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31 computer generated music teachers in The Netherlands

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Yannis - Rotterdam36€
Trusted teacher: Experimentation is an inherent characteristic of electronic music. Nowadays, composing music using technology creates endless creative possibilities that demand the musician/composer to adapt to numerous technical and artistic challenges. Do you like experimenting with sound and making music that does not clearly belong to a particular genre or style? Interested in bringing a fresh perspective and out-of-the-box thinking to your music production? Are you just starting out in electronic music composition and wondering how to develop your own style? This course is just what you need. In this class, you will learn: - how to transform sound using analogue and digital techniques. - how to create sound structures and organise them in a DAW enviroment to compose a piece of music. - how to record, edit and mix sounds using both conventional and experimental techniques. - how to use improvisation in both the context of live performance and composition. - about the theory and practice of free improvisation. - about the history and origins of electronic music and how it affected the music we listen today. - how to document and communicate procedures related to your artistic practice. - how to create an artistic portfolio. Aspiring musicians with a background in any genre can take advantage of this course. A formal education in music or experience with electronic music composition are not required to follow. However, you should be unafraid of experimenting with sound and music technology! Each class is customized to meet the needs of the individual student in an innovative and flexible way! The course can also serve as a preparation for applying to several Dutch educational programmes related to electronic music composition (Institute of Sonology, HKU, ArtEZ, etc.). The class is focused on small assignments that help the student develop a sense of orientation and set goals. Recording, editing, and mixing will be done via the DAW "Reaper," but we can switch to your preferred software at any time. We will use the first lesson to discuss your background, interests, and motivations in order to develop a course structure that is tailored to your needs.
Music composition · Computer generated music · Sound (music)
Trusted teacher: This class is for anyone, musicians or non-musicians, professionals or amateurs, who want to discover how to express themselves through music. I've had the unique opportunity to work as the orchestrator and conductor for the soundtrack of "Ice Merchants," a film that got an Oscar nomination, a first prize in Cannes and more than 100 international awards. Besides working in film, my journey in the realm of music composition has been rich and varied, composing music for solo instrumentalists, chamber ensembles or even opera or large orchestras. These experiences have enriched my understanding of music, and I'm eager to share these insights with you. In our lessons, you will explore various aspects of music composition: · Compose Your Own Music: Learn how to create music that resonates with you and your audience, regardless of your current skill level. · Find Inspiration: Discover diverse sources of inspiration to keep your compositions fresh and engaging. · Instrumental Possibilities: Gain a deeper understanding of different instruments and how they can enhance your music. · Personalised Compositional Toolbox: Develop a unique set of skills and techniques that reflect your individual style. You can choose to focus on areas such as: — Classical Music: Explore both traditional and contemporary classical composition. — Songwriting: Craft songs in a variety of styles. — Electronic Music Production: Dive into the world of electronic music across genres. — Music for Cinema and Video Games: Learn about composing for visual media — Music Installations and Generative Music: Experiment with innovative music technology, using softwares like Max MSP, Logic Pro X or even AI. The lessons will be more than just learning how to compose; they will be about discovering your unique musical identity and the fun of bringing it to life. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing skills, I'm here to guide and support you on this musical journey.
Music composition · Music theory lessons · Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: Hey! (Lessons in English) Do you want music explained? I produce Hiphop and electronic music! Beats, Instrumentals, Songs, Sounds, Jingles: everything I want. I've always been very passionate about sounds and until I was 10 I try to create the best music. I have independent musical education but very technical. I wish you feel to Be Ambitious to succeed Be Imaginative to push the boundaries Be Inspirational Be Results-focused to exceed expectations and create structure [LESSONS ARE GONNA BE IN ENGLISH] The kind of lessons that I will host are very different and not mainly implemented on the theoretical part of the music production but on the practical one. I will explain you every step that I will take during my production process. I will produce beats using my techniques and methods during the lessons and I'll try to transplant in you the beauty of immagine, composing, editing, mix and producing your own ideas, IN YOUR OWN NATURAL WAY. As long as I'm not an academic teacher what I'm offering is close contact with my students to inspire, correct when is really needed and create together what is really close to our soul. The most important goal during our path? To work and discover your strong points and avoid the bad ones trying to understand them, understand your root. I will follow you like I follow the artist that I produce. First rule: HAVING FUN, BECAUSE MUSIC IS FUN! The feeling that you have when your music is there and is playing for you and for the others will be amazing. I promise you. Thank you Pietro
Music composition · Computer generated music · Guitar
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Lucie - The Hague52€
Trusted teacher: Dear reader, The lesson will be tailored-made depending on your needs and interests. My curiosity and knowledge are versatile and broad. Here is an example of subjects we could touch upon together: - Experimental music composition with an emphasis on electronic music (fixed media composition, live set, multichannel composition), composition mixing instrumental and electronics, algorithmic music - Music programming (SuperCollider) - Experimental music history + specific care of being as inclusive and diverse as possible - Listening sessions - Creating bridges between classical and experimental music - Notation: looking at different scores or ways of writing music than the more traditional ones - Sound synthesis techniques, spectral analysis of sounds and general understanding of timbre - Music theory with a specific emphasis on harmony and so-called rational tuning systems - Basics of recording, mixing, editing, and processing sounds (Live Ableton) - Music research — for instance, if you have to handle written music assignments or carry on specific music research projects - Coaching & methodology to enable you to carry your music project from A to Z - Sharing experiences in the music field and offering guidance and motivational support I am especially interested in working with female and non-binary students who I believe still need extra support in this field but am generally open to all kinds of people, ages and backgrounds! I look forward to hearing from you!
Computer generated music · Music composition · Sound (music)
Online (worldwide) Offline (Groningen) Bass and innovations, visual content, defi, web3, crypto, NFTs. My experience is connected with several companies (MU Interactive, Simple Frame, Lightcraft, and ModulorVR as I did video editing / mapping, VFX, SFX, 2d / 3d animations, motion graphics). For ModulorVR I worked completely remotely as well. I mainly work with After Effects (with Polish companies clients like MediaMarkt, Mediatech, ING etc), I studied Final Cut and Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere too) with my advertising school. Now I use Blender, Cinema 4d, p5.js or Processing too. According to Gallup's teamwork testing, my top 3 talents are: 1. Strategy 2. Input 3. Empathy. I also gained a lot of experience with other industries, I worked with small or large teams, now I also study Dutch, I improve my communication by working with people offline. Doing volunteer work for FITC (Future Innovation Technology Creativity), I personally met Beeple or Pak there. So naturally I got excited about NFTs, crypto or defi and now I'm even more obsessed with podcasts again. Before meeting Beeple or GMunk, I also listened to podcasts with them. And I studied art history to prepare for the future. I made my first movies when I was a teenager, my visual workflows started with compilations about football... And that's how I made my first money (when I was 15 years old) with our international collective for SportsMaxTV. (completely remote) With Polish visual companies I worked as a video editor / video mapper or motion designer, and now I live in the Netherlands, so I become more communicative and sporty. Always learning is really important to me. I am not afraid of new things, innovations and to work smarter or harder. Sincerely, FR (Philip)
Computer generated music · Animation · Music theory
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Experimental electronic music composition / Free improvisation (theory & practice) (Rotterdam)
We just have started to work with Yannis, but I am really happy about how we progress and feel inspired and looking forward to future lectures. Yannis teaches me to develop a vision on how to approach working with sound, while recording, processing and using it in electronic composition. I would say he is opening my mind in a way toward the analysing a character of sound as a compositional element. I like that lessons are not only just about a particular technique (and there are so many to learn from Yannis), but about developing a workflow and a mindset. Examples from historical electronic pieces to listen and analyse from legendary electroacoustic composers are really inspirational. After each lesson there is a home task and in the following lecture there is an analysis of the results and based on that Yannis gives lessons on what needs to be changed, improved, pay attention to etc, in order to develop compositional skills. I highly recommend Yannis as a teacher, if you are into modern experimental electroacoustic composition and improvisation.
Review by TARAS
PIANO / Music Theory / Music Production Lessons for All Levels (Amsterdam)
Best piano lesson I've ever had! Admittedly, this was also the first lesson I've ever had - however it was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. Starting at the ripe old age of 35 I was slightly concerned that I might be too old to start, but Deniz made the whole experience very easy to enjoy, and she adapted the lesson around the very little bits I was able to do, while filling in lots of information that I didn't know. Looking forward to carrying on my training and would highly recommend to anyone that's thinking of taking the plunge.
Review by MITCH
Learn the Building Blocks of Music (Harmony, Vocal Technique, Piano) (Spangen)
Sofia is a great teacher! I picked up piano as an adult during the lockdown and decided to get a teacher to ensure that I was learning things correctly. Sofia is very patient, selects great pieces to play to keep me challenged and interested, gives excellent feedback on how to play them well and clear explanations on music theory. I really look forward to our lessons each week and would 100% recommend Sofia if you are considering getting piano lessons.
Review by JAMES