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33 computer generated music teachers in Switzerland

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Sebastian - Zurich127Fr
Trusted teacher: I specialized in contemporary music composition in Bucharest, Birmingham and Paris having finished with honors my Bachelor, my Master and my Doctorate degree in this field. I also have a pedagogical degree and 2 years of experience in which I taught music composition, musical forms, poliphony, orchestration, music theory and solfege at the National University of Music from Bucharest. In 2022 I finished a 2nd Master's Degree in Film Music Composition at the ZHdK. This class is for both beginners who want to compose music as a hobby and to aspiring professional composers. The main topic of my doctoral thesis was the compositional idea and the processes involved in the creative undertakings. How does one reach the final stage of a composition from just a few ideas? How can we improve this endeavour? What strategies and techniques are needed in order to do that? The class will be customized for each student so in order to achieve a certain objective in music composition the lessons can include elements of music theory, harmony, poliphony, orchestration, improvisation, music notation (Finale & Dorico) and music production (StudioOne). Although solfege and improvisation are extremely useful (I dare say even indispensable) for a professional composer, they can also be means to an end for passionate music lovers. Solfege and strategies that come with it can help your singing and music sight reading. And improvisation is such a fun and relaxing activity that I think everybody should do it!
Music composition · Music theory · Computer generated music
Music theory · Computer generated music · Sound (music)
Transverse flute · Children's music · Computer generated music
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Sacha - Lausanne69Fr
Trusted teacher: I give courses in production, composition, arrangement thanks to MAO and more particularly thanks to Ableton Live. If you want to start computer music, improve your knowledge of Ableton Live, or even learn to produce, be creative within a musical style that you like, then this computer music course is for you! I offer a teaching given with passion, and creativity, which simply seeks to follow your choices and your desires, in order to give you all the keys to flourish in your musical practice! Graduated with a Bachelor Of Arts, as well as a Masters in interpretation and performance, I have been using this program for many years, both in home studio or studio, and in concert! For 10 years I have had the chance to perform in concerts in many countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Russia, etc...). I have been a multi-instrumentalist, composer, author, producer, and teacher for many years. Thanks to my experience of musical pedagogy, I was able to develop a method based on the choices and desires of each one. - Biography : Sacha was born in 1997 in France, he is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, author, composer, and performer having grown up in the region of Annecy, in neighboring France. He is a founding member of Aime Eyes, AlterBoy, and even Slyv, and is part of "La Machinerie”, a collective founded by artists and cultural actors from Romandie wishing to mix musical genres in order to bring a new vision to the artistic horizon of the region. Passionate about improvisation, creation, writing or sharing with others, he creates music close to his emotions, where the desire to bring together the grandiose and the intimate is felt. He released the 1st EP of his group "AlterBoy" entitled "Fake?", with which he brings together his influences from Trip-Hop, Rock, pop-electro, Folk or even classical and impressionist music. He appears on the EP(s) "On and On", and "Over and Out" by Etienne Machine, or on the EP "D'ou je suis, ou es-tu?" by Betty Patural. He produced the artist's next record "J.NUNN" who released his 1st single "Hidden Guide" in 2023. In addition to his personal projects, Sacha is involved in many projects, in particular with the artists and groups "Betty Patural", "Guillaume Lelièvre", "Etienne Machine", "J.NUNN", with the aim of playing in concert. or studio, arrange, produce or compose. After more than 10 years of music, Sacha has had the opportunity to perform hundreds of times in concerts with various artists, and in many countries. Alongside his artistic life, Sacha has been teaching electric bass, group playing, computer music and piano for many years. He has been teaching since 2018 at the MMD in Divonne-les-bains.
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Friendly teacher, quite exacting and focussed on good technique, but also able to have some fun and be playful with the instrument. My daughter really liked her!
Review by HELEN
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He was thoughtful and considerate flexible with the time and the meditation was just excellent it really help me and my husband relax after a very stressful time
Review by RABAB
Guitar lessons all styles, children and adults, in electric, folk and nylon. (Lausanne)
Friendly first encounter and guitar lesson with Arno giving new ideas and suggesting new techniques and practices to guitar playing.
Review by ANU