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Trusted teacher: My name is Davide and my music experience started when I was 10 years old during my middle school in Italy. I started playing cello and I kept on studying classical music for 8 years, performing as a soloist and in many orchestras and ensembles. In the meanwhile, I started being interested in electronic music and composition for soundtracks. When I turned 17 I realized that music would have been my passion and my job. I graduated in “Contemporary Writing and Production” at Pescara Conservatory in Italy. During these studies, I dove deeper into Pop and Experimental Electronic Music, orchestration, and orchestral composition. I also had the opportunity to play in different bands and discover different genres such as Post Rock, Progressive Metal, and Heavy Metal. After my bachelor's degree, I finished my studies following a Master's program at Codarts (Rotterdam) in Creative Production. During those two years, I had the opportunity to collaborate with many people and explore different kinds of music (Turkish, Flamenco, Jazz, etc.). I wrote an Artistic Research about electronic unquantized music by analyzing the sound of producers such as Flume, Burial, and Arca. Now that my studies are finished I feel that I want to spread my knowledge and my passion to many people as possible. My class subjects are: - Music Production (from beginners to expert level, mainly Ableton Live and Pro Tools classes) - Cello Lessons (from beginners to intermediate level) - Music Theory (from beginners to expert level) - Composition and Orchestration (explore the world and joy of composing for an orchestra and how to use your DAW as a real symphonic orchestra). As a Producer, I want to let the student feel completely free to ask me whatever he/she wants. I have had many experiences as a producer and I know how to handle many different genres. My first teaching experience was at 17 years old and from that moment on I did not change my teaching set-up. I want the lesson to be an interactive moment in which the teacher and the student are sharing ideas and opinions. Feel free to apply for the lessons. I look forward to meeting you!
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Trusted teacher: Originally from Italy but born in Switzerland, Samuel aka Luca Torre did early in 1996 his fi rst steps in electronic music for which he discovered a true passion. From trip-hop to techno going through more architectural sounds like drum´n´bass or brackcore. Luca organized and participated in several events in Switzerland, in places like Loft Lausanne or even the Dachkantine in Zurich where he started being quite notorious He arrived in Berlin in 2004 and continued to work on his dedication to music by becoming a sound engineer and a sound designer. His interest for synthesis and modular systems brought him to work for the famous company Arturia where he then developed presets. He also worked in the fi lm industry where he took part in various projects. Follows up some releases on digitals and vinyls on several labels and then began collaborations with various artists. 2016 is fi nally the arrival of it's big label project. After several cogitation years he fi nally runs and owns the label Clock'Art Records where beautiful surprises await. His career is currently being boost by his passion, talent and famous techno artists name´s recognition who took part in his projects. Luca is a pure eclectic and avant-garde dj. He is real fanatic sound designer, as much as an architecht of new sound constructions. He is a true artist who will keep on impressing us for years to come. In 2019 He Built Clock'art Music: Clock'art Music Music groups several activities in the music field, it features 3 labels, 1 Music School and a sound design company Clock'art Studio. Clock'art Records (Label Minimal Techno). Cloc Records (Edit Label) Nouage Records (Trip Hop, Noise, Ambiant and Soundscape Label) Clock'art School is a MAC (Music Assisted Computer) school where we teach lesson of Ableton, Logic and synthese. Clock'art Studio is a sound design company producing immersive soundscape from advertising to the film universe, we also do music film composition, jingle, and sound design FX. In 2020 we developing new project growing into the music therapy way, with Solfi Wave. And Clockless, the music podcast channel.
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Trusted teacher: This text is written in English to be more inclusive. I am however native Dutch, speaking fluent English. Hi, My name is Martin (29) I've been producing for +/- 15 years. I have a masters degree in music production, released three solo albums, mixed, composed and arranged for various musicians and companies, worked as a live mixer, gained live experience as a musician, taught music and production classes, ... I want to help you achieve the same by providing the right knowledge where needed. I can teach you about everything audio, studio, music and live performance related. Mixing, mastering, producing, songwriting, composition, studio organization, music theory, guitar, etc... I own a small home studio with a humble amount of gear: mics, compressors, effects, pedals, synths, eurorack, amps, etc.. where we'll be able to meet, but i'll also happily join you at your place . ————— If you choose to be understood in Ableton, this will roughly be the program: - Overall view of Ableton's workflow. - Generating sound in Ableton. Introduction to sound design for various music genres. Techniques like: warping and pitching audio, resampling, midi effects, max for live, Ableton's built in instruments & effects with possible introduction to synthesis (fm, additive, wavetable), third-party plugins and instruments, ... - Arranging and composition in Ableton's arrangement view. - Mixing - Mastering - Transferring your creation to a live situation using Ableton. Many of these concepts are also applicable to other DAWs. (FL Studio, Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper)
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Trusted teacher: Trained at the Music Academy International, I propose private lessons of Guitar, Singing, and/or Audio Production centered on amplified music (funk, soul, jazz, rock, blues, etc.) and adapted to the requests of each student. My classes are open to all, children and adults, beginners or advanced. I attach great importance to the understanding of the technical tools implemented in the interpretation of the pieces, a typical lesson is therefore divided between technical work with clear explanations and actual practice on songs to play or sing. If the student is interested, I also teach the more theoretical aspects of music, such as harmony (scales, chords, modes, improvisation), music theory, rhythm, ear training, and deciphering. I also offer coaching sessions. These are non-regular sessions to target work on specific aspects of the requested repertoire. Each lesson is accompanied by work material (paper or audio) to practice at home. For guitar lessons, an instrument can be made available, for singing lessons, I accompany the student on the piano or the guitar (it is also possible to use backing tracks when the key and tempo are right ) and for audio production, I can provide the software required to start on any operating system (Win, Mac, and Linux) (I don't work with pirated software). Classes are given in my studio in Etterbeek, 5-minute walk from La Chasse. I also teach group lessons for singing, do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Flexible schedule (daytime or evening).
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Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Toon (34). I have been producing music for the last 15 years. I can help out beginner producers in the proces as well as more advanced producers in Ableton Live. I also have a studio with synthesizers, drummachines, mixing desk, guitars, drums and mics where I can teach you recording and producing in Ableton. I can also help with the technical side like setting up your studio for recording, syncing hardware to computer, software installation etc.. We can start all the way from the beginning or focus on specific topics that you would have questions about. We will learn how to find a work flow that fits you best so you can start creating tracks. The following aspects will be covered in Ableton Live: 1. The essentials (efficiënt browsing, favorites, overview of the menu buttons...) 2. Arrangement, session and clip view 3. Audio clips and warping (the part which helps you understand how to remix songs and how to make new songs with existing samples) 4. How to work with MIDI 5. Recording and routing 6. Audio and MIDI effects 7. How to work with the built-in instruments in Live 8. How to arrange your song from start to finish 9. Mixing and mastering of your project If you would have any question, don't hesitate to message me! Extra information: I am based in Antwerp and Lommel/Mol, but if my travel/time costs get covered I am willing to come to other cities to teach at your home (a minimum session of 2 hours is required) Location: Luchtbal, Antwerpen / Lommel / Mol
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Trusted teacher: Hi! Thanks for showing an interest in my tuition! I've spent my entire adult life passionately obsessed with music and sound and now i take great pleasure in sharing my skills and techniques with anyone willing to learn... Nowadays its too easy to get a sample pack from here and a preset from there and effectively paint by numbers but what i teach is creative expression and how to make music your craft. The end result doesn't come as quickly or easily, but when it does its unmistakably yours. So! I run two courses. One for complete beginners, or those looking to formalise their skill set from the bottom up and one for more experienced producers who are looking to build on their technical knowledge and/or improve in certain areas of production. Below is some detailed information on both courses - //// Beginner (10 x 2 hour lessons) My beginner course has been carefully nurtured over the last 3 years to teach you the fundamental skills you’ll need to write unique, original and exciting electronic music. I don’t just teach you how to write D&B, or Techno. Instead i aim to teach the underlining language of music production and creativity. This will give you the freedom to evolve and grow as a producer in any direction you choose later on. Drawing from my own musical education, I start by teaching you one of the simplest forms of electronic music production. A style pioneered by the early hip hop producers and one that yields instantly impressive results. From there i will introduce you to all of the key techniques you will need to be a highly adaptable producer. Once completed, you will know how to make the music that is in your head and most importantly how to have loads of fun being creative with music and sound. Some of the key subjects we will cover are: * Ableton software training. * Drum programming, working with breakbeats and percussion. * How to dig for, and use samples from old records, film & tv * The language of synthesis and how to design sounds from scratch * Recording live sound and field recording FX (done using smartphon * How to arrange, mix and master tracks * Workflow, concept design and creative approaches. * (and most importantly) How to bring unique flare and originality to your music. //// Advanced (5 x 2 hour lessons) This course is aimed at experienced producers who are looking to improve in certain areas and broaden their skillset. There is no set curriculum for this type of course. They are designed based on the needs of the individual. We work together to establish key areas to focus on. I start by analysing your existing music to establish areas that can be improved on and i ask you to fill in a set of questions which outline your goals and things you would like to achieve. From there i devise a set of lesson that are as effective as possible and optimise our time together. /// The lessons are always 1-2-1 with myself and are conducted over Zoom. This works really well. We can share our screens and the computer audio. I also record each lesson so you can go back and rewatch tricks and techniques in your own time which is something that has proved to be super helpful to my students. /// All my students go away with roughly 10gb of samples from my own collection. I provide as and when they are relevant to a lesson or module. They are not commercially available sample packs. They are sounds i have designed or collected and many of them i have been using for 20 years! /// Last (but far from least!) Which is a place for my previous and existing students to give and receive track feedback, from myself and other members. And also where students can help each other with anything music related. I occasionally set fun production challenges and drop the odd useful set of sounds in there too. The group has nearly 200 members now and many of them collaborate together, meet for mixing sessions in London. And recently there has been talk of organising a record label and club night which is amazing! There is fun to be had and music to be made! If you are interested to know more and would like to meet me and discuss things further, please book yourself in for a 1 hour session where we can go over everything in detail and in a way that is relevant to you. Once we have a clear idea of the best course of action we can look at booking a course for you. /// Things you'll need for either course - Ableton Suite (3 month free trial available from their website or google 'ableton trial') A computer that is compatible with Ableton's system requirements (also found on their website) Some decent headphones (i use Audio Technica ath-m50x and highly recommend them) A decent internet connection. A quiet environment where you can concentrate Thanks and speak soon! George
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Guitar , Music , Composition , Theory & Production/Software (Rotterdam)
Carlos is a great teacher, he quickly grasps where you are in your journey and guides you to the next levels. His teaching style really lets you understand concepts and how they are connected. Other great things to mention are his vast experience and the exercises that really push your boundaries. Highly recommended!
Review by STEPHAN
Music Lessons Guitar/Bass , Production , Composition , Music Theory (Barcelona)
Francesco is a very knowledgeable musician with lots of playing experience and is a natural teacher. We easily made a good plan for further study of the guitar and were able to cover a lot of ground. Besides this, he is extremely friendly and easygoing, I would recommend him to any person looking to study guitar.
Review by TOMMER
Songwriter/Producer offering tuition in Production, Mixing and Songwriting Cubase (7-11) and Logic Pro X (Garage Band to learn the basics). (Acton)
I shared a Cubase project with Paolo and he provided very specific feedback and suggestions on my mix that I'm sure will improve the quality of my music production and my confidence in my sound. I'm looking forward to my next lesson.
Review by GRANT

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