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Trusted teacher: Folk or classical acoustic guitar. The teaching philosophy is adapted to the level of each individual, according to the pace of work and motivation. For example, for beginners: Technique of the plectrum or fingers, coordination and correction of the right and left hand. Learning basic chords, simple themes, simple rhythms, reading tablatures (...). For intermediaries: development of rhythm, construction of chords, writing of tablatures, basic notions of harmony (...). Depending on your goals, you can learn, if you wish, to play 60 to 80% of current music from the first lessons, which often use the same chords and the same techniques. The objectives take into consideration the following points: -Study of various playing techniques, chords, harmony, music of your choice, rhythm, with reading of tablature, teaching structured around the repertoire you like, technique of developing the musical ear - Discovery of the neck, notes and basic positions of open chords - Left / right hand coordination and rhythm exercises for the right hand - Learning of different pieces of your choice - Left hand control exercises, speed and precision - Learning arpeggios - Work around muscle memory - Learning improvisation, musical play with others - Ear training: use your ears to find chords, melodies, sounds and techniques used -Spend a pleasant moment of exchange, without unnecessary institutional pressure, while obtaining concrete results -Understand and discover the many facets of an exciting and user-friendly instrument - Benefit from personalized advice on your posture and certain pitfalls to avoid when starting alone -Adjust and clarify your self-taught knowledge - Learn tablatures / tabs & in English. Note : - Possibility to use the guitar available on site, during the test phase. - As our teacher is also a singing teacher, it is possible to combine the two disciplines: guitar + vocal instrument, and to work on synchronization, style and accuracy. - Possibility of offering this course (birthday, party, Christmas, event ...) to the person of your choice. THE TEACHER : Trained in Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, our teacher has specialized and has worked for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field, in renowned international public and private establishments, with careful pedagogy and methodology as the watchwords. PLACES : - Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Neuchâtel-Montreux-Bâle-Sion-Sierre-Morges-Bienne. But currently, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they have the advantages of direct (example: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (ex: loss of travel time), with additional advantages (ex: of notes on the chat, which can be reread afterwards). In this context, these videoconference sessions for which you have requested me, seem to arouse a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). At your request, I therefore continue to offer them.
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Trusted teacher: Part One Class 1: - Understanding the basic notions of the machine (Samples, Programs, Sequences) to be able to operate any of the different models and JJOS versions - Sampling (Recording) - Sampling Vinyls - Sort and manage properly all the elements of this area in your HD, CF and your Ram memory (Samples) - Saving your own Samples Class 2: - Sample Edit Mode - Create a Drum program and add your samples - Program Edit Mode Sort and manage properly all the elements of this area in your HD, CF, SD and your Ram memory (Samples and Drum Programs) - Saving your own programs and libraries (Samples and Drum Programs) Class 3: - Sequences - Create a channel and add your own programs - Programing a beat - Sequence edit mode - Sort and manage properly all the elements of this area in your HD, CF, SD and your Ram memory (Sequence, Midi files) - Saving your own Sequences or Midi files. Class 4: - Grid edit view - Differences between sequence and song - Song Mode - Create your first song - Sort and manage properly all the elements of this area in your HD, CF, SD and your Ram memory (.ALLSEQ&SONGS) - Saving your own Song Class 5: - Filters - LFO - ADSR and Filt envelope - Effects - Sound design Class 6: - Pad and Channel Mixer mode - Signal routing and Mix - FX setups - Effects: Insert Effects - Send/Return Effects (New models only) - Sort and manage properly all the elements of this area in your HD, CF, SD and your Ram memory (.PJ) - Saving your own Project Part two Class 7: - Link different effect templates to a Sequence (Old models only) - List edit Mode - Recording Automation - Sort and manage properly all the elements of the MPC in your HD, CF and your Ram memory (effect templates) - Saving your own effect templates Class 8: - Chopping Samples (Converting, Processing and Assigning Slices) - Keygroup Programs (Old models with JJOS or new models only) Plugins programs (New models only) Midi Programs (Old models with JJOS or new models only) Class 9: - A brief introduction to the Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and General Midi. - Midi channels - Control messages - Program Change/Bank change - Midi CC controllers - Midi implementation chart Class 10: - Midi tracks - Midi clock - Connect, control and send your Midi track’s or Midi parameters to an external midi device like a synth or drum machine - Recording a Midi track’s to control an external midi device like a synth or drum machine - Sync properly your MPC with any DAW - Create, design and save studio sets or/and live sets properly - How to find the best way to build “Projects” and “LiveSets” according to your musical genre Class 11: - Producing one track or live performance with a complete standalone setup (WITHOUT ANY COMPUTER) - Supervised production Class 12: - Presentation of your Final Project in a live performance
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Music is the best skill and tool for traveling to different times and places! Thus, I would like to invite you on an exquisite adventure. Oud and Tanbour are two prominent instruments from the family of stringed instruments that give you the ability to perform a type of music (Gahan music) that we know as Modal/ Maqam music to Dast-Gahi music from the past centuries until today. Our comprehensive approach to this music system, spanning from Central Asia to the Mediterranean, ensures that you will gain a deep understanding of this rich civilization. Through inspiring and amusing lessons, we will cover ear training, reading music scores, techniques, and music theory and history. And, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to develop your playing skills by making music together. - Old/Old To become a skilled oud player, it is essential to learn one of the oud playing styles. These lessons will focus on the Iranian oud playing style, which boasts a fixed repertoire from Maqam music to Dast-Gah music. Alongside ear training and reading music scores, we will excitingly elevate your playing technique, enabling you to perform a variety of pieces from the masters of this music style. While the oud has a long and diverse historical past, our approach will be thoroughly contemporary, ensuring that you can connect with this instrument in a modern and engaging way. -Tanbour Playing Tanbour is a journey into the heart of Sufi and mystical thought. This instrument demands a high level of technique, Sonority, and Musicality, allowing you to connect deeply with the music and touch your audience's soul. I will guide you through a contemporary approach to playing Tanbour, including improvisation and composition, through a series of classified pieces and exercises. Get ready to be inspired and to inspire others with the epic power of the Tanbour. - Music Theory Lessons (cognitive approach in the practice of Persian Music) Music appreciation is designed to teach students how to understand and describe the contexts and creative processes involved in music composition, recognize what is being heard and what to listen for, and understand sound and melody. What is the time signature? What instruments are being played? What are you feeling while listening to this piece, and why? The term "appreciation" has roots in philosophy, described in this context as the understanding of the value and merit of different styles of music. Our primary focus for this method is a cognitive approach to the practice of Iranian Cultural Civilization, known as Persian Music.
Sound (music) · Music composition · Music theory
FL studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that has been one of the most used software in the professional field as well as for pure hobbyists for years. For me, Daniël, it led to graduating from the Herman Brood Academy as a Pop/HipHop producer in 2015, as well as winning the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam in 2021. In the meantime, I have done (co)productions for artists including Topnotch (Universal), and my most recent tracks have been heard on BBC1Xtra Radio, for example. With my lessons I would like to help you from the basics in your development as a music producer. All lessons are tailor-made and practice-oriented, with the necessary theory being applied on site when this is essential. I know from experience that this is the best way to learn in combination with many repetitions of such actions. It is not only effective, but also very fun! The following topics are covered: - Drum programming - Different rhythms - Use of Samples - Basic theory (Volume, clipping, panning, BPM, MIDI notation) - FL Studio software essentials (Convert your own tune to .MP3 and .WAV, Shortcuts, audio and layout settings) - Use of Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instruments - melodies - Structure of a song (composition) - Basic mixing and mastering techniques - Basic sound design Naturally, the topics are adapted to your level, but more importantly to your wishes. So do you have a specific genre that you would like to specialize in? Then we will do our best together to develop you into such a producer! Before we start, I think it's important to mention that fun really comes first. Music is a beautiful means through which we can express ourselves as we want and therefore we can also create what we want. Regardless of the guidelines, no mistakes can be made when it comes to creative expression. It is therefore extremely important to me that you feel comfortable! To ask? Reassure them, and otherwise see you soon!
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Trusted teacher: I kindly and passionately lead you to: · minimize practice time and maximize progress · effectively cope with stage fright · alleviate playing-related pain Greetings! I'm Maja, a seasoned violin instructor with a decade of teaching experience. Holding a Master's degree from the prestigious Mozarteum University in Salzburg, I am dedicated to crafting personalized lessons tailored to your unique needs and talents. Over the past 10 years, I've honed my teaching approach to foster an analytical, conscious method of violin playing. My emphasis on kind correspondence ensures a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. By employing a relaxed, step-by-step problem-solving technique, we delve into understanding how the brain learns, paving the way for your musical growth. In addition to classical music, I specialize in various genres, including world music, and offer guidance in improvisation, providing you with a diverse and well-rounded musical experience. Moreover, I can assist you in overcoming stage fright, empowering you to shine confidently in your musical performances. Having earned my MA in Salzburg, a city renowned for its musical legacy, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every lesson. My ultimate goal is to equip you with the skills to independently overcome any challenges in your violin journey, making you your best teacher. Embark on this musical adventure with me, and let's create beautiful melodies together! I'm here to guide you towards self-sufficiency in your violin playing. Book your first lesson now and unlock the full potential of your musical journey!
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Guitar and music lessons from a CvA graduated teacher in Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
I think that learning as an adult is a bit challenging. However, Santiago's classes are fun and it feels easy to learn. I feel I am progressing and I enjoy the lessons. Also, in every class, I discover something new about music! He is also relaxed while teaching which helps a lot when I make mistakes. ​I love learning with him :)
Review by DIANA
Teaching Jazz/Pop/Classical piano for Children or adults (Copenhagen)
I really enjoy having lessons with Asli because Asli is a super sensitive teacher who is able to adapt her lessons to my needs. She creates a judgement free learning environment which gives me a lot of security what makes learning piano more joyful and relaxing. I can highly recommend her to any other student!
Review by CAREN
Violin Lessons, Music Theory, effectively cope with stage fright
Maja is a wonderful violin teacher. She is an experienced, intelligent and gifted music instructor. Her enthusiastic, intuitive approach to students challenges makes learning a most delightful and rewarding experience. I highly recommend Maja for music study.
Review by LARI