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Trusted teacher: Change your lifestyle, your body, the eyes of others, regain your self-confidence by practicing a supervised sport activity regardless of your age, sex and physical condition. I SPEAK ENGLISH AND FRENCH You will learn the right postures, the mistakes to avoid and your progress will be quickly visible. Each session is different and can take place at home, outside, indoors or any other place of your choice according to your program. You will have a training adapted to your objectives, a continuous follow-up in order to maximize your potential !! With a recognized experience in the sports field, with the mastery and knowledge of protocols essential to any success, I will be at your side to achieve your goals. By your will, your commitment to effort and your regularity, you will find with me the technique, the support and the encouragement necessary to the desired result. I also propose you a nutritional service in order to have a food adapted to the sports trainings proposed and thus to optimize your results. I commit myself, with your determined participation, to follow you to meet your challenge. I offer personalized coaching at home and abroad targeted on its various key axes: weight loss, weight gain, toning, physical preparation, fighting sports, fitness, rehabilitation, gym young mother and senior gym Weightloss Depending on your BMI (body mass index) and your goals, I will put in place a sports program that will be adapted. Weight gain I will put together with you a program of exercises to develop your muscle mass. Specific coaching Resumption of sports activity after injury, preparation for a competition or targeted preparation: ski preparation, boxing, dance, pilates ... Senior Special "Sport is health" From simple weight loss to work on balance, the benefits are many. Prevention of osteoporosis, release of tensions, improvement of the immune system. Post pregnancy After completing your perineal rehabilitation sessions, I will help you find a beautiful silhouette. Special mobility reduced Depending on your disability I can develop a suitable sports program. Sculpt toning Developing specific exercises by myself will help you achieve your goal. Availability: Every day from 6h to 23h Sportingly. My experience : 9 years of experience - speak English and french - Creation of coachspartiate - More than a hundred students trained - practiced in the police force - Mastery of anatomy and biomechanics - Physical preparation of fighters, soldiers, firefighters and Paris police officers. - physical preparation of mannequins - Physical and mental coaching - Child & youth coachings - Senior coaching - Post-pregnancy coaching - Relaxation - Nutrition Service - TRX training - Record physical transformation (men and women) - Launch of TREPS TRAINING - Coaching national day of appeal to Tzedakah in the presence of the Minister of the Interior. Curriculum Vitae of Yohann Speak English and french Master STAPS (Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities) mention sport training ISSA (International Sports Science Association - Orlando (USA) Master Trainer Certification ACE (American Council On Exercise) - California Personal Trainer Certification Launch of TREPS TRAINING Demonstration in the presence of Bernard Cazeneuve on the occasion of the day of appeal to Tzedakah
Sport coaching · Martial arts
Trusted teacher: I give private lessons in art history for three years now. Because each personality is unique, my teaching adapts precisely to your needs and especially to your way of assimilating information. Former student in difficulty, I developed a method that will allow you to take off and enjoy what the history of art has more awesome (inevitably, it is a passionate who speaks!) I am specialized in the methodology for the writing of presentations, work analysis, diploma memory, etc. But not only: I have students who simply want a moment of culture, with guided tours to the museum or introduction to the history of art. My classes are also convivial moments, where we talk about our personal interests, which will allow me to point you towards exhibitions, readings or events related to your subject of study. My objective is obviously to make my students autonomous, so I give them all the tools so that they know how to provide an excellent job without being dependent on the particular teacher at the end of the year. My last students: -Rachel: 29 years old, English student, repeating her M1 in art history at the Sorbonne. I supervised her in writing her memoir, which she got with a grade of 14. -Tian: 30 years old, Chinese student, had no knowledge of the history of Western art. After one year of private lessons, she was admitted to the GRETA School of Guides Speakers. - Mélody: 16 years old, optional Arts Plastics in high school, rose in 3 months from an average of 10/20 to an average of 15.5 / 20. - Jacqueline: 93 years old, spent gloomy days between her pains and insomnia. For over a year now, we meet every week for a moment of sharing and exchange around artistic themes chosen especially for her. It's a joy for everyone.
Art history · Drawing & sketching
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ENGLISH course - become fluent in English, communicate in English without prejudice (Paris)
Très bon professeur. Valentin sait mettre à l'aise dès le premier cours. Il s'adapte au niveau de l'élève pour lui permettre de progresser. Le contenu des cours est flexible ce qui permet de travailler ce que l'on souhaite en fonction du moment. Je recommande vivement !
Review by FARID
Drawing classes all levels, anatomy, proportions, nature (Paris)
Laura est une professeure très sympathique et compétente. Elle répond vite et le premier contact est facile.
Review by BAPTISTE