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Trusted teacher: *For syllabus, of course, check below Language is an art and culture. This is one of the biggest realizations I have made during my journey to become a polyglot (Until now I'm improving my Dutch, and I know Spanish, English, French, and Arabic). Therefore, I like to share that passion I have through teaching Spanish the most, as it is one of the most beautiful languages I know. I prepared a fun and in-depth course specifically tailored for beginner/intermediate Spanish learners. This course tackles grammatical rules (starting with the present), pronunciations, and differences between Spain and Latin America. Moreover, I also like to teach some interesting facts about numerous Spanish-speaking countries, since as I said, language is culture too. A small overview of my course: My course is divided into 3 phases (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Kindly note that throughout these courses, always new vocabulary will be taught. Beginner: Greetings, the personal pronouns, the present form, reflexive verbs, numbers from 1 till 1,000, the past simple, imperfect, present perfect, and their different usage. Regular verbs and the three verb forms, important irregular verbs, different usage of some verbs (ser/estar), (traer, llevar) Casual conversations in different scenarios (to present oneself, to ask for directions...) Intermediate: Elaboration on adjectives, adverbs, demonstrative pronouns, personal pronouns, numbers from 1,000+. In-depth into verb conjugations: present perfect, past perfect, conditional. Conjugation in conditional statements. Introduction to the subjunctive that indicates uncertainty, and the imperative that indicates an order. Casual conversations in daily life Advanced: Here, practice will make perfect. Overview of everything learned, with elaboration on tougher verb tenses, such as the present perfect and past perfect in the subjunctive form. More detailed vocabulary.
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