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Eilon - Maastricht44€
Trusted teacher: Learn effectively and fast music theory with a leading guitarist. Bored with cold facts and boring learning methods? Let me teach you in my fusion method- based on two principles that make studying fun and extremely effective. 80/20 principle: Learning in the powerful and fast way of making the best use of your learning time and reaching the best results possible for a short amount of time. Memory combined memory principles: Learn in a fun creative way that will also infuence your entire learning life. I teach in a creative way that will add invaluable tools to your arsenal of learning and will keep the knowledge in your brain even after one lesson. I have been teaching using this methods for over 3 years with unprecedented results. My students get fast effective results that are exceeding anything they have every expected or even thought possible in a short amount of time. This method is based on real science and experience and you can research about these principles and learn to apply them all by yourself, but why would you want to waste so many hours learning something that you can learn from an experienced expert in a few lessons. Let me work with you to get the results you desire. GET RESULTS. My support exeeds any other instructor. It does not matter in which time-zone you live and what the hour is- you get a 24/7 SUPPORT from me. You might ask yourselves, why would he do that? And my answer is- To get results students need support and in my class, STUDENTS GET RESULTS. I look forward to hear from you, and I would love to hear your thoughts or doubts if you have any before taking the class. ***Contact me to get a descriptive blueprint of the lessons*** Have an effective day!
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Violin and music theory lessons for people of all ages and levels in Den Haag (The Hague)
I like Yulia, my 8 yrs old daughter likes Yulia and here is why: she's the best violin tutor my daughter has had! My daughter is very active and we have had two tutors before and she got on well with the previous tutors on a "fun" level, yet she hardly made time to play violin and each tutoring session became a play date and practicing on violin was a struggle. With Yulia, my daughter actually plays violin now and she's starting to enjoy classical music as well. I find Yulia naturally engaging and for my daughter learning music with Yulia becomes an automatic flow, so she hardly notices that she's had a "long" violin lesson. Now we look forward to seeing Yulia every week!
Review by JUNYING
Cours de violoncelle à Bruxelles pour des enfants et adultes (Saint-Gilles)
Ana Maria
Excellent coaching! The lesson is really enjoyable. Ana helps me improve greatly without making me feel stressed at all. She kindly points out the problems and keeps encouraging me to use the right techniques. She even writes down summary of the exercises at the end of the lesson so I can follow in my daily practice.
Review by PAM
Want RESULTS? Join my 80/20 Hebrew Class! WARNING... This is not for you, if you like the traditional school boring method. (Maastricht)
Due to Eilons’ method of presentation which is full of explanations he is able to make Hebrew very lively, even if you have to start from scratch ! A good speaking and teaching style keeps it interesting, Examples are well formulated and makes it easier to understand. Eilon is very friendly and approachable !
Review by MARGOT