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6 spanish teachers in Moscow

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Trusted teacher: Hello! I am Marisela, Teacher of English and Spanish for Foreigners ELE. I have a Certificate endorsed by the Instituto Cervantes of Spain. My mother tongue is Spanish (Castilian) and my second language is English and I am perfectly bilingual Spanish and English. I studied English at a university in the United States of America and I have worked in American Schools with Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School or students. In addition, I have also taught university students and adults in general. As well as I have lived and worked in different countries where English and Spanish are spoken. They are the most spoken languages ​​around the world. I like to organize the classes according to the learning objectives of each student, so my classes will be adapted to the level, needs, interests and rhythm of each student. I have many teaching materials and resources to use in my classes and the teaching materials and resources the student already has will be used as well. From a very young age, my great passion has always been languages ​​and I have stood out for being a very friendly teacher, with a lot of patience, very friendly and fun at the same time, creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere so that students feel comfortable, at ease and confidence for their learning. I have taught many students of all ages, cultures and nationalities and they have all achieved their goals in the shortest possible time. Oral interaction will be a leading agent in each of the classes. Emphasis will be placed on conversational Spanish. In this way, learning and understanding will be facilitated in a relaxed and comfortable environment and conversation will be practiced in the language of instruction, and pronunciation will be corrected. I have extensive international experience working in the field of Education teaching at levels from A1 to C2 for children, youth and adults in both English and Spanish. I have taught Spanish and English for 20 years and I have taught students from different countries, ages and nationalities at different levels of the English language as well as the Spanish language. In addition, I have a long career working as a Translator and Interpreter of English and Spanish and vice versa also internationally. I currently give private English and Spanish classes online and also face-to-face in Granada, Spain. I will be happy to help you achieve everything that you propose in terms of your level of Spanish! Hope to have you in my class! Thank you! Kind regards, Marisela.
Grammar · Spanish · Vocabulary
Trusted teacher: [Descripción en español, you can read in English below] Soy Miguel, nací en España, en la ciudad mediterránea de Valencia, vivo en el barrio de Ruzafa. Soy profesor nativo de español certificado por la Universidad de Nebrija: enseño y mejoro las habilidades de mis alumnos. Me oriento a sus objetivos, a sus conocimientos y a su perfil. Puedo impartir desde clases de conversación hasta preparación para certificados DELE (desde A1 hasta C2). Me gusta ser un profesor útil, aprovechar cada minuto de la clase, con planificación, pero también con espacio para la improvisación y para el uso del español en un entorno relajado. Tengo varios años de experiencia en clases online y presenciales de español: mi método se basa fundamentalmente en la conversación (soltura y fluidez) y en adquirir de forma práctica conocimientos gramaticales y de vocabulario, con los que poder mejorar. Mis intereses son, entre otros, la música, las finanzas, la agricultura local, el ajedrez, la actualidad política, la psicología y la lectura. También puedo preparar temas que le interesen al alumno para hablarlos y ampliar expresiones. La prioridad es avanzar en tu español con mi ayuda mediante la práctica y la conversación. ————— [English description] I’m Miguel, I was born in Spain, in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. I live in Ruzafa neighborhood. Likewise, I’m a native certified by Universidad de Nebrija Spanish teacher, I teach and improve my students skills. I focus on your goals, your knowledge and your unique needs. I can teach from conversation lessons to preparation for DELE certificates (from A1 to C2) I like to be a useful teacher, every lesson must be beneficial, with planning but with space for improvisation and the use of Spanish in a relaxed environment. I have 3 years of experience in online and face-to-face lessons: my method is based on conversation (acquiring fluency) and expanding, practically, your grammatical knowledge and vocabulary to improve. My interests are: music, finance, agriculture, chess, political news, psychology, and reading. I can also prepare topics that interest the student to talk about them. The priority is to advance in your Spanish with my help through practice and conversation.
Spelling · Writing · Spanish
Trusted teacher: I am a native speaker with ten years of experience and a degree in language teaching. I will help you learn and improve the language in a class that is tailored to your needs. If you are a beginner and you are interested in the language, if you want to live in the country and want to learn how to navigate life as a local, if you want to perfect your language or if you just want to improve your conversational skills, this class is for you. The classes are very flexible, the time, day and frequency are completely customizable according to your availability and needs. Soy una hablante nativa con 10 años de experiencia y diplomada en la enseñanza de las lenguas. Te ayudaré a aprender y mejorar tu idioma en unas clases adaptadas a tus necesidades. Si eres un(a) principiante interesado(a) en el idioma, si deseas vivir en el país y aprender a vivir en un país hispanoparlante, si quieres perfeccionar el idioma o simplemente mejorar la conversación, esta clase está hecha para ti. Las clases son totalmente flexibles, la hora, el día y la frecuencia están adaptadas a tu disponibilidad y necesidades. Je suis une parlante native avec 10 années d’expérience et diplômée en enseignement de langues. Je vous aiderai à apprendre et améliorer la langue dans un cours complétement adapté à vos besoins. Si vous êtes un(e) débutant(e) qui est intéressé(e) par la langue, si vous désirez habiter dans le pays et apprendre à vivre dans un pays où on parle l'espagnol, si vous voulez perfectionner votre langage ou bien simplement améliorer votre conversation, ce cours est fait pour vous. Le cours sont absolument flexibles, l’heure, le jour et la fréquence sont adaptés à votre disponibilité et vos besoins.
Spanish · French · Russian
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Lidia has been my teacher for over 6 months and my French is improving greatly thanks to her. Lidia puts a lot of thoughts and efforts into each lesson, is very clear with communication and patient with my beginners level. Lidia is precise and efficient. From the first moment of each lesson, Lidia sets a strong focus. Lidia has a fun sense of humour too, which makes the lessons enjoyable. I strongly recommend Lidia. She cares about what she does and thanks to Lidia, my French is noticeably improving.
Review by GLEN
French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Rabat)
Fawzi is friendly with an approachable manner. He is quick to understand your level of French and what needs to be achieved. He explains French very well and makes you feel comfortable even if you are inexperienced and looks for the positives in your approach to learning. I am happy with our training schedule so far and I hope to develop and gain confidence in my pronunciation of French and speaking.
Review by JUDE
Spanish French Russian and Portuguese classes and preparations for exams
Natalie is an amazing teacher - she is patient, very easy-going and detailed in her lessons. I am currently preparing with her for DELF A1/A2 and we are moving along at an incredible speed that is also comfortable. She is also flexible around your personal working schedules, which is very helpful. Highly recommend Natalie!
Review by SUCHI