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David - Paris50€
Trusted teacher: Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the chain of an artistic, creative project requires certain knowledge and I am here to fill in the gaps. To guide you, inform you, support you in your creation. Today, you can do everything with a computer, from simple models to ultra-slick professional production. There are tips, tricks, a specific way of working for each project, which many do not know. I am here to teach you from A to Z all the techniques, basic and/or advanced, of this wonderful creation, sound design and production software, which is Ableton Live. I have worked extensively with Ableton Live for over 20 years. I have been a professional musician and producer for over 20 years with several tours and albums under my belt. I want to share my knowledge with those who have the desire to learn. Or simply tickle the music lover in you, but also awaken the youngest musically. From beginner to advanced, there is always, at some point, the need for outside help. And that’s where I come in! I don't have a pre-established lesson plan, I adapt to each student. It is very scalable, depending on the abilities of each person. Some examples of points that we could understand: - initiation via Ableton Live. Help with making a song, a groove, a mix. - Save these own creations ... - Know tips to work in better conditions. - Creation and explanation of a template / working model which will facilitate your task, afterwards. - What are plugins? - ITB Mixer (Into the Box). - Sound design / sound design work. - Create your own sounds, work, compose with external machines ... - I help you create your own effects and instrument racks. -An introduction to MaxForLive is also possible. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, see you soon!
Computer generated music · Ableton live · Audio production
Guitar · Audio recording · Audio production
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Anders - Paris41€
Trusted teacher: Je suis le guitariste du chanteur Guillaume Grand, de Klingande et bien d'autres. Je compose et j’enregistre pour Chloé, Pal Zileri et beaucoup d'autres marques. Quand je ne suis pas en tournée ou en studio, ma passion est d’enseigner la musique et de partager mon expérience avec les autres. Je suis un musicien suédois vivant à Paris depuis 5 ans actuellement. Je parle anglais couramment. Je parle un peu français et si vous me permettez de faire quelques erreurs, je peux également donner des cours en français. Mon objectif lorsque j’enseigne est de personnaliser au maximum mes leçons pour vous. J’évite les cours standardisés pour ne pas vous démotiver. Je veux vous aider à trouver la meilleure façon d'obtenir les résultats que vous souhaitez. Je fais beaucoup de tournées et d’enregistrements, mais j’essaie de continuer à enseigner la musique car j’aime ça. J'ai de l'expérience avec des étudiants âgés de 12 à 71 ans. Je peux donner des cours autant à des débutants qu’à des guitaristes expérimentés. Je travaille souvent en studio et je fais beaucoup de tournées, ce qui me donne une expérience bien plus concrète du milieu de la musique par rapport aux professeurs diplômés qui ne connaissent que l’enseignement. J’ai un home studio de qualité professionelle et je propose également des cours d'enregistrement de guitare et de voix. Je propose aussi l’enregistrement de pistes sur lesquelles vous pouvez vous entraîner chez vous. Je travaille principalement sur Pro Tools et Ableton Live. Mes registres principaux sont la pop, le rock, la folk, l´électro, le blues, etc. (moins le jazz, le classique et le latino).
Guitar · Audio production · Audio recording
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Paul - Paris40€
Trusted teacher: I'm thrilled to share my passion for ukulele with you right here in the heart of Paris 19ème. As an enthusiastic educator, I can't wait to guide you through the wonderful world of this charming instrument in a warm and inclusive setting. 🌟 My Passion for Education: Teaching is my heart and soul. It's not just a profession; it's my calling. I've dedicated myself to helping others discover the magic of music, and the ukulele is the perfect medium for this journey. 🎸 Accessible to All: Whether you're picking up a ukulele for the very first time, looking to enhance your strumming skills, or yearning to explore more advanced techniques, my ukulele lessons are tailored to meet you at your current level. Everyone is welcome, and I truly believe that anyone can find joy in making music. 👶🧓 Young and Old Alike: The beauty of the ukulele is that it's ageless. I'm excited to work with students of all ages, from kids to seniors, because music knows no boundaries. What to Expect: 🎵 Structured Learning: My lessons follow a carefully planned curriculum to ensure you grasp the essential skills and progress, no matter your starting point. 🎤 Vocal Integration: Sing along with your ukulele playing to enhance your musical experience and storytelling. 🤓 Music Theory: I'll help you understand music theory as it relates to the ukulele, empowering you to explore music with a deeper perspective. 🏢 Convenient Location: My studio is conveniently located in the vibrant heart of Paris 19ème, making it easy for you to access via public transportation. I've created a cozy and inspiring space for our musical adventures. 📆 Flexible Scheduling: Life can get busy, but I'm here to accommodate your schedule. My flexible scheduling options make it simple to fit your ukulele lessons into your daily life. I'm eager to help you embark on a musical journey with the ukulele. Whether you're young or young at heart, my ukulele lessons promise a world of strumming delight. Reach out to me today, and let's begin making beautiful melodies together! 🎶🌟🎶
Music composition · Audio production · Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: Through a tailor-made course adapted to everyone's needs, discover, learn and master the different techniques of creation, production, recording and mixing and make your computer an unlimited instrument, thanks to the power of your imagination. Together, we will work on learning processes allowing you access to new horizons, but also on the enrichment and efficiency of your songs and prods. Passionate and determined, I help you progress at your own pace by offering you the keys to achieving your goals, whatever your starting level. Whatever your software, style, universe or ambition, let's create together the environment allowing you to produce professional quality singles and albums in complete autonomy from your home. PS: I stay out of class always available and reachable for each of you. Whatever the problem you encounter (technical problem, advice for the purchase of equipment, etc.). My journey: After studying musicology, jazz school and conservatory, I worked as a music teacher then artistic director and beatmaker. This allowed me to explore many genres from rap to electro through jazz and classical or even pop. COURSE CONTENT: Course content varies from individual to individual. However, here is a typical model by level. BEGINNER COURSE: mastery of the basics of composition and arrangement knowledge and digital practice of the different instruments software technical management structure and efficiency functional mixing stylistic enrichment (being able to produce a production in any style) INTERMEDIATE COURSE: understanding, development and precision of the “artistic touch” and personal style comprehensive knowledge of mixing effects in-depth understanding of the instruments possibility of making a choice of production technique adapted to the piece or project PRO COURSES: creation and autonomous management of an artistic direction knowledge of the professional musical environment total ability to conduct an analog, acoustic or digital artistic achievement, in all possible musical styles technical management of a studio knowledge and ability in sound recording and mixing writing for orchestra
Audio production · Music composition · Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: Hello and welcome :) If you are reading these lines it is because you are passionate, determined to learn, to improve your work, sharpen your mind and your ears. You are in the right place!!! The current era offers us the possibility of carrying out musical and audiovisual projects at home for a budget that represents only a fraction of what it would have cost us just fifteen years ago. The material offer is immense and the prices very competitive. Thus it is theoretically possible to produce quality productions, provided that one knows how to equip oneself in coherence with one's needs and that one applies the right principles. In theory yes...but the reality is a little less easy than it seems. Indeed, the current tools, if they are available on everyday objects such as a smartphone or an iPad, are nevertheless governed by rules from the world of professional audio. So, whether your project is musical, a YouTube channel or a podcast, if you want to realize the potential of your idea and achieve your goals, it is essential to have a minimum knowledge base. Otherwise, frustration takes over and your idea, however relevant, ends up in the closet...with all the good resolutions from previous years. Classic. Sad but true. So, as you are passionate, you dig into the subject on the internet, you watch YouTube channels... but alone it is difficult to filter the good from the bad, the true from the false, the useful from the superfluous...this is where I come in to guide you in your quest. Thanks to personalized courses, adapted to your project and your objectives, I propose to give you the keys to a professionalization of your practice. This does not necessarily mean that you want to make a career, but certainly that you have the will to do things according to the rules of the art, to produce quality by broadening the field of your knowledge. Bingo! I offer three categories of courses to choose from, the content of which is adapted to your needs and your level. Therefore, any new registration for a series of courses begins with a telephone or webcam interview in order to determine the educational content appropriate to your expectations. The theoretical part of the courses can be done remotely by the Zoom application, the practical part is done at my home, in a professional environment. With all that said, here is an overview of the different programs: I - Sound techniques and the home studio Objective: to acquire the technical bases necessary for the operation of a home studio in autonomy. - Wiring - Material - What type of home studio for what use? - Theory of sound - Microphony and sound recording - Stereophony - Signal path (signal flow: console, OTB, ITB) - Understand workflows: analog, digital, hybrid - The decibel, its different forms and applications - Metrology (VU meter, PPM, True Peak etc...) - Gain staging: know how to structure your gain like a pro - Sound processing (dynamic, temporal, frequency, harmonic distortion) - The DAW (digital audio workstation: Pro Tools, Ableton Live etc) - Acoustic treatment - Introduction to mixing II - MAO lessons on Pro Tools or Ableton Live Objective: handling and mastering Pro Tool or Ableton Live - What is a DAW - MAO from yesterday to today - Noon - Sampling (sample rate and bit depth) - Internal and external routing - Audio interface - Audio recording - Sequencer - Instruments and MIDI programming - Digital audio processing - Automation - Audio editing - audio export - Setups - Keyboard shortcuts - Introduction to mixing III - Coaching sessions for the professionalization of a musical project Objective: professionalization of your artistic project - Critical listening and analysis of your work - Point by point feedback (sound, programming, arrangements, structure, artistic direction) - Know the stages of production and the various stakeholders - Development of a personalized work plan - Feedback on the work done and advice for progress Do not hesitate to contact me so that I can answer your questions in person! If you want to move forward... there's more to it... :)
Computer generated music · Audio production
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Cours de guitare sur-mesure pour tous les niveaux. (Paris)
Anders was able to assess my level and what I want to learn and adapted the lesson and material accordingly. It's easy to communicate with him and he has a lot of ideas to make it challenging enough to want to practise, but not too hard to follow. The experience was overall nice and enriching. The studio is well equipped and I liked the fact that he uses modern tools to send documents and tabs instead of paper. I definetly recommend.
Flute Classical Classical, Jazz, Bossa, Salsa, Samba, Afro, Latin, Fusion (Paris)
Nicola is just what I was looking for in a flute teacher. Strong foundation in classical techniques, but also an excellent grasp of jazz techniques. And very easy to communicate with.
Review by RICK
🎶 Welcome to "Strum & Shine" - Your Ukulele Lessons in Paris 19ème 🎶 (Paris)
Great teacher, nice environment. Recommend it!