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33 opera teachers in Belgium

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Leïla - Namur29€
Opera · Voice (music) · Singing
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Manon - Antwerp46€
Trusted teacher: Hi! Have you always wanted to learn to sing? Is your voice getting tired after singing (alone or in a choir)? Do you want to be better at singing? Are you curious about what your voice can do? Do you sing in a choir and need extra help putting together the material in between rehearsals? I love passing on the knowledge of my craft. The mechanics of the voice is such a small and intricate thing, and knowing what goes inside our throat and body is a very special experience. I get excited and moved every time a student achieves a new skill, and takes another step towards a deeper understanding of their voice. On top of my experience as a singer and a teacher, I have a degree in linguistics. That allows me to know exactly what has to be done inside your throat and mouth in order to produce a specific sound. I can therefore adapt to each student: if they have an analytic mind, I can explain what goes on inside and what should be done to improve that. If they have an instinctive mind, I can help with metaphor in order to help the phonation. Or both! My method is multi-faceted because each voice is unique, and it is my job to adapt, and not the contrary. How does a lesson work? The first time we meet, we will talk about your journey in the music world. What have you done yet music wise, what artists and genres inspire you, what are your goals. Then we will do what we do in every regular lesson: I will direct you during some warming-up exercises, that include vocal technique work (if you have already warmed up, we just do a few exercises about technique), and then we will work on whatever you want. I ask my students to always come with at least one piece of music they want to work on (or maybe two, depends on the time we have on hands). See you soon! Manon (she/her)
Singing · Opera
(2 reviews)
Carole - Dison69€
Trusted teacher: How to sing in tune? Why and how to let your voice speak? Is it possible to give voice to your body by integrating a technique that can be done even at home? If you are a chorister, do you dream of singing with an open throat and a free voice? If you are professional, do you prepare a stage performance that highlights you? Healthy progress? Are you looking for the acquisition of a feeling related to singing, which brings you success and generates profits? Here's the gist of what my clients get out of a voice lesson. In this specific sector, I offer pop-rock singing lessons, classical or vocal technique for speakers (speakers, teachers, salespeople). My lessons are aimed at beginners or experienced people, who wish to acquire a basic vocal technique, develop it and then use it during public performances or for personal research. These people are, for example, amateur choristers, vocal groups, variety singers, people preparing for a competition or a concert. Singing teacher trained in Europe and the USA, with clinical training in the USA with Renee Grant Williams (Miley Cyrus and Cristina Aguilera teacher) and musical theater training in the USA, I am passionate about vocal technique. My specialty is to train voices that hold a full concert, voices that work in respect of the body and above all to give specific vocal exercises to solve problems from the base and not their consequences, because the voice works like a domino effect. . If one part falls, the entire system collapses. I receive you in an isolated building that allows you to free your voice, in the Province of Liège (near Eupen).
Singing · Opera
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Classical Singing Lessons: discover the beauty of your voice. (Brussels)
We appreciated the professionalism, the love for music and the patience to build step by step and bring our twelve-year-old sons singing talent to a higher level. The time seemed to have run away… though the results of an enthusiast incessant stream of positive feedback our love for what started growing even before he was actually born has grown even more. After an hour of great concentration and cooperation we went home very satisfied and saw since a teenager reaching out for the next lesson...
Review by PATRICIA
Singing and vocal technique lessons (Classical, Pop) (Brussels)
If you would like to feel more confident in singing, improve the tone of your voice and learn some good (breathing) techniques, Vincent is the teacher to turn to. Vincent is an excellent and skilled teacher, who will take the time to tailor the lesson to your personal needs. I can highly recommend taking singing lessons with Vincent - aside from being professional, he is patient and empathetic.
Review by KIRSTEN
German lessons for all ages and levels (Native German Speaker!) (Ghent)
Very knowledgeable teacher that very quickly assesses your level, needs and wishes. She adapts her content and exercises accordingly. She is committed and hands-on. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their German skills!
Review by ASTRID