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15 meditation teachers in Spain

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María - Valencia29€
Trusted teacher: 🌱✨ Yoga and Meditation Classes 🧘‍♀🧘 Human beings have extraordinary abilities and my intention with these classes is for you to be able to recognize them in yourself, improve your physical abilities, and therefore your health, bring mental calm to your life and emotional balance, all this while you learn to meditate step step by step and you enjoy a life with greater inner peace and satisfaction. 🔹 What is the class structure? 🔹 In the classes we practice asanas (yoga postures), vinyasas (sequences of postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises for energy management), prananigrahas (breathing exercises to increase breathing capacity), relaxation and meditation, in addition to addressing philosophical information about the practice itself, tips to build the self-practice that your body and mind need so that after the process you know how to practice without always needing the guidance of an experienced teacher, concepts of Yoga, Buddhism and ancient Mesoamerican cultures and their connection with this self-knowledge tool that is more than 3000 years old. 🔹 Who are the classes for? 🔹 The classes are adapted to all bodies and levels. Your age doesn't matter. We can all practice Yoga! 🔸 About me 🔸 I have taught all kinds of people with very varied physical conditions, very agitated minds and initiated and advanced meditators. My classes are online and face-to-face multilevel, both beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis and yoginis have improved their skills thanks to the classes. I have two Yoga formations: · Training of Yoga Instructors RYT200 European Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance USA of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. · 300h certified Integral Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training - Satyananda School Colombia - Mayan Cosmovision. See you at Yoga practice!
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Meditation is for Everyone | Relaxation Techniques and Breathing (Madrid)
Lisa is a fantastic meditation coach. She brings a multidisciplinary approach (with experience as a yoga teacher, career and life coach) that allows her to easily adapt to her client. She speaks clearly and concisely and her classes are well structured. She also mixes theory and practice (ie the actual meditation) effectively. I very much benefited from the class and would recommend.
Review by PATRICK
Consultation on Emotional Biodecoding (healing process) (Salamanca)
Magdalena is amazing! She's very kind and thoughtful. It feels like she genuinely cares about my well being and guiding me through the healing process.
Review by KYLE
Meditation from home. Buddhist, tantric, yogic and Mesoamerican techniques. (Playa del Carmen)
I love Maria and how she tailors her sessions. I am looking forward to having more sessions with her in the future!!
Review by BRANDAN