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Music composition · Ableton live · Audio production
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Jim - Amsterdam66€
Trusted teacher: I am an electronic music producer with a masters degree in music which I gained at the renowned Rockacademie in Tilburg, NL and have a music studio in Amsterdam,NL. As an artist I work under Malvae, I write, sing, produce, mix and master my own music reaching Viral charts on Spotify, features in Film like this upcoming documentary 'King Of The Streets' created by an Award winning filmmaker, Netflix series and with more than 3 million streams to date I am now looking for a few students to share my knowledge with. Occasionally I do client work for podcast series as an Audio Engineer, create music for film specifically, or provide mixing & mastering. I believe everyone is capable of finding their distinct sound if you are willing to put in the work. Whether you are just starting out or want to dive deeper into the process, book a lesson with me to see where you are currently standing and how I can help you take your music to the next level. I can teach you how to work with analogue gear ( I own a few synthesizers myself, including Prophet 6 , Moog DFAM, Minitaur, Ableton Push) I have been creating my music from samples I record all over the world with field recorders, manipulating these sounds into 90% of what you hear in my productions. I combine these sounds with synthesizers and my voice. It is how I found my own sound. But don’t worry we won’t have to go to the outskirts of the world to find your sound, I will show you all the tools and teach you to use them precisely so that you can recreate or transform any sound you may already have to make your productions stand out. Of course, we can also just talk about your music or receive feedback from me, it is up to you! My expertise include but are not limited to Ableton Live, Mixing, Mastering, Composition, Sound Design, Industry insights, Synthesis, Music Theory & Audio Engineering. (NOTE: Although I work in Ableton Live my expertise translate to any program you work in.) The lessons will be tailored to your needs specifically. I provide my lessons online and on location in my studio. I find it important that I can provide the same experience online. Therefor I use a program where I will be able to listen to your music or project in HD quality through a plugin you load onto your master channel in your Digital Audio Workstation which then allows me to listen in realtime HD quality.
Ableton live · Music composition · Audio production
(1 review)
Olivier - Amsterdam61€
Trusted teacher: My lessons are for anyone who wants to delve into electronic music & sound design. As an experienced composer, producer and sound designer I specialize in applying my broad knowledge and experience in the field of music & technology. Most successful electronic musicians combine different skills, such as working with music production software and hardware, playing a keyboard, recording and mixing, but also music theory and composition techniques. Because as an electronic musician you often have to deal with different instruments & other sound sources, my lessons are also very suitable if you want to learn to design your own sounds, not only to make music, but also as sound effects for videos or games, for example. Just like in my own professional practice, I teach the different aspects of electronic music production: - sound design ('sound design'), both analogue and digital - synthesis - composition techniques - software for music production, so-called 'DAWs' such as Ableton Live - hardware - production: recording and mixing of audio - performance of electronic music It is also possible to learn more about (Western and non-Western) music theory and the history of (electronic) music. From my background as a sound designer for games & film, much of me can share knowledge and experience in this. In principle, my lessons are always adapted to the individual needs, knowledge and skills of the student. For the youngest, my approach is to introduce them to music and technology in a playful way. For this I use my own collection of musical instruments that I have collected over the years from all over the world, and which I link to technology.
Audio production · Sound (music) · Music composition
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Coen - Amsterdam55€
Ableton live · Audio production · Music composition
Trusted teacher: Former student at the Paris conservatory in piano, jazz/improvisation/classic and graduate of a bachelor's degree in music and musicology from La Sorbonne University, I would be delighted to share with you my passion for music. I already have a very good experience in teaching as I have taught in private schools and as a home teacher in Paris, with students ranging from 5 to 40 years old, and that over than seven years of teaching. Whether you are an avid music lover or a student at the conservatory wanting to improve your musical analysis, I will always approach my teaching in an entertaining and not too academic way. Having had very different student profiles during my teaching, I will adapt to the needs of the student but also to their level. In classic piano I can teach both beginners and intermediates. In jazz piano/improvisation up to advanced Music theory and analysis up to very advanced (we can analyse a non-functional musical language, modal and even Schoenberg if you fancy it) But that's not all. As I am currently a student at Abbey Road Institute, but also hold a master's degree in Computer Music from Gustave Eiffel University, I can teach you music production and post-production. The subject matter is quite vast but with my studies at conservatories, university and school I can mix many areas of music that lead to composition and computer production. I am very comfortable with Logic Pro, so if you are a beginner, or advanced we can always find something to play with. (for the more advanced for example: bus architecture, preset, template, workflow...) I can also teach protools and mixing at intermediate to advanced level. I would be delighted to pass on my musical knowledge to you whether it is instrumental, theoretical or computer production.
Piano · Music theory · Audio production
Trusted teacher: Mixing a recorded music is the art to connect musical ideas to emotions. Whether it is your music or someone else’s recordings, I’ll help you develop your skills in order to give the perfect “make up” to any song. But what exactly is Music Mixing Engineering? Imagine that you recorded drums, bass, keyboard, guitars and vocal. Now you have to put everything together and be able to listen to all the instruments with perfect sonic separation. You need to match the emotional intention of the composer to the emotions of the listener. The decision to make the voice louder or not, bring the guitars to attention only in a specific moment of the song, specify the type of reverberation and so many other decisions is the responsibility of the one working on the mix. I’ll teach you all the 7 main steps for every successful mix and work in-depth each of those according to your development or previous knowledge. I’ll fine tune the lessons specifically for your needs. We can work with your recordings, but if you don't have one, don't worry. I'll bring multi-tracks recordings of different genres for you to learn and practice along. Common Questions: - Do I need to be a musician to mix a music? Although it certainly helps, you don't need to know how to play any instrument. - I don't have monitors or an acoustically treated room, can I learn anyway? For sure yes. You can use headphone and simple speakers like the one from your notebook, for example. Once you'll understand the techniques and develop your hearing, you move to the next level. - Which software (DAW) should I use? If you're starting now, I recommend Reaper or Logic Pro. If you're already experienced, any DAW of your preference. Book now and start learning from beginner to Pro the art of mixing.
Sound (music) · Audio production · Audio recording
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I have been taking classes with Chalice for one month and I am now more confident speaking English. Each week she focuses on my needs of vocabulary, pronunciation or grammar, so I can really work on the problems which are stopping me. The atmosphere she creates is very intimate and I can express myself better. I think she is a great teacher with lots of knowledge about the English language and really committed!!
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Guitar, Songwriting & Music Production Lessons (Online or In-Person) (The Hague)
Hugo is just a fantastic guitar teacher! He's got a deep knowledge of music and an awesome friendly vibe. What stood out the most was how he tailored the lessons to fit my needs - really showed how flexible and understanding he is. If you're looking for a guitar teacher who gets you, I highly recommend Hugo.
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Marco is a very friendly and skilled teacher, able to guide explain complex music theories in a simple way. His place was nice and comfortable for the both of us to work together.
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