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Trusted teacher: Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the chain of an artistic, creative project requires certain knowledge and I am here to fill in the gaps. To guide you, inform you, support you in your creation. Today, you can do everything with a computer, from simple models to ultra-slick professional production. There are tips, tricks, a specific way of working for each project, which many do not know. I am here to teach you from A to Z all the techniques, basic and/or advanced, of this wonderful creation, sound design and production software, which is Ableton Live. I have worked extensively with Ableton Live for over 20 years. I have been a professional musician and producer for over 20 years with several tours and albums under my belt. I want to share my knowledge with those who have the desire to learn. Or simply tickle the music lover in you, but also awaken the youngest musically. From beginner to advanced, there is always, at some point, the need for outside help. And that’s where I come in! I don't have a pre-established lesson plan, I adapt to each student. It is very scalable, depending on the abilities of each person. Some examples of points that we could understand: - initiation via Ableton Live. Help with making a song, a groove, a mix. - Save these own creations ... - Know tips to work in better conditions. - Creation and explanation of a template / working model which will facilitate your task, afterwards. - What are plugins? - ITB Mixer (Into the Box). - Sound design / sound design work. - Create your own sounds, work, compose with external machines ... - I help you create your own effects and instrument racks. -An introduction to MaxForLive is also possible. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, see you soon!
Computer generated music · Ableton live · Audio production
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App - Lille41€
Trusted teacher: < Learning Piano is not merely about playing the piano > Before starting to learn the piano, it’s essential to recognise that : '' What we are actually learning is "Music", but not only "Piano". '' The goal of learning any instrument is to acquire the language of music, enabling us to express ourselves and enjoy music with others. Playing the piano is for creating beautiful sounds, not really for developing finger speed or strength. That’s the function of gym. < Music is like cooking > When we cook, to make a roast beaf tender, of course it’s nice to have a tender heart, but without knowing how to control the temperature, the roast beaf won’t become tender merely by our tender heart. By only adding salt, the dish won’t be sweet. Similarly, simply playing or writing a C major triad chord won’t convey a sorrowful feeling. To create the feeling we want, no matter how much sentiment we have in our hearts, to convey it via music, it needs to be translated into the language which piano can understand, which means, how we press and lift the keys and pedals. Similarly, when we compose, it needs to be transferred into chords, notes we write. < Difference between an audience and a musician > There is a common belief that a musician can make music with sentiment or feeling. While it’s partially true, the most essential thing is knowing ‘’How’’ to create the sound that conveys the feeling we want, rather than merely knowing ‘’What’' feeling we want to convey. The understanding of the mechanism behind music is essential, as cooking, and that is the difference between an audience and a musician. As an audience, one can simply feel the music. Like a chief who knows how to create a specific flavour to convey, a musician knows how to create the sound which can convey the feeling we want. While knowing which feeling we want is great, it’s merely the first step. Your emotions are not too different from Chopin, Beethoven, Adele or Taylor Swift, otherwise they can’t resonate with you. But they know how to create the sound that conveys the feeling they want to their audience. < Course Content > I consider my course to be a form of "Music Consultation" because it contains a wide range of subjects which are essential to a professional musician. While we focus on piano playing, there are also music theory, music history, instrument construction, ergonomics for performers, analysis of composer styles, composition, arrangement, recording, MIDI, computer music, the physics of sound, and more. In avoid of confusion, let’s still call my course as "Piano Course”. < Duration > For each course, I will reserve at least 70 minutes in my schedule for you, including 60 minutes of class time and additional 10 minutes for discussion and any questions you may have. This will ensure that your courses are not rushed by the next student. This ensures that there is enough time for you to solve your piano and music problems. < Recording > I highly encourage my students to record their progress. This can provide an objective standard for comparison and help you analyze your playing precisely. In my nine years of experience teaching music, I've found many students, including those advanced, already play certain sections very well, while other sections may not be not well enough. But they still try to improving those fine sections, while not aware of those weak sections. Without an objective reference, it’s hard to distribute our effort precisely. This can lead to not only unstable performance, but also practicing without a precise goal can easily reduce enthusiasm. Recording your results and comparing them with those recordings you like on YouTube or Spotify can be an effective way to analyze your playing and set precise goals. If you have a digital piano, I can help you produce a video of your performance for each session. This can be a tangible record of your efforts and you can share it with your friends and family via YouTube or other platforms.
Piano · Music composition · Computer generated music
Keyboard (music) · Computer generated music · Piano
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Pablo - Toulouse35€
Trusted teacher: Professional musician, composer and producer. 10 international experience (Europe, South America, Asia) Piano lessons, computer music, rhythmic initiation (through beatbox and body percussion) to all types of public. Attractive teaching method mixing classic and modern. PIANO LESSON: My learning methods are modern while reinforcing the fundamental notions of rhythm, interpretation and theory which make the difference between amateurs and professionals. My specialty is jazz which also helps develop the creative part and the improvisation of the students. For the youngest we will work on the pleasure of playing music before arriving on classical music theory (essential) but which can quickly disgust a young child. Through new methods such as beatbox, body percussion, we can learn rhythm and independence while having fun. According to the needs of the students I will develop a tailor-made program for each profile because each person is different, that's why I don't believe in only one way to learn music. The easiest way is to come and try! MAO COURSE: Many people are interested in computer music, essential tools for BeatMaking, Production, etc ... Unfortunately in France it is difficult to find serious training at reasonable prices. I myself had to go abroad to learn more about it. I specialize in the following programs: Akai MPC Live, FL Studio. Beginner who would like to launch into Beatmaking or confirmed who wants to improve the quality of these productions, I offer you all my secrets in composition and mastering. We begin?
Computer generated music · Piano · Jazz music
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Léa - Oullins35€
Trusted teacher: Currently a certified music teacher (CAPES), I offer private computer music lessons for those who wish to venture into computer-assisted musical creation! Teacher in different contexts (college, music school, home etc.) and facilitator for years (BAFA), I am used to teaching a different audience: young, older, difficult audience, musician or not. We will learn the basic techniques of musical creation (Audio/midi take, drums, arrangements etc) on computer (ableton, cubase or logic pro software), we can also approach sound engineering including some notions of acoustics to perfect your mastery as a whole (mixing, frequencies, waves...)! The course takes place in joy and good humor while trying to always give your best to progress! All people who wish to discover MAO even without any notion are welcome! MY SKILLS : • Student at the ENM (National School of Music in Villeurbanne): classical piano and jazz for three years • Student at ENM: MAO class (computer-assisted music) for three years • Holder of a Master 2 in musicology: courses in musical writing, arrangement and music theory • Certified teacher of musical education and choral singing: CAPES obtained in 2017 => teaching of music in neighborhoods in the 93 for 5 years • Holder of a CEM (certificate of musical study) in music theory • More than 13 years of MAO practice in different musical formations (Several collaborations with DJs including ZANE LD, work in collaboration with a Beatmaker for a personal project...) • Composer-performer in two professional musical projects with production on stage in the Paris and Lyon region (Hearscape, MALE) Go ahead and look forward to meeting you...
Computer generated music · Sound (music) · Song writing
Trusted teacher: Hello ! Je suis Etienne, je suis un producteur de musique électronique professionnel et guitariste. Je pratique la MAO (musique assisté par ordinateur) depuis plus d'une dizaine d'années notamment au sein d'un groupe de musique Techno au sein duquel j'ai pu me former à l'ingénierie du son auprès d'un ingénieur diplômé de l'INFA. J'ai également pu parfaire mon approche de la composition en me formant auprès d'un prof de l'American School of modern music Paris. Je fais partie d'un duo de Techno Sana + Nasa (plus récemment rebaptisé "AZA:ZEL"). Nous sommes au catalogue artiste de l'agence de booking La Quarantaine, nos musiques ont étés publiées sur des Labels tels que SCTR, Carcères Records, Jaelos ou encore Afterhours et nous avons eu le privilège de jouer plusieurs fois à Paris, Berlin et Zagreb. J'ai également eu la possibilité de faire des podcasts sur The Techno Children et Eletronic Subculture et enfin à la télévision sur Clubbing TV (diffusion internationnale) J'ai commencé à enseigner la musique (musique électronique et guitare) en 2019 et je donne régulièrement des cours à une dizaine d'élèves, filles comme garçons ! Tout peut se dérouler à mon studio comme en visio. Je donne aussi bien des cours pour les élèves de niveau avancés que pour les débutants qui n'ont aucune expérience. J'ai actuellement un projet de Techno, un projet de beatmaking (vente d'instrus pop, rap et electro) et je fais également partie d'un groupe de metal... ce qui veut dire que j'enseigne plusieurs styles de musique ! Ensemble nous pourrons découvrir : - la composition (arrangement) - Le mixage et le mastering - le DJing Je pourrai également te conseiller sur le matériel qui te seras nécessaire (un ordinateur et un bon casque sont largement suffisant au début) et je t'aiderai à installer tout ce dont tu as besoin, installation gratuite ;) Des formations il en existe 1000 sur YouTube, le seul problème c'est qu'il y a à boire et à manger, beaucoup de formations dispensées et pas toujours dans le bon ordre. J'ai d'abord commencé à apprendre la MAO en autodidacte et ce fut un processus long ! Notamment car j'ai du désapprendre beaucoup de choses. En tant que prof, je pourrai t'accompagner dans ton apprentissage et l'orienter afin que tu puisses ingérer les bonnes infos dans le bon ordre et m'assurer que tu les as parfaitement bien comprises. En bref, je vais te faire gagner beaucoup de temps, temps qui peut se compter en années d'apprentissages. L'un de mes élèves à commencé avec moi il y'a 5 mois, il partait avec quasi aucune connaissance de la MAO, aujourd'hui il joue régulièrement pour la Darude et sa dernière création va sortir sur un label. Je ne vais pas te mentir, il a beaucoup travaillé pour en arriver là, mais ce qu'il a réalisé j'ai mis des années à le faire et cela n'aurait très probablement pas pu se faire sans passer par une formation. Avec un peu de taf et de la rigueur tu pourrais être le ou la prochaine à réaliser cet exploit ! Si vous avez des questions sur le déroulement du cour n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message. A bientôt j'espère, Etienne
Computer generated music · Djing · Music composition
Trusted teacher: Hello, I have been practicing music production (MAO) for 5 years. During this period I had time to learn, to make mistakes and to perfect myself. I was thus able to acquire the essential things to know about computer-assisted music. It is through my computer music lessons that I will pass on my knowledge to you. I have published several of my productions on YouTube which have garnered several thousand views. I also released a 5 track electronic EP. I master and propose to teach the use of FL Studio as well as Maschine 2. I could teach you and assist you at each stage of musical production (Melodies, sound design, Mixing, Mastering...). I specialized in electronic music (House, Downtempo, Synthwave, EDM...), so I will be better able to help you in this genre. However, do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to learn how to produce other genres, I also have knowledge in typebeat and LO-FI production. I have already had the opportunity to teach several people to produce music. Usually a lesson will go like this: - Chat to find out your musical tastes and learn to talk about "music". - Take a reference piece and dissect it to see the different parts (drums, melodies, Fx, Automation, etc...). - Getting started and using FL Studio and/or Maschine 2 according to your objectives - Course summary and Q&A session. I like to teach my students to produce music because I pass on a passion. My gear: - Speaker: Mackie CR3X - MIDI keyboard: Komplete Kontrol M32 - Drumpad: Maschine Mikro MKIII - Sound card: Komplete Audio 1 - Acoustic and electric guitar: Fender Please don't hesitate if you have any questions. Looking forward to teaching you! About me : My name is Thibaut, I'm 22 years old and I'm currently doing an internship in a music label (Alter K). I am passionate about electronic music production. In parallel with my studies, I produce music every day that I publish on different platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music)... I like to share "the music" with my students!
Computer generated music · Music composition
Trusted teacher: Do you want to train in computer music and electronic music production (House Music, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Electro ...) on the Ableton Live software or simply to produce music? Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, my lessons will allow you to acquire the best techniques in your computer music practice. I am a professional trainer, but also a DJ and producer under the name of Versus 5, with many years of experience in the creative and educational fields, I would be happy to adapt to your needs and thus make you progress even more quickly on Ableton Live software. You will benefit from my experience as well as production tips ... Teacher-trainer Ableton Live and DJ-ing but also responsible for training (Electronic Music Producer) for almost 10 years in one of the largest training school in the world (SAE Institute Paris), I have thus trained nearly 1000 students of this school. ==================== On the program (depending on your needs): - Presentation of Ableton Live (Session and arrangement modes) - The basics of music theory (scales, chords, etc.) - Program a beat (rhythmic music theory) - The different possibilities for programming a rhythm - Composition of the bass and these variants - Pads and other synth parts - Creative parts and import of audio files (Working with samples) - The arrangements - Automations and additions of effects (Delay, EQ, Compression…) - Flat lay & balance And much more… For more information, don't hesitate to contact me.
Computer generated music · Music composition · Music theory
Trusted teacher: Hello , I am Dj Khalid, Dj producer and composer of music. Whether you want to retrain in the world of music production and composition, or simply practice your passion, I'm here to help you get there! From composition to mastering your music, I will share with you all my producer secrets that will save you a lot of time! DJ sets of follies will no longer have a mystery for you, thanks to MAO (Computer Aided Music), thus creating new versions of your favorite songs. We will see together how to make original remixes starting from accapella (voice only) and then recomposing the music while adding a touch of originality. Having won many national and international dj championships (DMC, ITF / VESTAX) several times, I have since taught more than a hundred students the art of scratch and mix, particularly in one of the schools France's most renowned DMC school in Paris. Thanks to my experience as a producer, I can also help you better understand the music business in 2020: - Learn to structure your projects. - How to create and feed your social networks (which platforms to use for better results) - How to protect your works. - How to distribute your songs on online music platforms legally. - How to develop a marketing strategy around your project. Music production lessons can also be given by vision-conference thanks to a new real-time process that allows me to transmit sound simultaneously from my computer in excellent quality as well as take control of your machine remotely. Of pedagogue nature I put at your disposal my 20 years of experience in the artistic field, to allow you to learn this fascinating profession. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Musically, Dj Khalid.
Computer generated music · Djing
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L.c.a - Toulon35€
Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: Through a tailor-made course adapted to everyone's needs, discover, learn and master the different techniques of creation, production, recording and mixing and make your computer an unlimited instrument, thanks to the power of your imagination. Together, we will work on learning processes allowing you access to new horizons, but also on the enrichment and efficiency of your songs and prods. Passionate and determined, I help you progress at your own pace by offering you the keys to achieving your goals, whatever your starting level. Whatever your software, style, universe or ambition, let's create together the environment allowing you to produce professional quality singles and albums in complete autonomy from your home. PS: I stay out of class always available and reachable for each of you. Whatever the problem you encounter (technical problem, advice for the purchase of equipment, etc.). My journey: After studying musicology, jazz school and conservatory, I worked as a music teacher then artistic director and beatmaker. This allowed me to explore many genres from rap to electro through jazz and classical or even pop. COURSE CONTENT: Course content varies from individual to individual. However, here is a typical model by level. BEGINNER COURSE: mastery of the basics of composition and arrangement knowledge and digital practice of the different instruments software technical management structure and efficiency functional mixing stylistic enrichment (being able to produce a production in any style) INTERMEDIATE COURSE: understanding, development and precision of the “artistic touch” and personal style comprehensive knowledge of mixing effects in-depth understanding of the instruments possibility of making a choice of production technique adapted to the piece or project PRO COURSES: creation and autonomous management of an artistic direction knowledge of the professional musical environment total ability to conduct an analog, acoustic or digital artistic achievement, in all possible musical styles technical management of a studio knowledge and ability in sound recording and mixing writing for orchestra
Audio production · Music composition · Computer generated music
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Classical piano / jazz / variety / current music for all ages (Saint-Denis)
Ms Lea is very nice tutor and my 7 yr old son is really happy to learn with her. I highly recommend her.
great experience, my daughter loved Evelyn and can't wait to learn more.
Review by MICHELE
Music lessons: Guitar, Bass and Computer Music. Professor at the Paris Conservatory. (Paris)
Super good teacher who answered all my questions:)
Review by DALA

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