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    Learn Chinese culture and language, communication, and learn character writing

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    Laureate of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Chinese Studies, at the Confucius Institute.
    Having the teaching of foreign languages and audiovisual as a part-time job allowed me to gain experience; I know this area well and I am competent to lead a course. By working with comrades of different nationalities (French, Chinese, English, American, African ...) in festivals and seminars I have well developed the competence of cross-cultural communication.
    My courses are aimed at young and old alike, from those who want to know the basics of Mandarin to those who prepare for competitions or who wish to improve their pronunciation / accent. I can also teach you to write Chinese symbols if you want. Depending on the objectives of each, I undertake to propose an adapted methodology, which can then be discussed in order to be optimized according to the requests.
    Smiling in life and serious at work. My studies and my stay in China allow me a good command of the Chinese language, a rich knowledge of the didactics of Chinese, as well as a strong communication capacity. In addition, I have a good level of Mandarin Chinese (level 1,2 3 and 4 in the oral and written Mandarin test which is called HSK and HSKK). My academic background in journalism allowed me to perfect my journalistic writing skills which encouraged me to write many articles in Simplified Chinese, as well as I developed my translation skills.

    Except the language, I will be able to explain Chinese calligraphy and Chinese culture (Chinese history, mythology, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) to you at the same time. I developed these subjects for 3 years and presented in the university "SKEMA Business School" for one year. Besides the Chinese language course, you can also learn about my Chinese culture topics. It's up to you.
    In addition, I master 2 Chinese instruments, the bamboo flute (Dizi / 笛子) and Guqin (古琴). If you are interested, I will be happy to give you instructions.
    I also do martial arts, we can talk about it.
    I look forward to your message!


    Online via webcam

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    Chinese for adults, School
    Japanese for adults, School


    Preschool children (4-6 years old)
    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, Japanese, English, Arabic, Chinese

    About Me

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    • Good relationship with parents of students.
    • Interactive learning.
    • Ability to teach different languages with a multitude of methods and languages.
    • Creativity in the preparation of lessons since I am a laureate of an art school.
    • Patience with children.
    • Ability to manage an entire class


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    2014/2015: Bachelor's degree option: Modern letters mention "very good".
    2014/2017: Winner of the Higher Institute of Audiovisual and Film Professions in Rabat where I obtained my specialty degree: film production and production.
    2014/2018: student at the Confucius Institute in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
    2016/2017: Mandarin Chinese language student in China at Chengdu University.
    2014/2018: student of the Japanese language at Mohammed V University
    2014/2018: Turkish language student at the Yunus Emre Institute.
    2015/2018: Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations at Mohammed V Rabat-Agdal University.
    2017/2018: first year student master: "PROCAN" production of audiovisual and digital content at the Higher Institute of Information and Communication of Rabat.
    August 2016: participation in the summer camp in China. For a period of one month.
    June 2017: Holds certificates of level 1,2, 3 and 4 of the oral Chinese proficiency test "HSKK" and writes "HSK" organized by the Chinese faculty HANBAN in Beijing.
    MAY2017-July2017: Chinese language student at the Hanban faculty in Shanghai for 2 months and Jiangsu University in Hong Kong for one month through a scholarship of excellence of international cooperation .
    May2017: participation in the international competition of the Chinese language "Chinese bridge" organized by the Chinese government in partnership with the Hanban faculty in China and the Confucius institute in Morocco.
    September 2016-November 2018: student of the Russian language

    Experience / Qualifications

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    January 2015/2016: teacher of the Chinese language at the RAWAFID language center in Rabat-Agdal.
    • Offer high quality language courses.
    • Participate in the development of a program for the school year.
    • Use various teaching techniques to teach different levels.
    • Organize cultural activities: calligraphy, Oyasumi, Chinese cooking, meditation, introduction to martial arts ....
    June2015- September 2016: trainee in an English to Chinese translation office in Rabat.
    June 2016-October 2017: Courses for the benefit of a student of French nationality in 6 th, who has seen his notes Increase.
    • Indeed, since I am still a student I can understand where your children have gaps and explain to them in a simple and fun way.
    September 2016- July 2017: English and Chinese language teacher at the "MJS UNITED" language center
    • Use different approaches to ensure student success.
    • Propose appropriate homework and controls at the middle level of the classroom.
    • Integrate educational games and the use of new technologies to facilitate language learning.
    • Rate students based on their abilities.

    September 2016 - July 2017: Trainee teacher: SCARFATSH language center in Kenitra.
    • Gain experience and knowledge on the best methods of teaching foreign languages.
    • Preparation methods for international examinations of the Chinese language HSK and HSKK all levels.
    April2017- May2017: trainer of the Chinese language in a development company "SQli" for the benefit of computer engineers in Rabat-Hay Riyadh.
    February 2017-March2017: preparation of students and officials wishing to pass the Chinese HSK and HSKK proficiency exams in the French Institute of Rabat

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    from $27.08Online via webcam

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    • Instructor since December 2018

    Availability of a typical week

    from $27.08Online via webcam

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.



    Learn Chinese language and culture (all levels)
    "It's Chinese"!? Maybe, but he is very mysterious and logical. With me, you will learn how this logic works, and you will also discover, the beauty of its originality. I give tutoring since 2010 and my students are all ages. (they are teenagers, adults, or retired) My classes are written and spoken, and I hope to be able to talk to you in Chinese. The goal is of course to be able to speak it. I base my texts on dialogues, stories, great moments of China, but also poems, songs, culture, etc. I personalize all my documents, so the level adapts to the interest of all. I have also created a "WhatsApp" group to make day-to-day learning easier, as it is important to keep it entertaining. I am really passionate about my work, and will be happy to teach you my native language.

    Experienced teacher to teach Chinese and Math for adults and Children at your location or online
    Dear all, I am living around Geneva Switzerland . I offer lessons in Chinese and Math. since 2016 I have been tutoring school students and adults on a weekly base. I have more than 4 years experience to teach maths for international students from primary school to high school in English. I have also been tutoring Chinese language for adults as well as children in the school of TheLanguageCenter at Ferney Voltaire. I create lessons based on the student's needs and interests. If needed I will hand out exercises to be done at home and some notes on the lesson.

    Chinese turor for Chinese/ Mandarin (simplified and traditional )
    Giving my background in Foreign Languages and Literature as my bachelor study, and Adult and Continuing Education as my master degree, I gain great professional abilities in languages and education. Since I was 18 years old, I've been offering language teaching to the students, who are from 5-70 years old. I possess a wide range of Mandarin teaching experiences that I've given one-to-one and group classes before, and even online classes to people all over the world, through which I gained all the experiences teaching people with all the different culture and also all levels from A1-C2, and even with the clients who need to prepare for Mandarin verification exams( HSK, Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì). When it comes to the most forgettable teaching experience I've ever had, I think it was my former job that I gave language and culture class in a community university for 3.5 years. There, I merged language teaching, diversified culture, with European and South-East Asian cooking, and it was certainly a great fun. I am now also working in the international school in Geneva for the IB exam system, which is pretty challenging, but it broadens my abilities. With more than 10 years of working in the Mandarin as well as English tutor/ teaching field, I believe my qualifications will match your learning requirements.

    Chinese Mandarijns en Kantonees in Gent en Merelbeke
    I am Chinese, living in Merelbeke which is very close to Ghent. I have certificate of Putonghua Shuiping ceshi (PSC) from Beijing China. Putonghua is Mandarin. I could speak Cantonese and also know Simplified Chinese characters from china and Traditional Chinese characters from Taiwan and Hong Kong. I can also help you to prepare for HSK test. I spreak basic Nederlands, but the lesson will be in English or Chinese. I am a nice and flexible person, I could give lesson at your place or via internet, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Due to special situtation now. Apprentus suggest only Online lesson should be given.

    Chinese Language Teaching - for Beginners & Intermediate Level
    Native Chinese speaker with TCSOL qualification recognised worldwide. Also qualified to Teaching Chinese as Second Language program by National Taiwan Normal University. Experienced in teaching children with no foundation in Chinese language at all, as well as working adults in Business Chinese. If you found yourself interested in speaking/writing/reading Chinese.

    Chinese language and culture class in Nice in French or English WITH Chinese traveler
    A lot of experience to give courses in French or English for students of different national and age. In general I make a study plan for each student according to their situations and goals, then gives the courses systematically.

    learn Japanese culture and language (all levels)
    I studied Japanese, oral and written, for 10 years, including 2 years in Japan. I have a JLPTn2 as well as a bachelor's and a master's degree in Asian studies. In addition, I have experience as a teacher. My way of teaching Japanese is primarily aligned with the learner's objectives and the time he will have to devote to them. Whether it is grammar at all levels, discussion, reading, preparation for a trip to Japan, I will be happy to help.

    Mandarin Chinese Courses with native speaker - Learn Chinese in a systematic and fun way!
    Hi, I'm Shan. Glad to meet you here! I was born and brought up in China. I specialize in teaching Mandarin Chinese to both absolute beginners and advanced-level students. No matter you are preparing for future career, HSK exams or out of pure interest, your goal will be achieved with my professional instruction. My class is organized and fun. With my instruction, you will get an efficient and enjoyable learning process. Step by step, you will be able to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently! Three key characteristics of my class: Student-centered Culturally related Tailor-made curriculum Ready to start? Send me a message!

    Chinese language tutoring for any level speaking,reading and writing
    I specialize in tutoring Chinese language.I'm a Master degree of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. And my major of Bachelor degree is Teaching Chinese As Second Language. I have been teaching Chinese for several years,get a lot of experiences,especially in Daily life Chinese and HSK. Now i'm still teaching.My students come from many countries,I enjoy the time with them very much.And my class is funny and enlightening. They love my class,they can get much from my class.If you study with me,I will make a good study plan for your need, and i'm sure you will like my class.My purpose for teaching is to make learning Chinese easier!

    Learn Japanese from a native speaker in Geneva center!
    Konnichiwa! I am Japanese, born in Kyoto and raised in Japan. I have been teaching in companies and language schools daily conversational and business Japanese to students ranging from teenagers to company executives. Previously I worked for training companies to provide personalized learning programs. So in my lessons, I customize each course depending on the learner's level and needs, helping to achieve learning objectives. Also, I studied and worked in the US, China, Japan and Europe and I am interested in culture, traveling, art, technology, health, education etc... If you like to learn, feel free to contact me!

    Tailored Chinese course with FUN(webcam via SKYPE available)
    Are you searching for a tailored Chinese course which meets your personal learning goals? No matter with Traveling purpose, for business affairs, academical achievement, or attracted by the Chinese Culture, you'll reach your learning goals step by step with my assistance. I'm an experienced certified Chinese teacher with a master degree of educational psychology, I design each lesson of my course in a delicate way in order to assist you to discover this beautiful language and gain confidence with your progress. Follow me and start learning Chinese efficiently with FUN ( different learning targets on demand !)

    Foreign language courses: French, English, Chinese
    As a French student, I give language courses, particularly in French (mother tongue), English (level C2) and Chinese (level B2). In France, at the university of AIX-MARSEILLE, I have a degree in English-Chinese LEA (Applied Foreign Languages). This degree allows us to learn both languages and to improve our knowledge of them. The courses are varied and go from grammar to phonetics or from Chinese geopolitics to translation. I have taken various language trips which have helped me to improve my language skills. French being my mother tongue, I master it perfectly! Having lived in China and the United States, I was able to enrich my linguistic knowledge directly in the heart of the country. My goal is to teach the chosen language to the student in a playful way, both written and oral, without overloading him or her. Sometimes I give homework to the student to make the learning process even better!

    Do you want to speak Chinese with confidence and use the right vocabulary?
    • My mother tongue is Mandarin. • I teach English and Chinese classes to children in 2 private schools. • To teach adults, I would focus on conversation and vocabulary. • I love Asian cuisine, you can cook together by practicing Chinese! • I give priority to spoken language but memorizing vocabulary is a must. • Among DIY activities, songs, cooking, drawing, painting. • I start the lessons with immersion, then I adapt how to learn by student.

    Professional Chinese lecture/Chinesisch, Ancient Chinese text/Klassisches Chinesisch, Chinese literature, philosophy and culture
    The class will be designed according to your expectation (speaking or writing, language or culture), level and learning experience. We will combine textbook learning and special training sections. The class will be rigid but enjoyable. Students must accomplish before-class preparation and after-class homework. I was a lecturer of high-level Chinese language course at Asien-Orient-Institut University of Zurich.

    Chinese/ Chinois (Mandarin) Spoken Course for All Levels
    你好! I am Lena. I hold a bachelor's degree of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and I did my Master degree in Social Science in the UK. I am now currently doing an internship in Switzerland. My experience working and studying in different continents enabled me to understand different languages, and spread Chinese culture and language among my international friends. Chinese is a charming language with substantial historic and cultural contexts. If you feel like learning Mandarin, practice to get emotionally and situationally involved in the language is one of the most effective approach. In this way, you’ll remember things a lot better if you feel it when you learn it. This isn’t only my experience. In the courses, I will be able to provide suggestions for suitable learning materials, and help you to find a approach that suits you to improve your spoken Chinese. The content of the course will be designed based on your practical use and interest, and I will combine the most interesting and trendy issues with the topics to enable an enjoyable learning experience.The course could be delivered both online of offline (If you are currently in Geneva). Besides the mentioned above, I am very keen on discussing about the food, history, tourist attractions, and other cool stuffs in China, as well as my own interesting experiences in different countries. I also have knowledge and experience of Chinese Calligraphy, and it could be introduced and practiced in the courses too. If you are interested, feel free to ask a question or send me a message. Let's break down learning Mandarin while making new friends!