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Trusted teacher: COVID-19: Due to the health crisis, all precautions are taken to protect students: - Room with 2 pianos, the grand piano for the student, the acoustic upright piano for myself - Only one student at a time - Different entry / exit direction with waiting room equipped with an upright piano - Hydroalcoholic gel available - Wearing a mandatory mask (come with) - Keyboard and seat disinfection between each student Distance courses are offered. Concert pianist, former student of Yvonne LEFEBURE, founder and Artistic Director of the International Piano Competition of Ile de France (Honorary President Anne QUEFFELEC), holder of the State Diploma, I count more than forty years of experience in piano teaching. You are a child, teenager, high-level amateur adult, you wish to begin or perfect the study of this beautiful instrument, you are heading towards a pianistic career and wish to be guided to succeed in your competitions and exams, I offer you my pedagogy in order to Acquire or improve the essential bases for instrumental practice and musical interpretation. Progress is rapid and lasting. Winner of the CZIFFRA Foundation in 1984, concert pianist, former student for 10 years of Yvonne LEFEBURE but also of Pierre BARBIZET, France CLIDAT and Anne QUEFFELEC, I pass on to my students the excellence that these great masters have taught me. . The duration of the lessons varies according to the age and level of the student. They include musical training if necessary, learning or meticulous improvement of piano technique, and finally the in-depth study of the works chosen jointly with the student. Two student concerts are organized each year. Online courses are also available.
Trusted teacher: My name is Jeanne, 2nd year student at the London School of Economics (LES) in Geography and Economics. I am currently based in France due to the covid situation. Bilingual but originally French, I lived in the UK for three years in my childhood, before joining an international school when back in France. I then pursued my studies in the UK. I obtained the highest honors in my French baccalaureate with international option (OIB, mention TB). I, therefore, speak English and French fluently and have always enjoyed taking and teaching the languages. I have throughout the years used my fluency in both languages to teach children. I have joined the 'tutoring London' team this year, tutoring UK natives in advanced French. I particularly helped a family whose children wished to join the French primary school in London. They had the French basics but needed to be more fluent, I, therefore, helped them reach the respective levels of French required to join classes in each age group (CE2, CE1 and GS). When I was in France, I tutored children in English, teaching them the basics of the language. Despite not having an official teaching diploma, I passed my OIB Baccalaureate mention TB, and obtained the highest score at the TEOFL, which proves my fluency. I am therefore used to both help out with homework, and deliver prepared language classes. I enjoy teaching and seeing my students better themselves throughout classes. I start my classes depending on the requirements of the child, to try and meet the day's expectations. I do not hesitate to spend a lot of time on particular topics if the child is finding it difficult. Always listening to the child, I acknowledge there are days where desire and attention might be lesser than usual. I often use PowerPoint to have coherent class support. Aligning a theoretical class followed by exercises, I try to be demanding but fun, so as not to lose the student. I often review the notions studied previously at the beginning of the next class, so as to see if the student has remembered what he has been taught. I have also given a lot of babysitting, and I think my young age, my energy and my experience with children make it easier for me to understand them and teach in a fun but rigorous manner.
English · Tutoring
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Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Aurel and I am a French Amsterdam-based drummer. Although currently specialized in Jazz music, I have studied various esthetics, and Pop and Rock music, in particular, are part of my background (I played in several pop-rock bands). Therefore I am able to teach a broad panel of music styles. I also have many drum methods and charts at my disposal, and have experience in teaching children from the age of 6, as well as teenagers and adults. Lessons and teaching method: I always adapt to the student's tastes and learning profiles. This is why, during the first lesson, and on a regular basis afterwards, I always take time to discuss with my students (or their parents if they are very young) to figure out together the path they want or need to follow. I will use charts and methods for those who need visual support to assimilate the skills or teach by ear and by demonstrating to the ones who feel more comfortable this way. I also play electric guitar and can jam with my students, which is a great tool for developing band playing skills or simply to have a good time. For those eager to make significant progress, I offer consistent and serious monitoring, with practice recommendations. I can for instance prepare a student for an audition or an entrance exam in a conservatory. If you are willing to improve your understanding of rhythm in general, you can also benefit from my knowledge of Indian Karnatic rhythm concepts, one of the most complete traditional approaches to rhythm. Students who simply want to learn at their pace, to have fun and unwind, are definitely welcome too! About me: In addition to my jazz drums bachelor and master degrees from the conservatory of Amsterdam (CvA), which included a thorough pedagogical training and a specialization in Indian Karnatic techniques, I benefit from 4 years of experience as an employed drum teacher in two French associative music schools (Ecole de musique de Nangis and Conservatoire des Deux Rives, Moret-sur-Loing). I am also an active musician, both on the Dutch and the French scene. My trio mainly tours in France and has played at venues such as the Sunside (Paris), or participated in competitions like the Keep An Eye International Jazz Award. I am also the co-leader of the sextet Chai Masters, finalist of several European competitions (Leiden Jazz Award, Golden Jazz Trophy in Lille, France, 7 Virtual Jazz Contest). Recently, the band was part of Keep An Eye The Records's finalists (March 2022). Looking forward to meeting you and passing on my know-how to you!
Drums · Music theory
Trusted teacher: Hey, This is Hammad, I'm a Python Developer and I am working on Python for almost 2 years😇. I will teach you a Full Beginner's Computer Science: Python Course covering from the basics to advanced level programming. My bachelor's in Computer Science is in progress and use python on a regular basis in Data Science, Deep Learning Programming. Teaching Methodology I also give online tuition, my teaching methodology mainly involves explaining concepts with examples by using Jupyter Notebooks. Then I practice one or two questions with the student. Then I give questions to students through sharing Notebooks on screen and ask them to solve on their own. I help them out if they are stuck and then we discuss the answers. This helps in having an interactive class and you will surely not be bored with me and will start liking Python even more😊. General Course Outline: //Python 1 // Print Variables. Logical Operators. Comparison Operators. Comparison Operators If/Else Statements Comments. User Input. List and List’s Functions. List Slicing. Tuples. //Python 2 // For Loops. Nested For Loop. Break, Continue, Pass. Type Casting. Sets. Dictionary. //Python 3// Functions While Loops. Exceptions. File I/O. CSV file. JSON File. Learning Python has never been so easy, enjoyable, and affordable! Don’t lose one more second when you can start learning Python right now! More and More people are doing it. Are you ready to embrace this wonderful experience? Get Access Now! Best Regards, Hammad
Computer programming · Computer science · Python
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Learn Arabic and Darija Learning ( Grammar, Communication and Writing ) Transcription included (Casablanca)
I booked my first Arabic initiation with Acine and I absolutely loved it. Acine was very accommodating with our first class. I had a last-minute delay, which resulted in starting the class later than scheduled. He reassured me that it was not an issue and he still managed to maintain the class. My learning experience was also great, he is truthfully the best private teacher I've had. He teaches efficiently, we viewed many subjects for a first class and it was also a fun moment. To sum up, Acine is not the regular teacher you would have at school, he is a great teacher who puts an emphasis on sharing a good moment with his student.
Review by ARTHUR
Piano Lessons with the Best Colombian Young Pianist! (Budapest)
Juan is as much experienced in playing piano than teaching it, what makes him the kind of teacher that help you learn fast and in a very pleasant way. Piano lesson with him aren't just about moving finger and repeating things over and over, it's also about understanding things through music theory and music history, which is very important to me. He has perfectly adapted the lesson according to my taste and level and also the way I like to learn things. If you're looking for a comprehensive, experiment and pleasant piano teacher, then I highly recommend you to book a lesson with Juan!
Review by JEREMY
Drum lessons with qualified and experienced teacher - all styles, all levels (Amsterdam)
Aurel is great. He was trying to put himself in my shoes and think of why something was not working. While he was giving his feedback, he was sharing it in a very clear and supportive way. He also discussed with me what my goals are, he asked for samples of music and adjusted the class accordingly. He also very kindly offered me his old sticks and taught longer that he should’ve. Oh and he’s a fantastic drummer with very successful projects. I’m very happy to be taking classes from him.
Review by ALI

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