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Claire - Oullins50€
Trusted teacher: Pleasure to sing, to express the artist in oneself... Singing is not difficult, it is simply necessary to learn to know its voice. Vocal technique should help with this and not be a difficulty to overcome :-) All styles are welcome! I help you understand how to perform the vocal gesture according to your physiology and with respect for your instrument to learn how to develop and master your vocal abilities. The pleasure of singing and the acquisition of a correct technique, easy and adapted to your voice, take a prominent place in my lessons in order to learn how to use it without difficulty and to feel real vocal comfort. Beginners? The courses are oriented on the technique and aesthetics of the voice: ° Body preparation: breathing, breath management, yoga, physiological notions... ° Technical work: vocal placement, head resonances, agility, support, projection... ° Interpretation: musical agogy, stylistic differences, diction, meaning of the text, psychology of the characters, management of emotions... Confirmed: ° Preparing for auditions ° Role study ° Preparation for entrance exams to conservatories and high schools of music Trained at the Lyon Conservatory and then at the Geneva University of Music, I acquired during my career a healthy and balanced technique, a precise awareness of the functioning of the body and the vocal apparatus as well as a good experience of the stage and of interpretation. I have a double artistic label: A professional singer, I am on the one hand a lyric soprano and perform regularly in performances of operettas, operas and in recitals. I followed, on the other hand, the course in Current Music of the National School of Music of Villeurbanne. This training and my personal practice, in concert, of the different styles of rock, pop, chanson or soul music allow me to grasp this field very concretely. Holder of a Master's degree in Pedagogy (classical singing), I have been teaching for fifteen years during which I have trained more than 150 singers and am passionate about sharing and transmitting my know-how, listening to singers and their needs. Classes are open to everyone from the age of 16, regardless of level. Nice to meet you, Clear Training: - Master in Singing Pedagogy, Geneva University of Music (2015) - Curriculum in contemporary music, National School of Music of Villeurbanne (2007, 2008) Internships and Masterclasses: - Scenic aspects and interpretation, Alain Garichot (2010 to 2014) - Vocal technique and interpretation, Marcin Habela (2008 to 2014) - Diction and phonetics, Anthony Di Giantomasso (2008 to 2012) - Scenic Work and Improvisation, Gabriel Alvarez (2013) - Improvisation, Eric Trémolières (2010 to 2012) - Declamation, Thierry Petau (2009) - Theatre, Hervé Dauvin (2007, 2008) - Management of emotions and Mindfulness (2012 to 2014)
Singing · Opera
Trusted teacher: Free your voice, do you like jazz, variety, Opera, Musicals? I put my 20 years of know-how at your disposal. I started as a professional singer at the age of 17, I took my first lyric singing lesson at 19, since my beginnings, I have been lucky to be able to benefit from three types of teaching different, lyrical singing, the Richard Cross method for variety and jazz and finally the Musical. Today, I wish to share in a concrete way with you, through real moments of sharing, dynamic lessons, my experiences and the teachings that have been transmitted to me during my years of practice. Together, let's explore all the facets of your voice and open the field (song) of possibilities. I am Alexandra and I am waiting for you for an online course :) I propose an effective method in order to sing without being out of breath, without feeling bullied, I will help you find your "real" voice, by building solid foundations, learn to breathe, find support, position your voice well so that it becomes natural. Then, I introduce a technical base, to be able to successfully interpret your favorite songs, so that you gain confidence in yourself and in your instrument, I develop and I increase your technical capacities so that you can expand your voice, I lay the foundations of music theory, scales, arpeggios, vocal harmonies, vocal precision to broaden your knowledge and your musical vocabulary and so that you can gain skill in performing songs that you previously found difficult. The goal is to be able to give you the satisfaction of having your own musical style, of having complete confidence in your voice and of having perfect control over it in order to be completely autonomous in your practice. NB: Home lessons take place in St Maximin la Ste Baume, for Webcam lessons I use the Zoom software, it is essential to connect with a computer and a good quality headset.
Singing · Opera · Jazz music
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Ramir - Sourdun41€
Trusted teacher: Passionate about the singing voice, I teach singing with kindness and rigor to allow my singers of all ages and levels to flourish in their art, whether it is a process for pleasure, for the discovery of itself or for an artistic and professional project defined or to be defined. I specialize in learning to sing for beginner singers of all ages, vocal recovery for singers who have lost abilities over the course of their career, the voice of seniors and the release of emotions through singing and declaimed voice. I regularly follow training courses and I maintain a scientific watch to support research in the physiology of the voice, the psychology of the singer and discoveries in vocal technique. I master the vocal technique specific to lyrical singing, world music, French and international varieties, metal (Heavy, Gothic), hard rock, gospel, jazz and musical comedy. A few key words: head voice, chest voice, drive, belting, mixed voice, vocal effects, register equalization, free voice (technique), vocal gymnastics, bel canto. I regularly sing various repertoires of classical music (music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque but also verist opera roles, Lieder and other chamber music works), world music (Sephardic Jewish songs, songs of the Mediterranean and songs from overseas and South America). I am a big fan of sacred chants… and metal! I am also a choirmaster, harpist and pianist. Are you looking to discover singing with confidence and freedom? Ask for your first lesson!
Singing · Opera · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: I am a singer, musician, experienced for more than 8 years and I am a teacher of singing / vocal technique. I have a license in Musicology and a Masters in Composition of Music for the Image at the University of Lyon. I give private lessons in vocal technique in sung / spoken voice. My classes are aimed at both professional singers and beginners, actors, teachers, orators. You will discover and improve your vocal instrument. We progress at your own pace and in a fun way to move forward around your objectives, of course going through the key concepts, for example: - Discover new vocal possibilities in the bass and treble with greater ease and without tension. - Discover and appropriate the laryngeal mechanisms (chest voice, head voice), as well as access the mixed voice. - Develop resonance to gain power and freedom, enrich your timbre, play with it. - How to manage the breath and find the "right" vocal gesture in order to preserve the health of the vocal cords. - Discover the effectiveness of amazing exercises such as yodeling, twanging, improvisation, vocal games / sound effects, anchoring, letting go, Belting. - Learn to saturate slowly (if you wish) - How to manage your stage fright, tame it, Depending on your course, this may take precedence by awakening or anchoring bodily sensations (becoming familiar with them, becoming aware). Finally, thanks to exercises borrowed from vocal rehabilitation techniques, you will be able to sing or speak for a long time without tiring yourself in a healthy and comfortable way, recognize the signs of fatigue, protect yourself from it or even recover. If you want to learn to accompany yourself on the piano, this is also possible. Also audio and / or video recording of your songs, I have all the equipment you need! And since a course is better than a long speech, for everything else or for any questions, I'll let you contact me. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you. More than fifty students trained! * Visit my website to know the different movies, video games and advertising where I composed the music.
Singing · Voice (music) · Opera
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Professeur de chant et technique vocale Opera/Jazz/pop (Champtoceaux)
Manon is a very warm person that made me feel comfortable from the first minute we met. You can see from her teaching skills that she is well educated and trained and that she really loves what she is doing. In terms of the lesson she was very organised but at the same time fully flexible and ready to adjust to my skills and background so we could only move forward. Even from the first lesson, you can trust her. I highly recommend her as a teacher! :)
Masters student in Sorbonne-Université of Music and Musicology teach voice lessons (Lagny-sur-Marne)
I'm always looking forward to my next class. Not only I've been learning how to sing properly, but I've also been having lots of fun, having meaningful interaction and developing myself in these difficult times. Priscila is an excellent teacher: patient, clear on her instructions and caring. Only high praises, indeed!
The art of singing: breathing techniques, ancient music, lyrical, interpretation, theory (Paris)
Helena is a very helpful teacher, very talented and is able to communicate her ideas very clearly, and makes sure I am understanding and applying well her advise, even over Skype. Her technique is ideal, bright and effortless singing. Much recommended :)
Review by PIERRE

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