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A highly experienced, diligent, qualified teacher with 10 years of teaching experience at The Liverpool Blue Coat School. Voted the best school in the country in 2016 by The Times. Providing student-led lessons focused on student expectations, confidence building, and developing an understanding with proven results. Comprehensive experience and knowledge of every school in the Liverpool area and awareness of each Maths department`s pedagogy and therefore am able to develop strategies to complement students' development. Consistent development of teaching style and consistently reflecting and making adjustments with an open discussion policy with students to ensure content is delivered and understood by the student. Online lessons take place on bespoke software suitable for our teaching and learning style. Lessons can be integrated with current school lessons or develop our own learning objectives. Quickly identify student`s strengths and weaknesses develop a plan to effectively use lesson time Discuss and rectify misconceptions using easy-to-remember analogies that students can relate to Build confidence/mindset/develop resilience/pattern recognition/many other aspects of psychology High expectations of students for their organisation/personal development/lesson feedback Student lead lessons/differentiation through challenging but rewarding question selection Relating questions to students interests and hobbies to develop an engaging relationship with students Diet/hydration/stress management/organisation/exam time management Question analysis/priority/marking/annotation/language/layout Bespoke assessment frameworks whereby students develop an unrivaled understanding for exam structure, question construction and their complexity. Enabling students to independently break down questions and apply their understanding Develop students ability to effectively communicate their written answers to the examiner Understanding the mindset of an examiner and how exam scri pts are created and then marked Exam preparation/revision techniques/revision organisation/damage limitation/time management Mathematics in the real world, finance and economics (not taught by schools) Assist parents draft formal correspondence to schools and colleges. Develop parents understanding of school policies and government strategies to make informed decisions about their childs education. Excellent knowledge of all exam board curricula Comprehensive homework set every lesson to reinforce learning All qualifications are available on request, written and phone references, and lesson observation feedback also available on request.
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Scrum is one of the 'lightest' Agile methods and therefore less prescriptive than, for example, Atern. Scrum is also more a framework than a method and invites further interpretation. In the first instance, with the implementation of Scrum, it is not necessary to replace all existing functions and artifacts. This allows the framework to be further filled in. By applying the framework, a restructuring is initiated. The new structure that then forms the basis for continuous improvement. The traditional walls between the various disciplines are being demolished by the formation of multidisciplinary teams. Developers, testers, analysts, architects and database administrators are examples of disciplines that can be found in such a multidisciplinary team. By merging all disciplines into a team, the transfer of documents, waiting times and communication problems are reduced. Agile Scrum focuses on achieving the goal through successful collaboration. Agile methods are popular with software development and are increasingly used in other fields. The Scrum way of working involves putting together a multidisciplinary team that organizes itself and that delivers a working product at the end of a sprint The training The Agile Scrum Foundation workshop is a two-day training that prepares the participants for the Agile Scrum Foundation exam of EXIN. The workshop consists of a mix of theory, practical exercises and practical examples. There is a lot of room for exchange of experiences, always going back to the theory. Participants receive handouts, exercises and articles plus a practice exam. EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation (EXIN) is a certification that recognizes knowledge about Agile methods, combined with knowledge about Scrum practice. The EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation exam is part of the EXIN qualification program and has been developed in collaboration with international experts in the field.
Information technology · Project management
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In my online GCSE IT lessons, I will be using a combination of multimedia materials, hands-on exercises, and interactive discussions to help students understand the core concepts of Information Technology. The curriculum will be aligned with the latest GCSE IT syllabus, and I will make sure to cover all the key topics such as computer hardware and software, networking, databases, and website design. I will also be available to answer any questions students may have and provide constructive feedback on their assignments. For anyone who needs basic computer skills, I will be offering customized lessons that cater to their specific needs. Whether it's learning how to use a computer for the first time, or improving proficiency in specific software, I will be there to guide them through the process and help them achieve their goals. In my online A-level computer science exam lessons, I will be teaching students how to analyze and solve computational problems using pseudocode. The curriculum will be aligned with the latest A-level computer science syllabus, and I will be covering all the key topics such as algorithms, data structures, and computer systems. By the end of the course, students will be able to write clear and concise pseudocode to solve complex computational problems, preparing them for the A-level computer science exam In my online basic computer skills class, I will be teaching the fundamental concepts of using a computer and common software applications. My lessons will be customized to meet the individual needs of each student, ensuring they receive the best possible learning experience. Whether it's learning how to use a computer for the first time, or improving proficiency in specific software, I will be there to guide them through the process and help them achieve their goals. The class will be conducted through interactive lessons, hands-on exercises, and regular assessments to ensure students have a solid understanding of the material.
Computer science · Microsoft excel · Information technology
Computer science · Math · Information technology
Computer science courses make you More capable of self-development to be creative and innovative. Through these course, you can learn how to use the computer and how to use windows and office package. The educational course for obtaining the International Computer Driving License (ICDL), targeting all new graduates and workers who wish to improve their job level or obtain promotions in their field. Through this course, we will help you prepare for obtaining the certificate, in terms of informing you of the basics of dealing with the computer and understanding the most important steps. To improve your computer skills. An educational course that helps you obtain an ICDL certificate, to maintain your career progression and raise your career and educational level. دورات علوم الكمبيوتر تجعلك أكثر قدرة على تطوير الذات لتكون مبدعًا ومبتكرًا. من خلال هذه الدورة ، يمكنك التعرف على كيفية استخدام الكمبيوتر وكيفية استخدام Windows وحزمة Office. الدورة التعليمية للحصول على الرخصة الدولية لقيادة الحاسب (ICDL) ، تستهدف جميع الخريجين الجدد والعاملين الذين يرغبون في تحسين مستواهم الوظيفي أو الحصول على ترقيات في مجالهم. من خلال هذه الدورة ، سنساعدك في الاستعداد للحصول على الشهادة ، من حيث إطلاعك على أساسيات التعامل مع الكمبيوتر وفهم أهم الخطوات. لتحسين مهارات الكمبيوتر لديك. دورة تعليمية تساعدك في الحصول على شهادة ICDL للحفاظ على تقدمك الوظيفي ورفع مستواك المهني والتعليمي.
Information technology
Trusted teacher: No camera needed for online courses . The students see directly what I write on the screen. Do you want to significantly increase your child's mathematical average? Do you want it to integrate a selective university or high school ? Do you want it to become autonomous in maths ? -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- With me you will love math. Boss math, I had 100% in math during my middle and high school. Selected for an academic excellence scholarship, I also participated in competitions where I was very well ranked at the national level. I am an engineer student in the 4th year and have good grades every year. My pedagogy is flexible, I adapt to the student. Beyond repeating the classical theory, I explain things differently so that the student can understand better. I also like to accompany the student to do math exercises, so that the student can continue alone after my departure. Moreover, the student can contact me in any moment to ask his questions. For 7 years, I have helped more than 30 students in difficulty from middle school (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th) and high school (10th, 11th, 12th - final class ) and even some university students to achieve their goals (good average, patent, high school diploma, PREPARTORY class for engineering studies). Personalized math course for all types of needs - improve school results - special math & logic / reflection game during the holidays - preparation for the entrance exam for a new school / university
Math · Physics · Information technology
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Front-end development(Html, Css, Javascript) by professional and experienced developer (Amsterdam)
Baia has been really helpful in my coding journey. She is patient, listens to my needs and adapts the lesson to them. We go through exercises and she makes sure I understand what I do. In addition to this, she makes herself available outside of the lessons timeframe in case I have questions with my homework!
Review by OLIVIA
Code Your Way to Success: A Fun and Interactive Introduction to Programming for Kids (Barcelona)
Gaelle went above and beyond to help my son build a love of programming by making it fun and integrating me in his learning, making it a bonding experience as well :)
Review by ROGER
Games, animations and interactive stories with Scratch (children and teenagers) (Ixelles-Elsene)
Fantastic! Ilias really prepared well and took the time to understand what my son needed. He was very positive and encouraging and we look forward to the next lesson!