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104 jazz music teachers in Brussels

Trusted teacher: 🎼Will I like the piano to be played with music? Ik heb nog vrije plaatsen 😉 Children and adults 🎶 All you need to know My name is Gilles and I give private piano lessons for all ages and levels. I adapt to the expectations and abilities of the student. I obtained a Master's degree in jazz piano at the Flemish Conservatory in Brussels, accompanied by a teaching diploma. But studies were never enough for me: what I love is music: playing it and transmitting it. The jazz trio Base-12, which I created, released a first album in 2019: it was very well received on the media scene. I am also the leader of my pop group TocToc. My artist name is Max Wolly, you can listen to me on Spotify, iTunes, etc. But enough about me (however, I had to reassure you about my musical and educational background). Are you already a keyboard expert and want to improve? In a short time, you will dare to start improvising on jazz standards: thanks to the very concrete and progressive exercises that I will offer you, and the audio examples that I will share with you, you will quickly discover a talent for solos. Are you just taking your first steps and want to progress? I find in every beginner the seed of genius (yes yes, I swear, everyone, whatever their level, has a seed of genius): you will be amazed to succeed very quickly in interpreting some legendary pieces of boogie, rock , swing, pop or bossa nova. The rest of the story will depend above all on your motivation, that is to say the pleasure you take in playing. For those who like technical details, know that I work with the Faber piano Adventures books, which I find very cool. But over time I also made this observation: each musician, each student, is unique. So there is no one way to teach. Long live tailor-made! I can also support you and coach you as best as possible to enter the music conservatory in the jazz section. My two favorite jazz pianists have always been Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. And I had the chance to study and work on my music from Bill Evans, Joey Calderazzo, etc. It is possible to take individual group lessons (2 to 3 students max of the same level having lessons at the same time) or individual lessons.
Piano · Jazz music · Music composition
Trusted teacher: Have you ever seen a saxophone and wondered how it feels to play it? It’s never too late to start! I will help you get started with the instrument. Do you already know how the instrument works? Great! Let’s take it to another level! I have plenty of study method books with a big range of different styles, we will find the ones that you enjoy the most and suit you better and combine it in the right way, to help you improve. Plus work on any music that you personally want to learn, name any song and I will help you learn how to play it! I myself had amazing and terrible music teachers during my learning process and believe me, I know what a difference makes... To really enjoy learning music or just to feel a ‘must study’, is the difference between ‘...I have to’ or ‘I want to!’. I finished a Bachelor and a Master's degree in the Music Conservatory (The Hague) and then spent five years in the jazz scene in New York City, which gave me a very wide experience. Whether you are a beginner or preparing to enter a Music Conservatory, I can help you. Classes description: I have different study books we can use depending on the level, Wastall, Klose, Voxman, classic duets, jazz duets, Rubank, Horen, Lezen & Spelen, etc.... Plus I can write for you the songs you want to learn.If you have specific needs of topics to learn I will adapt the lesson and material to it. If what you want is to start or develop further in jazz music and/or improvisation, I’m definitely ready to help you! Beginners: Start finding the sound of the instrument, where the notes are within all those keys, begin with learning how to read music if you don’t read yet, and find easy and fun songs to play to enjoy the instrument already. I can introduce you to the understanding of basic harmony and theory concepts to help understand better inside music that you are playing. Intermediate: We can get to improve the technique of the instrument, reading skills, get more precision, speed, sound and timing and musical expression. Advance the understanding of harmony, its beauty and its possibilities. If you like to work on improvisation we can get to discover how to enjoy improvising with all the technical tools you already learned in the past and enhance that material according to your taste. If you want to start with playing jazz music I can introduce you to first steps and nice and technically comfortable songs to begin with. Advanced: At an advanced level it’s very important to understand the direction you want to take and what you especially want to improve. However I can help you perfectionate sound and timing, rhythm, vibrato, etc..., work on the accuracy of the reading and at the same time make it sound musical and human. On jazz music and/or improvisation, expand the vocabulary for improvising, the knowledge of harmony, what you can do with the material you know from different perspectives, increase precision and sense of direction when phrasing lines, learn more jazz standards, help on original compositions. And of course share all the better understanding of jazz music I learned during my years in New York City.
Saxophone · Music theory · Jazz music
Trusted teacher: My name is Federico and I am a professional and Award Winning saxophone player. I currently work at Koninklijk Conservatorium of Bruxelles as an Assistant Professor of Jeroen Van Herzeele the jazz saxophone professor. I graduated at Conservatorio G.Martucci of Salerno (Italy) and had both Bachelor and Master with full marks with honors. During the course of my studies i also spent two academic years abroad , one at the Kask and Conservatorium of Ghent with the supervision of Bart Defoort and one at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Bruxelles with John Ruocco. In 2017 i won the "Massimo Urbani International Jazz Competition" prize that saw as head of the jury Kurt Rosenwinkel & Fabrizio Bosso. I play in several Jazz bands and I have been performing all around Europe. I recorded a solo album called "Right Now" with the famous Italian label "Philology Records" & the album"Supernova" with my own band. I also recorded several albums with different bands and of many styles, from jazz, funk to pop. I toured with the famous Italian Drummer Tullio De Piscopo (Pino Daniele, Mina, Astor Piazzolla's drummer) and also had the chance to make a variety of television appearances on Italian National Television (Rai1, Rai5, Rai3). Prizes & Awards - Progetto A.I.R. 2020 “artist in residence ” (Montrèal) Postponed due to Covid Emergency - Prize Tomorrow’s Jazz 2018 – Riga Jazz stage - (Veneto Jazz) - Winner of "Massimo Urbani International Jazz Competition" Prize - Audience Award "Massimo Urbani International Jazz Competition" Prize - Vita Vita Young Talent Award 2017 - 3rd place at Bucharest Jazz Competition 2014 (Cafèaria Quartet) - Finalist at Barga Jazz 2014 (Cafèaria Quartet) - Winner of ” Concorso Nazionale Campi Flegrei 2010” chamber music
Jazz music · Saxophone · Music theory
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Francesca is a committed, generous teacher, and her classes are the perfect mix between structure and creativity! I've made huge progress and gained self-confidence since the first lesson, thanks to regular, targeted exercises to train my voice and improve my breathing. Francesca understands well the issues and potential strengths of my voice, and adapts the class accordingly. Really happy so far, so I can only recommend :)
Review by LAURA
A classified vocal coach looking at helping you find your own unique voice (Saint-Gilles)
An outstanding singer, teacher and just a beautiful human-being. When I first came in, I had not believed in my ability to sing, but the lessons with Arianna became so addicting that I don't wish to stop now! She created a safe space from day 1 and brought my voice out, helped me crack it and polish it afterwards :) The best first tutor I could've had! Merci!
I have had several lessons with Francesco, and he is an excellent teacher! I am a beginner on the Double Bass but have previously played other instruments and know a bit about theory, so I really appreciate his versatility in expalining different musical aspects. I strongly recommend Francesco if you are looking for a music teacher!
Review by MARCO