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Trusted teacher: How to learn to sing? To sing just and well? To answer these complex questions, I was interested in phonatory mechanisms, with speech therapists and phoniatres, I studied singing with a dozen singing teachers, I participated in many Masterclasses and trained myself in different institutions: first at the conservatories of Vaulx-en-Velin and Mâcon, then at the Regional Conservatory of Montpellier, and finally at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne where I am currently studying with Leontina Vaduva. It is first of all through passion that I want to convey what I have learned. This is felt, according to the words of my students, in my way of teaching which reconciles the rigor of art and the pleasure of singing. In my pedagogical approach, I clearly separate the vocal technique and the art of singing, that is to say the management of an objective mechanism, physical and physiological, of sound production (articulation of the language, management of the pressures subglottic and supra-glottic to achieve a pneumo-phono-resonantial balance), and the shaping of this sound to achieve musical beauty (make a beautiful "legato" line, tempo variations, nuances, etc.). ). When I start with a new student, I first make a diagnosis to determine the range of the voice, the level of resonantial passages, and check the health of the larynx (tonicity, endurance, flexibility). The typical course begins with vocal technique exercises and ends with the work of a musical piece. I adapt my course according to the needs of each one (for example, I can start with a Feldenkreis or Alexander technique exercise, relaxation, breath, or a physical warm-up), but also according to the desires and tastes of the student (the technical part will last more or less long). Considering that the stage is important for personal fulfillment and to set goals in music, I propose to my students to participate in the auditions and group lessons of the music school where I work in Lutry.
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Trusted teacher: Share a vocal technique based on the organic functioning of the body and its possibilities of producing a free and healthy sound. Each session is adapted to the specific needs of the student, to respond to technical problems of emission or interpretation and always keeping our relationship between body and voice. The objective is to acquire effective vocal flexibility in order to achieve the envisaged sung voice quality. Through a multidisciplinary methodology, we will be able to discover and stimulate the possibilities of your voice applied to the style of your desire (Pop, lyric / classical, Broadway or musical, variety, jazz, current song, etc.). These courses are aimed at all levels (From beginners to confirmed) and from 10 years old. The session is divided into 3 parts: -Warming up and work of the breath: We will work starting from exercises of bodily technique to reach a physical availability and a concentration centered on oneself and the present moment. The goal is also to release our daily tensions and resume an active posture by linking the pleasure of freedom and muscle relaxation to the work of singing. To this work we will add different breathing and breathing exercises, to start activating and mastering the way in which we accompany the release of our raw material when singing: air. The work of abdominal breathing is encouraged throughout the session. -Vocalize and affirmation of a healthy vocal technique: Through different vocal exercises, the student will work consciously to learn to recognize his bodily sensations, for the acquisition of a vocal technique based on pronunciation, breath as well as '' a work of resonance to allow a natural amplification. Listening to the teacher is important to guide a healthy program in order to avoid taking bad habits and to develop a solid technique that leads to student autonomy. - Musical piece and practice: Taking into account the musical and artistic desires of the student, we will work on songs and songs (in accordance with his level) to put into practice all the work undertaken during the session. The purpose of this work is to constitute a repertoire which is specific to the student and which guarantees him a free and comfortable vocal practice between the different musical works. Thus, we will work on the interpretation of the pieces, with the different nuances of styles, accompanied by a work of the lyrics in the phonetics of different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German) while keeping a voice that is clean to the student. The most important thing is that the student acquires the technical tools and means to achieve his musical ideals, while retaining his bodily freedom and the joy of singing. Voice Coach and Spoken Voice. Work of the spoken vocal technique for the professionals of the voice: Teachers, actors / actors, business leaders, presenters on radio or TV, elected officials, speakers and all other professionals who use their voice at work, as well as those who s 'are interested in deepening the relationship and understanding their voice and its potential. Authorized by the Center for the Study of the Use of the Voice (CEUVOZ), I will offer you the Linklater Method- "Freeing the Natural Voice" as a means of technical work for the study of the spoken voice . This method aims to make participants aware of their own postural, muscular and respiratory habits, in order to discover other physical, vocal and expressive possibilities. The body-based work aims at emotional freedom, fine impulses and clarity of thought, fundamental elements of effective communication. Through a series of exercises, the participants will go through the following stages: awareness of the body, breath, vibrations in the body and relaxation of the tensions of the phonatory channel to then restore free access to the resonators, develop respiratory capacity, widen the vocal extension until reaching the articulation of the voice in speech. The objective is to free your own Natural Voice from restrictive tensions and communicative habits, in order to find your voice with all its content (emotions, thoughts, sensations).
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Trusted teacher: Song, well-being and interpretation The voice is an instrument specific to each person, which is why my lessons are entirely tailor-made around the person and their expectations. Vocal technique Developing your vocal technique allows comfort and ease in the chosen repertoire. This requires a certain discipline and a certain proprioception. Thanks to various exercises I can help you to understand the mechanisms related to the voice and to better appropriate your body to reach a more precise technique. Interpretation Understanding and appropriating the written and musical text is the key to interpreting a work. Together we can explore the multiple musical worlds by discovering the stories told but also those of the authors and composers. Through various exercises in diction, declamation and drama, I will help you convey the emotions of your repertoire. Reconnect to yourself Because the song is intimately linked to our emotions, I offer you exercises to reconnect to your physical and emotional body, in order to know yourself better but also to improve your self-confidence, your proprioception and the transmission of emotions. Who am I I am a young creative artist in live performance and mixed media, trained in lyrical singing during my bachelor at the Institute of Music and Pedagogy in Namur and my master at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève in Neuchâtel. I have a great choir experience thanks to the Choraline (youth choir of the opera of La Monnaie), the Maitrise of Paris, and the choir voces desuper as well as the animation of masses, in particular in the cathedral of Brussels and wedding masses. My experience as an actress and at the opera allowed me a great ease on stage and an inspiration as an author and director.
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In our lessons, we work to strengthen and create flexibility in areas of the voice that need improvement. Vocal registration, breathing/support, vowel formation, postural alignment, and dynamic control are the major focus of the technical work. My teaching is rooted in the Bel Canto technique, and I incorporate other techniques such as Speech Level Singing (SLS), Alexander technique, yoga, and mindfulness practices. I believe in constant education as a teacher, and am always seeking ways to add value to my students. Singing is a whole body & mind activity. I believe that in order to sing at our highest level, we must address all aspects of our instrument, which includes not only our voices, but our physical, energetic, and psychological state. It is impossible to train the voice separate from the whole, and with improved functioning of each area, voices flourish and expand. Private voice lessons are a commitment to yourself and your goals. When you invest in yourself and your singing, other areas of your life improve symbiotically in response to the awareness you gain. As your technique and performance improve, possibilities expand for your life and career. I truly believe that by changing your voice, you can change your life! As your teacher, I will support you on your path to vocal mastery by helping you build the necessary technical skills. I will help you remove old technical habits and thought processes that can block your progress. Often, I will guide you away from your comfort zone and challenge your beliefs about your own voice. This may involve making sounds that are "ugly" or difficult. It takes this kind of work to retrain the body's habitual patterns. I ask for an open mind and commitment to process. ​ It is an honor to take this vocal journey with you, and I so look forward to being your guide!
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Sing Your Life - Singing lessons / piano (Jette)
Birgid is a very kind, joyful and patient tutor with a great enthusiasm. She easily adapts her style to the student's needs (I am a beginning piano player). She is also fluent in Dutch.
Review by KATRIEN
Lyrical singing and all styles singing lessons by qualified teacher (Paris)
Excellent teacher. Excellent teaching and vocal technique. I am really happy with her and will continue to get singing lessons.
Review by LORENA