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Ton - Haarlem44€
Trusted teacher: As an experienced teacher I teach photography and image editing. I learn camera technology, work with compact and studio flash units and work out concepts and my own style. I teach beginners, experienced photographers and professionals. I help companies set up and set up a photo studio and train staff to become a professional photographer. We make a suitable lesson program depending on your experience and wishes. We also have a number of courses in which we teach you the basic techniques of photography. We work with supportive beamer presentations and readers in which the treated lesson components are clearly described. Below are a few examples of these courses: Photography with your Smartphone Would you like to learn more about photography with your Smartphone, Tablet or Compact Camera, then this is your chance. In this introduction course we cover the various institutions in 3 hours to take even better photos. We practice the different techniques during the lesson and discuss the results. In addition to technology, we are also talking about the composition, atmosphere and content of your photos. You learn how to make beautiful portraits and how you can best photograph a landscape. You learn how to control the color and brightness of your photo. We look at Apps to further expand the capabilities of your SmartPhone or Tablet and to edit, archive and share your photos with others. Basic Photography Course In this course you will learn the most important techniques of the digital camera. We cover the shutter speed, the aperture, and the ISO setting. We work with motion blur and the focusing system. You learn to adjust the brightness and color of your photo and you assess the photos using the histogram and high light indicator. You learn the difference between JPG and RAW and how to set the correct amount of pixels. We import the photos on the computer and organize, edit and save the results. We discuss photo printing via the photo shop or website. We practice the different techniques during the lesson and discuss the results. In addition to technology, we are also talking about the composition, atmosphere and content of your photos. Portrait photography In this course you learn the different aspects of portrait photography. We work with existing light and learn how you can beautifully illuminate a model in the studio with artificial light. You learn to set a good white balance and to choose the best position and objective. You will of course learn to look closely at the composition and directing your model. Because even photos that look spontaneous at first sight often require direction from the photographer. In the reader that comes with the course, the various techniques of photography and image editing are clearly described so that you can get started with this at home. Product photography In this course you learn to photograph objects. For example your own artworks for your presentation folder or products for your own web store. You learn to set a good white balance and to choose the best position and objective. For example, you learn how to illuminate jewelry and other 3D objects so that they are beautifully spatially added. We also handle the reproduction of paintings and drawings. In principle we work with artificial light in the studio, but you also learn how you can achieve a very good result without expensive studio lighting. We import, organize and edit JPG and Raw files. We discuss the need for color management, the different file formats and the printing of photos Working with flash units In this course you will learn how to take beautiful pictures with a flash. We work with the built-in flash, compact flash units and studio flash units. You learn the influence of aperture, shutter speed and ISO speed when working with a flash. With fill-in flashes we mix existing light and flash light. You learn to adjust the shade and color of the light. We work with various tools to improve the flash. You learn to work with exposure compensation, slow sync, second shutter curtain and the Master and Slave function. We practice the different techniques during the lesson and discuss the results. The technique is described in detail in the reader.
Photography · Art · Advertising
(9 reviews)
Laura - Amsterdam33€
Art · Drawing & sketching · Illustration
Trusted teacher: The aim of these classes is to encourage the motivation of the student, showing him/her that creativity and curiosity can go beyond what we think we are able to do. Anything is possible when talking about art! Learning a language is also a matter of motivation and it depends more on the attitude of the teacher than the student's. For that reason, my role is to captivate what the interest of those who I am teaching and help them towards learning a beautiful language while having fun and developing their creativity. In this course, not only you will be able to gain knowledge and fluency in the Spanish language, but you will also be able to expand your creativity and artistic skills by enjoying sessions where these two get mixed. At the same time, the first 15 min of each class will be destined to a little Spanish-related session, where activities such as reading comprehensions, talks, role plays or grammar exercises will be performed. This way, listening, speaking and writing skills will be developed and improved! The topics will depend on the interests and likes of the student and school support can also be assured by helping with homework as well as providing useful material in case self-study is needed. The rest of the class will be based on different activities, once again, depending on the likings and ambitions of the student. Throughout the course, you will be able to try different features like painting, drawing, creative writing, theater, singing, acting, photographing, video editing or music playing. Each week will be based on a project that we will be working on together. The only rule is that the final result will have to be in Spanish! These classes are very flexible and can vary from a very basic level to a quite advanced one, regarding the language. The artistic skills however, due to limitation of the materials available, can only range between beginner and intermediate. For the most little ones, babysitting is available. What are you waiting for? Come and have fun while learning a language that will open uncountable doors for you!
Spanish · Art · Creative writing
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Online training - Photography and Photoshop/Lightroom ect. (Haarlem)
Excellent teaching skills. I had booked private lessons and Ton tailored every session exactly to my needs, and added even more. Beside photography, we discussed day-to-day technical topics such as back-up, storage, organising images, etc. You can see that Ton is used to being in a classroom - very structured and content focused. Excellent communication, always on time and also flexible to reschedule if needed. I will be back with more questions!
Review by UTE
Realistic drawing, academic drawing, figurative drawing (The Hague)
Athina Georgia
Athina is an extremely committed, patient, competent, and understanding art teacher. Athina can fully understand her pupils' interests and inclinations and help them to express their creativity. She strives to take her pupils' skills to the next level without giving them the feeling of being pushed. I can only recommend Athina as an art teacher for your children.
Review by NICOLA
Painting, Drawing, craft, sketching, canvas painting (Groningen)
Shivangi is very kind and patient. She’s very knowledgeable and has a great talent for teaching! She made us very comfortable from the beginning in her lovely apartment and taught us some portrait sketching basics and facial expressions in a very clear way to suit our needs! Looking forward to another lesson with her!
Review by LIAM

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