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40 opera teachers in France

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Ramir - Provins35€
Trusted teacher: Updated December 5, 2020. Courses available in English, Brazilian Portuguese and French. (I am resuming face-to-face lessons. Following government announcements, it was decided to only receive individual or duo students if the same family unit. Case-by-case study). Professor of singing voice offers singing lessons and vocal technique. Former student of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Graduated in Music and Musicology in Sorbonne (Paris-IV). Teacher of music education in secondary education. Classes for actors, novice singers, experienced amateurs, professionals, composers and choir directors seeking to improve their approach to the sung voice. Methodology based on gaining confidence (psychology applied to vocal gesture), understanding the physiology of the voice. Construction of a practice strategy and voice studies according to the needs of each singer: literature, singing culture and monitoring of the routine of vocal practice (with visits and coaching of the teacher in rehearsal places and study of singer, as required). Great attention to singers with special needs, such as the shy, perfectionists, primary and secondary teachers ... Some elements of my courses: 1. Articulation for singing, chest voice, head voice, saturated voice, vocal effects, voice for the theater, voice projection, breathing, phrasing and adaptation to the circumstances of the scene, management of the voice in foreign languages. 2. Management of voice placement and breathing for various styles in variety music. Management of various psychological aspects (anxiety in particular). 3. The vocal moult, the voice of seniors. Lyrical song, variety (French, Brazilian and North American), musical, metal, gospel and many other styles. Coaching for vocal creations, studio recordings, rehearsals before concerts, plays and public speaking. Equipment available in the singing studio: For voice: Shure Beta 58-A microphone, Helicon 150W amplifier. Accompaniment: Yamaha P-95 electric piano, Camac 38-string harp (Study melusine), Turkish darbouka, djembe. Recording: iRig 2, Audacity. Home lessons provided within a radius of thirty kilometers around Provins (77), under reception conditions.
Voice (music) · Opera · Singing
Well-singing and well-being are intimately linked. Knowing how to sing requires great vocal flexibility, a free and controlled body and a rigorous work of pleasure and relaxation. Beginner or advanced singer, eager to build a solid vocal technique or in search of relaxation, I propose to help you achieve your goals through simple and fun technical tools, valid for all types of repertoire. Each session breaks down as follows: - vocal warm-up session through a short series of exercises. -Work of breath and posture, control of the air column. -Study of tunes / songs, on a technical and stylistic level. A first evaluation / discovery meeting will allow us to better understand your voice (tessitura, level ...) as well as your objectives. Lyrical Song / Musical Comedy / Song Possibility of home courses Paris and Ile de France This method is also very suitable for young children (from 8 years) About me: Canadian, classical deformation, 1st prize of lyric singing, 1st interpretation prize of the CNR of Saint-Maur des Fossées, B-Mus McGill college, I studied with Mady Mesple, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne and Nicole Fallien from whom I developed my passion for teaching and transmitting the Art of Song. At the same time, I pursue a concert career. Feel good, Sing well. Beautiful singing and well being are intimately related. Ompl sing sing sing equally equally equally equally flexibility equally flexibility equally flexibility equally flexibility equally flexibility equally................... Whether you are a beginner, an advanced student, or anger to build and reinforce solid vocal skills or simply in search of some mind / body relaxation, I'll be able to follow you in the pursuit of your goals work with all kind of musical genres. Each session will be divided as follows: -vocal warm-up using a short set of exercises. -breath control and body posture, mastering column of air and pitch. -technical and stylistic arias / songs study. In our first session together, we will do a primary evaluation (tessitura, training level, etc.) and review your goals. Lyrical and operatic singing / musicals / pop songs. At home sessions ok for Dijon / Côte d'Or This method is highly appropriate for young children (8 years +) About me: Canadian, classically trained in CNR of Saint Maur des Dômes, I won first prize in Opera and Stage Performance. I also studied music at McGill College (B-Mus). Some of my most influential teachers were Mady Mesplé, Régine Crespin, Marilyn Horne and Nicole Fallien. Nicole Fallien, who is still my voice coach has been detrimental in my passion for teaching and transmitting the great Art of Singing. In parallel to teaching, I pursue my own performing career.
Opera · Singing · Children's music
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singing and vocal singing technique. (Châtillon)
Excellent teacher! Very pedagogic approach and to the point technical advice that really works for me!
Review by MARIA