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Trusted teacher: ¡Hola! 🌟 ¿Quieres mejorar tu fluidez y confianza en español? ¡Te invito a una clase de conversación individual! 🗣️ Master Spanish with a certified native teacher! I’m a Spanish instructor in Japan 🇯🇵 with a Master's degree in Teaching Spanish and a DELE examiner certification. Ready to make learning fun and engaging! In this class, we focus 100% on conversation. You'll get to speak in a relaxed and friendly environment, practicing the language naturally and effectively 🌟 🌟 I will provide personalized feedback 📝, helping you correct mistakes in real-time, improve your pronunciation, and expand your vocabulary. No matter your current level*, everyone is welcome! 🎉 Currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Linguistics with a focus on Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics, I understand the challenges of language learning. After three years of studying Korean 🇰🇷, I traveled to Korea and realized I couldn't speak it well. Confidence came through conversation classes with a native teacher, discussing different topics each week. I'm passionate about teaching Spanish and now offer a new class for those wanting to improve their conversation skills, along with my grammar/conversation classes to enhance your understanding of Spanish structures. Don't miss this opportunity to take your Spanish to the next level! 🚀 * If it’s your first time learning Spanish, you might want to start with my regular classes where we’ll cover both grammar and conversation. Just keep in mind that this particular class focuses on enhancing your fluency!!
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Trusted teacher: Live Spanish!: Interactive and Effective Course This course is designed for those who want to learn Spanish in a dynamic and practical way. Through interactive methods and immersive activities, you will not only learn the language, but also explore the rich Spanish-speaking culture. Ideal for beginners and those with basic knowledge who want to hone their skills, this course focuses on developing competencies in effective communication and cultural understanding. In addition, I am a student of early childhood education, which provides a playful and pedagogical approach, especially beneficial for those who enjoy creative and participatory learning methods. Course Objectives: 1. Develop Linguistic Skills: Students will improve their ability to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. 2. Promote Active Interaction: Through group activities, role-playing games and practical exercises, students will practice using the language in real contexts. 3. Promote Cultural Understanding: Participants will explore the traditions, customs and values of Spanish-speaking countries for complete cultural immersion. 4. Improve Confidence in Using the Language: Through constant practice and personalized feedback, students will gain confidence to communicate in Spanish effectively. Methodology: • Interactive Classes: Use of modern technologies and participatory methods to engage students in active learning. • Authentic Material: Use of authentic resources such as videos, music, and literary texts for genuine cultural immersion. • Communicative Approach: Priority on conversation and oral practice to improve fluency and confidence. • Cultural Activities: Inclusion of cultural activities such as cooking, music and festivities for a comprehensive learning experience.
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Trusted teacher: I am a native Spanish teacher with a degree in languages and I have two master's degrees: I specialized in the field of education and teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I have over 10 years of experience as a teacher. My lessons will be tailored to your needs. Spanish is my first language and I have specialized training in teaching Spanish. I graduated in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Salamanca, Spain, and I did my Erasmus at the University of Geneva. I have two masters: I have a Master in Language Training and also a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. My expertise of more than 10 years will accompany you in this learning adventure. Immerse yourself in a unique learning experience with my tailor-made courses, carefully designed for you. Discover the Spanish language by following the communicative approach where conversation plays a central role. Together, we will explore grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, while navigating the cultural dimension of the language. In a relaxed atmosphere, I also offer captivating visual aids to make your learning even richer. We work on your specific objectives, whether: - Be more comfortable in conversation (at work or with friends) - Ensure complete preparation for life in Spain, combining linguistic and cultural improvement - Work on your accent so you no longer feel embarrassed - Improve your speech so that people can hear what you say and not that you are not comfortable - Know how to better prepare your meetings in Spanish (what terms to use, how to get your point across, etc.) - Preparing for exams (exams such as the DELE) - Improve your Spanish in a specific field (law, medicine, finance, the aeronautics industry, etc.) Who are these sessions for? Who is among my students? Private coaching is for everyone and at any stage of life. Among the people I have had the pleasure of teaching, there are students from all backgrounds and branches: pilots, diplomats, scientists, journalists, lawyers, doctors, private bankers, students... Here are some real-world examples: I've helped students pass traditional exams like the DELE, prepare for life in a Spanish-speaking country, find a new job where they need strong Spanish, and make a change career, preparing speeches, preparing for court hearings abroad, presenting in Spanish in front of an audience of fellow experts, preparing for negotiations regarding financial agreements with their clients. My classes are for everyone and at any stage of life. Among the people I have had the pleasure of teaching, there are students from all walks of life and branches: pilots, diplomats, scientists, journalists, lawyers, doctors, nurses, private bankers, students...
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Trusted teacher: ¡Hola a todos! My name is Patricia. I'm a native Spanish speaker and teacher. I've been teaching Spanish and English as foreign languages since 2004, and I've fallen in love with my job a little more every year :) I did my Spanish Philology and Literature studies and learned how to become a teacher at the National University of Salta, Argentina. I'm a committed, responsible and professional person, who is always eager to learn new things and in permanent training. My patience knows no limits and I can find a thousand ways to explain something if necessary. I can make a course specifically for you, according to your knowledge, needs, interests, and requests. In 15 years of doing this, I've never taught the same course twice. I can compile and produce tailor-made study material for you. Since I'm absolutely passionate about Spanish, I've studied its different varieties around the world, so I can guarantee that with my classes you'll be able to have a proper conversation in any Spanish speaking country. Over the years I've worked with a wide variety of students, from teenagers to adults, from complete beginners to proficient people who just wanted to practice speaking. I also help students prepare for the DELE exams, I've done so in the past with excellent results. I'm a certified DELE examiner so I have extensive knowledge of this test. I'm in love with languages and communication, and teaching is my calling, my passion. With me grammar will never be an issue, furthermore, I can promise you that you'll enjoy it and have fun! I'd be more than happy to discuss with you what is the best way for you to learn from scratch or improve your Spanish in no time. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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Trusted teacher: I am an empathetic, friendly person who knows how to listen and create a climate of trust in a non-judgmental space, where you feel comfortable and advance rapidly. I have been a professor since I was 7 years old at the University of Limerick and at St. Patrick's College (Dublin City University), in Ireland, and I have only been 16 years old (I have the Cambridge Proficiency, C2). I am a Doctor in Ethnomusicology (social anthropology of music), with 15 years of teaching experience. I have 8 years of experience teaching English and Spanish in Spain so far (in Madrid and Bilbao) to children, young people and professionals (surgeons, lawyers, businessmen...) of all levels, in group and individual lessons. I have also recently given lessons at the official language school of Donostia-San Sebastián in the Basque Country and to groups in different academies. My classes are fun and enjoyable (and I can also teach Basque up to level B2 for now and Spanish). They are entirely adapted to your way of learning, your needs and your interests, following a dynamic method based on oral learning of structures, expressions and vocabulary, but also work on the written part, according to your needs. I am also a language coach and I will teach you neurolinguistic programming techniques to improve your learning and language fluency in a short time. I love animals, and it won't be a problem for me if your cat or dog is present during the class (in fact, I'll be delighted!) I will be happy to teach you. My goal is: your success.
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Experienced and fun language teacher for Spanish as a foreign language (ELE - ESL) (Hilversum)
I am English and speak fluent Dutch. Spanish has always been a language that I loved and wanted to learn. So, I took the plunge and started learning with Patricia. Patricia is such a dedicated highly professional teacher, full of enthusiasm. She inspires me by using all kinds of different lesson methods. Reading, watching films, various writing exercises that she creates herself, she also encourages students to attend monthly get togethers where we all speak Spanish together around a well adorned table of food and drink with a Spanish speaking country as the theme. Her patience with my slow talking and constant mistakes with word endings and verbs is just amazing!! I have been learning for more than half a year now and I hope many more years to come.Thank you Patricia! I highly recommend this teacher.
Review by DIANA
Spanish classes from level A1 to C2 and DELE/SIELE/IB exam preparation (Málaga)
I booked a daily 90 minutes class for my son Nicolo' (16 years old) for 2 weeks. He was an absolute beginner and usually has a very limited enthusiasm for "extra-classes". Lucia was absolutely fantastic. She made the magic of creating a learning environment that was fun, friendly and effective at the same time. My son Nicolo' was so enthusiastic about the classed to the point that I could not believe it when he asked me to do more classes with Lucia after the 2 weeks. Lucia was good to teach with real life situation and not in an academic way. She was very good in explaining difficult concept in an easy way. Lucia is a very competent teacher and a trusted professional. I would recommend her to anyone.
Review by GIANLUCA
Learning to play classical, electric or acoustic guitar, bass and music theory
Great teacher! I started acoustic guitar lessons from zero and I have learned so much with Sergio, he is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and patient, he also encourage you to keep practicing to achieve your goals while providing you with very useful material to do it. I really recommend Sergio as a music teacher, he plays a lot of instruments. Excelente profesor, yo empecé clases de guitarra acústica desde cero y he aprendido mucho con Sergio, sabe mucho y es muy paciente, además te anima a seguir practicando para que alcances tus metas y te provee muy buen material para lograrlo. Súper recomiendo a Sergio como profesor de música, sabe tocar muchos instrumentos.
Review by VICTORIA