kind to yourself. 3. All Songs/Arias/Recits consist of multipule components, you need to dedicate yourself to each part of the component separatly, no short cuts and no cheating. 4. Singing lesson can be very abstract and vary a lot on each individual, it is super common to feel that you get lost, when you feel that way, don't be afraid to talk it out and we can find solution together. Fun facts about learning singing: 1. IT'S FUN TO SING!! 2. You got the chance to explore more music. 3. You can proudlly title yourself as SINGER ! ; ) 4. It's actully a cardio workout, so it's good for health. 5. A boost for your charisma. 6. And so on and so on, I believe you can find more answers .... In the end, have faith and believe in yourself in the learning process! Find what suits the best for yourself, music is very personal and intimate, there's not a single person in the world can sound as beautiful as you, so let's embrace your unique voice and let it shine!!
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Gulnara - Leiden$71
Trusted teacher: About myself I am Gulnara and I am a professional classical singer. As a soloist I sing leading roles on major international stages such as Mariinsky Theater, Scottish Opera, Opera de Colombia and in the Netherlands for example in De Doelen. I studied classical singing in St. Petersburg (Russia), at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and, among others, at the famous Georg Solti Accademia in Tuscany. At the same time, I have been teaching singing to both children and adults at different levels and with different music styles for many years. For example, I also help with the preparation for an audition. How does the singing lesson go? The singing lesson consists of two parts. During the recording we do singing exercises and you learn the basic singing technique. This consists of breath support, learning to sing pure tones (voicing) and articulation. Then you sing different repertoire (songs, arias, songs, etc.) and we apply what you have just learned. I also pay attention to your presentation and the artistic aspects of singing (emotion and passion!). I accompany my students on the piano. I regularly organize music evenings where the students play for each other. Lesson to children I teach children from 4 years old. Singing pleasure and musical development are central. Bring your favorite song! All music styles are possible. We can also organize sings with other children. If you have ambition to study at the conservatory, I can prepare you for this. Lessons for adults Mature with good motivation and love for music, I like to support their further musical and singing development. We are working hard! Step by step, we push your boundaries and work towards your dream or passion. Info For adults and children from 14 years, I teach in these Corona times in the large space with the necessary distance. I also teach via Skype. I prefer to teach during the day, for adults I can also teach in the evening.
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Jade - Nivelles$69
Trusted teacher: Song, well-being and interpretation The voice is an instrument specific to everyone, which is why each course is tailor-made according to your tastes and abilities. Vocal technique Developing your vocal technique allows comfort and ease in the chosen repertoire. It requires some discipline and some proprioception. Thanks to a variety of exercises, I can help you understand the mechanisms related to the voice and better appropriate your body to achieve a more precise technique. Singing is a sport, and the development of muscles is important, just as much as the relaxation and flexibility of certain parts of the body. Taking vocal technique lessons is therefore a demanding activity both in terms of bodily activity and investment in progress and at home. Interpretation The understanding and the appropriation of the written text as well as the musical one is the key to the interpretation of a work. Together we can explore the multiple musical worlds by discovering the stories told but also those of the authors and composers. Through exercises, I can help you soak up the different emotions that you want to convey. Through various exercises of diction, declamation and theater, I will help you to transmit them. Reconnect to yourself Because singing is intimately linked to our emotions, I offer you exercises to reconnect to your physical and emotional body, in order to get to know you better but also to improve your self-confidence, your proprioception and acceptance as well as the transmission of emotions. Singing can be a real personal development tool, and personal development tools can help you sing better. Because the body is our instrument, well-being has its place in a technical singing lesson. Singing can be a healing tool for some people, but for others, minor traumas, whatever they are, can hamper the emission of the song. It is therefore important to come together to sing better: a healthy singer in a healthy body and mind. Singing confronts us with ourselves, our feelings, our emotions and our abilities. We can gently explore this complete tool that is our body for a better well-being in life and in song. Want to take a class? In order to better understand your expectations and to establish a course that suits you best, the first session lasts 2 hours. A face-to-face and webcam course. For any questions or to start lessons, do not hesitate to contact me. Who am I I am a young creative artist in live performance and mixed media, trained in lyrical singing during my bachelor at the Institute of Music and Pedagogy in Namur and my master at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève in Neuchâtel. I have a great choir experience thanks to the Choraline (youth choir of the opera of La Monnaie), the Maitrise of Paris, and the choir voces desuper as well as the animation of masses, in particular in the cathedral of Brussels and wedding masses. My experience as an actress and at the opera allowed me a great ease on stage and an inspiration as an author and director. I am also a modern art therapist trained by ifortpsy and meformer.
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Classical Singing Lessons: discover the beauty of your voice. (Brussels)
We appreciated the professionalism, the love for music and the patience to build step by step and bring our twelve-year-old sons singing talent to a higher level. The time seemed to have run away… though the results of an enthusiast incessant stream of positive feedback our love for what started growing even before he was actually born has grown even more. After an hour of great concentration and cooperation we went home very satisfied and saw since a teenager reaching out for the next lesson...
Review by PATRICIA
Classical singing/ Vocal technique/ Music interpretation (Amsterdam)
Maria is an awsome teacher with a great singing technique and a gorgeous voice! I highly recomend her. After only 1 lesson, I could see a big progress in my voice. She is very well prepared for the lesson, kind, charming with great energy. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about singing and teaching.
Review by KATERINA
German lessons for all ages and levels (Native German Speaker!) (Antwerp)
Very knowledgeable teacher that very quickly assesses your level, needs and wishes. She adapts her content and exercises accordingly. She is committed and hands-on. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their German skills!
Review by ASTRID