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Trusted teacher: Hi! I'm Tanya. I was born in Italy, but for the last two years of my life I have traveled the world, mainly in Central and South America and the Middle East, traveling and working remotely. I am a professional teacher with 7 years of experience. I worked on the translation of medical and legal articles, panels in the glass museum in Venice and worked as an interpreter at the court of Venice. I have a degree in languages, I am certified in international law and I am a language coach. Language coach means that I not only teach you a language, but also how to learn new languages! I will closely monitor your entire learning journey, to get the most out of your skills! That's because I love learning new languages! That's why after years of studying I became a polyglot (8 languages - Italian, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch) and I came up with a method to teach you the language you want to learn! Over the years I have learned to model my work according to the personal needs of each student and have developed a method that allows my students to learn the language in a fast and fun way. My hobby is my greatest passion is learning other languages, therefore from my experience I can understand many of the problems associated with learning a foreign language. My lessons are based on a specific method that I have designed to facilitate and accelerate learning. My classes are available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Dutch and Arabic. GROUP LESSONS possible! See you soon! :-)
Italian · Grammar
Mijn naam is Cristina en ik spreek Italiaans als moedertaal. Ik ben geboren en getogen in Italië, waar ik afstudeerde aan de Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte, cursus Behoud van Cultureel Erfgoed. Ik werkte als leraar Italiaans voor kinderen en tieners van 6 tot 15 jaar, zowel Italiaans als buitenlands. Vier jaar geleden ben ik naar Nederland verhuisd. Hier begon ik Italiaans te leren aan iedereen die mijn mooie taal wilde leren, zowel persoonlijk als via de webcam. Ik hou ervan om mijn lessen met grote zorg voor te bereiden. Tijdens de les moedig ik mijn leerlingen aan om te praten om te begrijpen wat hun kennisniveau van de taal is, wat hun doelen en interesses zijn. Op dit punt stel ik een persoonlijk programma op. Ik focus vooral op het gesprek, ongeacht het startniveau van de leerling. Van hieruit haal ik inspiratie om woordenschat, grammatica en uitspraak aan te pakken. Ik gebruik verschillende soorten materiaal: teksten, kranten- en tijdschriftartikelen, origineel of vereenvoudigd, spelletjes en interactieve oefeningen, alles wat de lessen spannend, leuk en productief kan maken. Sinds ik ben verhuisd, ben ik ook Nederlands gaan studeren en dit heeft mij enorm geholpen bij het begrijpen van de moeilijkheden die studenten, vooral volwassenen, kunnen tegenkomen bij het leren van een vreemde taal. Ik kon verschillende methoden vergelijken en op mezelf experimenteren met verschillende theorieën en technieken. Naast professionaliteit geloof ik in passie voor wat ik doe, wat op elk moment van mijn lessen terugkomt.
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Piano lessons - music theory and harmony - for any level (Budapest)
I started my lessons with Giorgia four months ago, and I am so glad to have found her. As a 26-year-old beginner, I was not sure if I should even try to pursue learning an instrument at this point. But now I am so glad I did! I am learning online, and I was a little unsure of how lessons via webcam would go. Despite my prejudice, everything turned out great, even though my setup is quite basic. Her approach to teaching is very creative. She is able to explain things that seem hard to put into words, and she always finds comparisons and descriptions that convey clearly little details of approach that make a lot of difference in the end result. For any difficulty I encountered, she presented methods of exercise that helped correct it. Another thing that I appreciate is that from one lesson to the next, the volume of work is challenging enough that I feel I am making progress, but not to the point that I am overwhelmed. Also, even though I am just beginning and the pieces are not that complex, she explains the musical interpretation in a way that not only helps me advance my skill but also enriches the way I understand and listen to music, and I find great value in that. Her manner of teaching is very organic, and she is a patient teacher with a warm presence. I wholeheartedly recommend her lessons!
Review by IULIANA
Spanish class: reach the level you are looking for! (Konstanz)
Hallo allemaal, ik ben Valerie en kreeg Portugese les van Melissa. Ik raad Melissa zeker aan. Melissa heeft alles in huis om de les zeer leerzaam, leuk , duidelijk en voorbereid te laten verlopen. Na een paar lessen kan ik al een aardig woordje Portugees! Melissa zorgt voor een positieve energieke les sfeer! Naast de thuis lessen zijn er ook online lessen. De online lessen verlopen soepel en snel. Ik wens jullie veel succes! Groetjes, Valerie Hi everybody, I’m valerie, i just want to tell you all that I truly recommend Melissa. She is a great girl who teaches me Portuguese. After Some Lessons I already managed to speak and understand some Portuguese. Melissa has a good energy which helps a lot during the learning process! I always look forward to our lessons! Her explanations are clearly and helpful. Melissa offers not only face to face lessons but also online lessons. The online lessons go smoothly and quickly. So I can assure you that you won’t regret booking this lessons! Have fun and good luck :)! Greetings, Valerie
Review by VALERIE
Italian, Spanish and English with a polyglot (8 languages) and Professional teacher, language coach (Dubai)
I've had different Spanish teachers but Tanya is by far the best for several reasons: - Tanya makes a personal plan together with me which fits perfectly with my learning goals. So no unnecessary grammar but only things whichs helps me with my reason why I approached her - She developed her own personal learning style which helps me making huge steps in a short time - Tanya shows she's well prepared and the work we do and the homework I get is always in extend of the things I want to learn - Besides that she's always happy and a nice person to chat with Quick sumarry: if you want to learn Spanish in a good/fast way with a teacher who is always happy, I would highly recommend Tanya :)
Review by PABLO