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Sound (Music)
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Trusted teacher: Do you like to sing? Do you want to increase your abilities? Do you want to learn to use the full range of your voice with taste and pleasure? I am a professional singer with experience in singing. I am a Master's in Performing Arts at the Academy of Arts in Slovakia and at the HEM Master in Special Interpreting in Geneva. During my studies I attended several master classes with famous artists such as Mirella Freni, Patricia Petibon, Mara Zampieri, Luciana D'Intino and many others. My classes are adapted to all levels (from 14 years) and are tailored to the individual needs of each student. I give my races in French, English, Italian and Hungarian. The program consists of - Pose the voice: you learn vocal technique with the use of deep breathing with the diaphragm and the toracic break and to emit the full, round and vibrating sounds, without wobbling or trembling, with ease without forcing the volume of the voice. - Repertoire: the range of lyrical repertoire is very wide. You have to find the right personal song for everyone at the base of their voice, preferences and musical taste. - Emotions: with music one can express a very wide range of emotions. To be able to express emotions which one wants, one must know them and understand them. With the help of specific exercises one can learn how to memorize positive emotions and how to overcome negative emotions such as tracking. - Solfége: for beginners I also propose the course of the basis of solfege (musical writing, rhythm and musical theory) on request, which can be part of the course of singing. The course can take place at the addresses set in Geneva or at the student's home in Geneva.
Voice (music)
How to learn to sing? To sing just and well? To answer these complex questions, I was interested in phonatory mechanisms, with speech therapists and phoniatres, I studied singing with a dozen singing teachers, I participated in many Masterclasses and trained myself in different institutions: first at the conservatories of Vaulx-en-Velin and Mâcon, then at the Regional Conservatory of Montpellier, and finally at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne where I am currently studying with Leontina Vaduva. It is first of all through passion that I want to convey what I have learned. This is felt, according to the words of my students, in my way of teaching that reconciles the rigor of art and the pleasure of singing. In my pedagogical approach, I clearly separate the vocal technique and the art of singing, that is to say the management of an objective mechanism, physical and physiological, of sound production (articulation of the language, management of the pressures subglottic and supra-glottic to achieve a pneumo-phono-resonantial balance), and the shaping of this sound to achieve musical beauty (make a beautiful "legato" line, tempo variations, nuances, etc.). ). When I start with a new student, I first make a diagnosis to determine the range of voice, the level of resonantial passages, and check the health of the larynx (tone, endurance, flexibility). The typical course begins with vocal technique exercises and ends with the work of a musical piece. I adapt my course according to the needs of each one (for example, I can start with an exercise of relaxation, of breath, or a physical warm-up), but also according to the desires and the tastes of the pupil (the technical part will last longer or shorter). When I move for a single student, far from Lausanne, I ask to be defrayed. From three students, and in Lausanne, I travel for free. For students, I can adapt my rate.
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Coach piano & musique, claviers et introduction à la musique assisté par ordinateur (Nyon)
Markus is teaching my 9year old daughter the piano and she is happy how things are going. Markus is very friendly and patient and my daughter enjoys the lessons and is learning new pieces and new techniques. Thank you Markus for your effort.
Review by DORIS
Avez-vous toujours rêvé de jouer du violon? Lancez-vous! (Schlieren)
Very thorough and well thought out lesson. Maude is very friendly and welcoming and I would recommend her to any age group.
Review by KATRINA
Cours de Harpe (Lausanne)
Great teacher, mainly focused on children's teaching; however, capable of helping any age
Review by JACOB

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