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Cours de piano, solfege à votre domicile pour toutes

Hello. I am piano teacher. I give private lessons in Geneva.
I speak russian, ukrainian, english and french.

I have experience of 9 years working with children of different ages and levels.
I graduated high school in Kiev as a piano soloist and teacher of high education institution, also now I study pedagogy in Haute ecole de musique in Geneva. I use Russians methods in my practice, it's one of the best schools in the world. For beginners, I choose the repertoire for children from books ( B.Milich, A.Artobolevskaya, I. Korolkova, O.Sotnikova etc., American (James Bastien, John Thompson), Japanese (Suzuki). Also we choose pieces which they love and enjoy to play, it can be anything.
Mostly, I work with classical music but also I can teach to play jazz and pop.
I will be happy to answer to any questions.


At student's location: Around Geneva, Switzerland

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Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



45 minutes
60 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English, Ukrainian, Russian

About Me

Professeur de piano ayant 9 années d’expériences avec des étudiants de tous âges, donne des leçons privées en anglais, en français et en russe. J'étudie actuellement à la Haute École de Musique à Genève.
Je suis l'artiste de l'ensemble (chambre), accompagnateur, professeur de l'établissement d'enseignement supérieur (professeur-instrumentaliste (forte-piano), l'artiste-soliste-instrumentaliste (forte-piano), directeur (seigneur) dans le domaine de la culture et des loisirs (art musical).
Tous mes élèves apprécient mes leçons et ils sont très heureux qu'ils puissent progresser très rapidement.


2004-2009 - Secondary special music school in Kiev named after N.Lysenko
2009-2013 - Kiev institute of music named after R.Glier (bachelor)
2009-2013 - national pedagogical university named after M.Dragomanova ( psychology)
2013-2014 - Kiev institute of music named after R.Glier ( specialist)
2017-2019 Haute école de musique à Genève

Experience / Qualifications

2009-2014- private music teacher in Kiev
2013- Kiev palace for children
2014- Kiev international university
2015-2016-children's and youth center in Kiev
2016-2018- freelancer, concert pianist
2018-2019 - music teacher in Ecole Montessori Aquilae in Geneva.

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Recommended! Good teacher!
Really rich and useful lesson. Very professional teacher

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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Organ Lessons - Organ lessons - lezioni di organo.
Student in Master of organ at the High School of Music in Geneva gives course organ (or piano or solfège or harmony). The instrument used is a mechanical organ in a church in Geneva. I also teach in Milan at a musical association for 2 years and I have a lot of experience with children and adults. Organ lessons: possibility to work the repertoire of all times but also to work piano, harmony and counterpoint and basic forms of improvisation. It is also possible to work the organ as an instrument in the service of the liturgy. I have a master's degree in Italian literature and my classes are open to general musical culture and history of music but also to the history of literature and art history.

Viola Lessons in English in Geneva and Vaud!
Hello! My name is Michael and I propose the viola lessons in English! With over 10 years teaching experience of the new and rapidly progressive method offering lessons to students of all ages and ability levels! It's never too late to start! If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me directly on this website, See you!

Piano lessons with a personalized methodology
If you love music and would like to play the piano, if music is your passion, you can discover it together. For adults and children, music is for everyone.I am passionate about teaching music and piano.I can give the course in English, French or Spanish.Rendez your dream come true.

Piano, Theory, Harmony, Improvisation, Composition
Professional pianist with certified diploma in classical piano and harmony, with additional seminars in jazz improvisation and an extensive experience in group work and live performances in Brasilian jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, Funk, Soul and Acid jazz, offers lessons in piano and keyboard techniques, solfège, jazz harmony, improvisation, ear training, composition and music technology (hardware, software). References are available upon request. *** Pianiste professionnel diplômé au piano et harmonie, avec des séminaires en improvisation jazz et beaucoup d’expérience de travail en groupe et sur scène en musique contemporain (jazz brésilien, jazz afro-cubain, funk, soul et acid jazz) offre des cours de piano/claviers, solfège, harmonie jazz, improvisation, entraînement d’oreille, composition et technologie de musique (hardware, software). Des references sont disponibles sur demande.

Learn piano and / or solfeggio in a dynamic way.
The piano and music theory courses are addressed to people who want to start, and also for those who already have bass and who want to advance, improve or strengthen their knowledge. In order to make my classes attractive, I create a dynamic and above all interactive environment. For me, it's very important to give students a way to find answers to their own questions. I guide them to learn how to search so that they can progress and develop their learning skills.

Piano lessons for all ages and all levels / Piano lessons for everyone!
PIANO LESSON I offer piano lessons at home or at home in Geneva. I graduated with a Master and a DEPA (3rd cycle) from the University of Montreal. I am currently doing another Master at the HEM in Geneva. I have 9 years of teaching experience and I am dynamic, patient and passionate about piano! Whatever your level and objective, I can offer personalized courses for beginners or advanced. See you soon, I hope PIANO LESSONS I am offering piano lessons at my place in Geneva or I can also come to you, if you have a piano. I have a master 's degree and a DEPA degree in University of Montreal and I am doing a second master' s degree in HEM (Geneva). I have been teaching for 9 years now Whatever your goal and level is, I can help you! Lessons are interactive and will be adapted to your needs.

Classical / Modern / Jazz Piano Lessons: Graduate HEM & Jazz Student
Pianist of 29 years in Master of Interpretation with honors at the prestigious HEM Academy of Naples, now studying jazz at CPMDT in Geneva under the guidance of Mathieu Rossignelly very appreciated on the Swiss and European scene, gives lessons in Music and Music. Piano for everyone who: 1. want to start studying piano music; 2. wish to resume playing this marvelous musical instrument; 3. Are students of a conservatory or music school wishing additional accompaniment; Classical music 1700, 1800, 1900, jazz, swing, bebop, modal. I remain attentive to each student and adapt my methods accordingly. Each course will be made for each student to progress even at the technical level of musical sensitivity. For those who are going to start, the goal is to give you what will be needed so that you can play well the desired directories. Course given at home, on a new Yamaha grand piano. Feel free to contact me for more information!

Guitar - Tier I Classical, Accompaniment, Rhythm, Solfeggio, History of the guitar
Playing the guitar of different styles, having completed the first studies of musical training (solfeggio) and having already taught, I would like to share my knowledge to people interested in it. My course is for people wishing to learn acoustic guitar or classical (preferably ...) or who would like to play pieces of accompaniment with friends, or even who would like to develop a musical sense. The goal of my class is, in the end, you obviously have the basics to play guitar, but also that you can have fun alone or with friends, or even compose music and songs.

music lessons
Dynamic and creative courses in the perspective of a technical and musical work. All ages and all levels I propose piano lessons / solfege at home. Graduate of the Conservatoire Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva. Master in musical pedagogy.

Piano lessons at home, beginner and intermediate.
I'm a student in Geneva and I've been playing the piano for more than 15 years, and I've been teaching for over a year. Whether you have basics or not, all it takes is a piano to start ^^ With me no style of music is imposed, you choose what you like most, and we will find your learning rhythm, the goal is to make you as autonomous as possible in the practice of this great instrument.

Professional artists, Semi professional, Passionate, Curious, Lovers, Singers in the shower: this concerns you! With the CVT Method (Completed Vocal Technique) reach your goals quickly! Everything is possible for everyone !!! Make a first session and see for yourself ... Training possible in: French, English, Italian and Danish Singing lessons are for anyone wanting to sing, from all backgrounds, styles and levels, whatever your goal: professional, leisure, simple pleasure or well-being personal development. Private lessons are 100% personalized, we work according to your wish and your personal goal. Everything is done through music and we add the technique when it is necessary. The purpose of the vocal technique is to readjust muscular tension so that you can sing freely, reach dream notes and find exactly the desired sound.

Classical singing, pop and vocal coaching in Paris
Italian singer-songwriter (soprano) holds a Master's degree in operatic singing from the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, offering classical, pop / current vocal and italian, espanol and espanol lessons in Paris. Ten years of experience. Work on breathing, posture, vocalises, technique, solfège, interpretation. For all ages and all levels. At home in Paris.

GUITAR AND / OR ZANGLES - Antwerp and surroundings - private
G etar and singing: For beginners and advanced, young and old. Everyone receives a personal lesson plan and objectives. No nutritional knowledge is required. The lessons take place in a pleasant demo room or at your home. At your own pace I will get to know you the guitar and its possibilities so that you can quickly play your favorite songs. If you come to sing, I will lift you to unprecedented heights through my knowledge and experience. I like to coach motivated people who can make time to develop musically. I expect commitment and then it can go quickly. Several students of mine are now enjoying some success in the music bizz. Partly because of their perseverance but also because of the training they received. I am a music coach and guide you in a pleasant, successful way through an educational period. Students of secondary or higher education receive a personal discount. If you want more details or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Musical greetings, Danny PS: for an English translation: please call me

Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons ♫ Let's bang out!
Hello, Electric & Acoustic Guitar tuition from complete beginners to advanced. (Also Ukulele lessons would be available if fancy) I'm an experienced live and session musician and graduated from Tech music school in London UK. I have recently moved into Berlin. I've been a member of RGT(Registry Of The Guitar Tutor in UK and now in Germany). As well as I currently hold the Electric Guitar Exam Grade 8, RGT Teaching diplomas DipLCM(TD) and RGT ACLM(TD). RGT is an UK-based music teaching organisation and offers a wide range of internationally recognized exams, in partnership with London College of Music Exams (one of the world's most respected music examination boards, established since 1887) and certificated by the University of West London. If anyone considers taking up the guitar exams and become a qualified guitarist, I can back you up. Any styles, pop/rock/blues/jazz/funk/classical guitar etc. Whatever songs/riffs/comps/(16th note) strumming patterns (lead guitar/rhythm guitar) harmony and music theory, solfeggio(aural) and so on. Lessons will be tailored to you. it's not brain surgery. it's going to be a lot of fun! I can travel to your house or you come to my place. Also Skype lesson would be available. Lessons are always for students. So enjoy playing the guitar and lessons to move up to next level. Any further questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for reading and look forward to working with you. You can't afford to miss it!! cheers Ryo

la Pianiste
Classes & Piano Coaching, Webcam Classes, Art Therapy
Personalized piano lessons, any style, any level, from 8 years, exam support. Effective coaching by Webcam. 20 years experience. Serious and followed guaranteed. Solid musical and piano training. Graduate of Conservatory. Patience, pedagogy, user-friendliness, and guaranteed results. Piano Lesson solfège Video conferencing coaching Art therapy