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Piano | Keyboard | Synthesizer Want to feel those Beautiful Black & White Keys or Play your favorite Melodies? We bring you the Best Key Course which will Uplift your Soul. Now Learning Piano is not a Difficult task, When we have the Best Lessons Specially Customised for your Aptitude and Pace. Learning to play your favourite song in Piano is a wonderful feeling. But facing the challenge of how to learn Piano online? You have reached the right spot. Sangeet Bharti makes learning piano easy for both kids and adults. We also coach students for music grade exams - Trinity College (London),Rockschool (London) & many more which are globally accepted certifications. Piano Lessons For Children's & Adults (Academy Session, Online Classes & Home Tuitions are available in Chandigarh, including Panchkula, Zirakpur, and Mohali) *These lessons are available for Children and adults of all ages and skill levels We understand the difficulties involved in mastering a musical instrument; therefore, we ensure that each student is taught with care and given enough time to learn and grasp each skill. This is a place for students to progressively develop their musical skills over a course of time. Talent over time we like to call it! Classes provide students individual instruction with one of our Experienced faculty members and customize to the specific goals, needs and aspirations of each student regardless of experience or age. Students can participate in a variety of performance opportunities. we offer sessions for children (ages 5+) and adults. The sessions can be arranged for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
Piano · Keyboard (music) · Music theory
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Leonid - Kiev, Ukraine21€
Keyboard (music) · Piano · Music theory
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Lydia - Antwerp, Belgium49€
Trusted teacher: I am a professional pianist offering private piano and theory lessons to students of all levels. As a pianist with 14 years of teaching experience and over 23 years of playing, I enjoy motivating my students with music of their own preferred style and interest, whether that be classical or contemporary. My main goal is to promote a positive experience and love for music-making during the course of learning piano. If the student is interested in a more serious approach, I can also guide preparation for grades 1-8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams. I also have successful experience preparing students for conservatory entrance auditions and for various competitions. Recently, my students have achieved the highest marks in the ABRSM exams as well as prizes in competitions. We also have a class concert for interested students twice per year. I am happy working in both a relaxed and serious approach, we simply need to discuss the objectives of the student. My own studies are as follows: I have obtained two postgraduate degrees at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp: "Concertsoloist" in Piano Performance and "Chamber Music." Prior to this, I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano Performance/Music from the University of Minnesota and TCU-Fort Worth, TX, USA. My experience includes collaboration with many different instrumentalists and singers, performing as a soloist in orchestra (also as a harpist), and receiving top prizes in several competitions. While maintaining my performance and recording career in Belgium at present, I am developing my private music studio and look forward to meeting new students.
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Prof of Music and Piano ~ Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada // 30 years of experience, teaching all levels and ages, online and in person. Theory, Technique, Harmony, History, Composition // I began my studies with group classes at the Yamaha School of Music at the age of 4, and then continued with private lessons in the university degree program at the Royal Conservatory of Music from age 6 to 16, obtaining all exams with Honors and Honors with Distinction results in the grade. Being a teacher, I strive to encompass my life experiences within my work. I believe that all students should start with equal opportunity and I know that I would receive no greater satisfaction than helping each and every student reach their full potential, regardless of their background. I recognize that there is real educational disadvantage in our society, and one of my goals is to address this disadvantage - something that online learning fully supports! I believe I possess the quality of being able to recognize the best in people, having been able to encourage and inspire even the most difficult students. As a qualified teacher, I use this quality to encourage each of my students to recognize and achieve their full potential through my unlimited enthusiasm for the different subjects in my teaching toolbox. Overall, I am extremely dedicated and enthusiastic about the teaching profession, as it is in this career that I see myself experiencing the greatest job satisfaction and making the greatest contribution to society.
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👀 Hello everyone! If you already seen my ad, it means you are connected to my energy which can be shared with you on our lessons! 👀 ✨Unlock Your Musical Potential with Alice from Pianoland✨ @alicepianoland 🪄 I'm active pianist, piano is all my life. I've started when I was 3, now I'm young professional pianist who still learn to be better and thanks to my engagement I have possibility now to teach on Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini in Catania (Italy) as an 👩🏻‍🏫 assistant of Virtuoso Proffesor Daniele Petralia's class. :) I have ✨master's degree in piano✨, I graduated on Academy of Music in Gdańsk (PL) and I'm laureat of several international piano competitions in Poland and Hungary. 🩷 Working with both children and adults is my passion :) My task is to teach you how to inspire you with music, to teach you how to express what you feel on the keyboard, to make you sensitive to sounds, not to punish you. I am a very positive person by nature, and during our lessons I will also discuss with you the basics of harmony and chord recognition. The piano should relax you, not stress you out. Lately I think very much about energy, meditation, music is expression of what I reflect in different areas of life. 🫐 Everyone can learn in the mode that interests them - we have a wide selection of literature in the field of classical and popular music due to the fact that I have I have an access to the MuseScore so I can prepare everything sheet music. I really like to recommend pieces from the classical music, legends from the old times, but also songs to take a breath and calm your thoughts in today's busy world. 🌟Let's plan together your future specific goals! 🌟Let me inspire you in music field, but also psychologic and spiritual 🌟Begin a new person thanks to your new hobby and positive energy from me! 💯 🌟Learn piano and in future help to inspire other people with your new ability 🌟Open yourself for a little craziness and improvisation in music, I will show you how 🚀 Ready to begin? 💬 Lessons are taught in English or Polish
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Unlock Your Piano Potential: Discover the Art of Improvisation Are you ready to unleash your creativity and confidence at the piano? Welcome to a transformative journey where music theory meets artistic expression. In this online tutoring class, I specialize in piano improvisation, offering a unique approach that prioritizes freedom and self-assurance on the keys. What You'll Learn: Piano Improvisation: Delve into the exhilarating world of improvisation, where you'll learn to express yourself freely through music. Music Theory & Harmony: Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of music, empowering you to craft harmonious compositions with ease. Composition: Tap into your inner composer as you learn techniques to create original music that resonates with your unique style. Ear Training: Sharpen your listening skills and develop the ability to play by ear, enhancing your musical intuition and adaptability. This class is not about sight-reading or adhering to traditional classical methods. Instead, it's a dynamic exploration of musical expression and innovation. About Your Instructor: With a Masters (MA) in Music and a Grade 7 in music theory, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My experience extends beyond the classroom, as I actively compose for video games and short films/trailers, infusing my teaching with real-world insights and practical applications. I also live stream music on Twitch at where I compose fun orchestrated loops in styles of selected video game music or Jazz. Join me on this journey to unlock the full potential of your piano playing. Whether you're a beginner eager to explore new horizons or an experienced musician seeking to deepen your skills, this class is your gateway to musical liberation.
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Piano lessons - music theory and harmony - for any level (Budapest)
I started my lessons with Giorgia four months ago, and I am so glad to have found her. As a 26-year-old beginner, I was not sure if I should even try to pursue learning an instrument at this point. But now I am so glad I did! I am learning online, and I was a little unsure of how lessons via webcam would go. Despite my prejudice, everything turned out great, even though my setup is quite basic. Her approach to teaching is very creative. She is able to explain things that seem hard to put into words, and she always finds comparisons and descriptions that convey clearly little details of approach that make a lot of difference in the end result. For any difficulty I encountered, she presented methods of exercise that helped correct it. Another thing that I appreciate is that from one lesson to the next, the volume of work is challenging enough that I feel I am making progress, but not to the point that I am overwhelmed. Also, even though I am just beginning and the pieces are not that complex, she explains the musical interpretation in a way that not only helps me advance my skill but also enriches the way I understand and listen to music, and I find great value in that. Her manner of teaching is very organic, and she is a patient teacher with a warm presence. I wholeheartedly recommend her lessons!
Review by IULIANA
Piano Lessons in Classical and Contemporary Styles for Beginning-Advanced Levels (ages 6 and up) (Antwerp)
I had my first lesson today and I was immediately struck with the feeling that I am in the presence of a maestro in Piano playing, a professor in teaching and an extremely patient pedagogue. It was like Lydia knew me for years and instantaneously detected my strengths and my weaknesses in my piano playing and practice. I am an adult student and I highly recommend Lydia for all ages and all levels. An exceptional teacher that provides and exceptional lesson experience.
Review by CHAIM
Piano Lessons for young kids, students, and beginners.
Loreine is a very good piano teacher, my daughter had already several lessons with her and we are very happy with the progress. Can highly recommend to anyone. She is talented and very hard working teacher with lots of passion! But remember, that rest of hard work and practice you need to do yourself.
Review by EUGENE