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GCSE Maths Mastery - Live Online Tuition This interactive online class provides the robust GCSE Maths preparation you need to ace your exams. Designed for students preparing for the Edexcel, AQA, or OCR exams, our lessons will equip you with exam-specific maths skills and knowledge. Your instructor is a maths tutor with over 10 years of experience teaching GCSE curriculum. Lessons are taught live online, allowing you to actively participate, ask questions in real-time, and clarify concepts. We’ll review the key topics for your exam board, including number, algebra, ratio, geometry, statistics, and probability. After introducing new concepts, we’ll work through practice GCSE questions together step-by-step, equipping you with the problem-solving methods needed for success. You’ll receive homework assignments to reinforce your learning. By practising plenty of exam-style questions, you’ll feel confident and prepared when exam day arrives. By the end, students will: Master the GCSE syllabus for their chosen exam board Know how to approach and correctly answer each question type Develop critical thinking abilities to earn top marks Feel ready and assured going into their Maths GCSE exam Unlock your potential in GCSE Maths this year with our targeted online tuition. GCSE English Language Skills - Live Online Tuition Develop the reading, writing, and analytical abilities required for GCSE English Language success. Our tutor will help you interpret fiction and non-fiction texts with confidence, structure well-crafted responses, and articulate your ideas coherently. Live online sessions allow you to actively discuss texts, ask questions, and gain feedback in real-time. Lessons provide the essay writing techniques, summarising strategies, and literary comprehension skills needed to excel in your exam. We’ll dissect sample responses to see what examiners look for. By the end, you’ll know how to: Critically analyse unseen texts Plan and structure convincing essay responses Write creatively and capture the reader's interest Achieve top marks in the GCSE English Language exam Strengthen your skills and approach the exam assuredly with our GCSE English tuition. Price: [price field] ESOL English - Live Online Classes Our experienced ESOL tutor helps non-native English speakers master reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in English. Lessons are taught live online in a small group setting. Each session covers grammar rules, vocabulary development, pronunciation practice, and using English in everyday conversation. We’ll read short texts and write short paragraphs together. With positive feedback and coaching, your English abilities will rapidly improve. By the end, you’ll be able to: Understand spoken and written English Actively participate in English conversations Read and write basic texts with accuracy Pass ESOL exams (B1, B2, C1, C2) Whether you need daily English skills or want exam preparation, our online ESOL classes will equip you for success.
English · Math
I have just begun an MSc in Data Analytics and I am looking to tutor Maths not only to help support my studies but also to fulfil a long held desire of mine to help children learn Maths. I love Mathematics and have always had a desire to teach it and bring it alive to those either wanting to know more or to help those having difficulty bedding down some of the concepts. Having had some tutoring myself during my Physics A level I have first-hand experience seeing how much value the additional support of a Tutor can add to a student's existing classroom knowledge. From the perspective of a teacher / tutor - I have two younger half siblings that have had difficulty with Mathematics growing up but have always enjoyed sitting down and helping the grapple different topics they came across in various homework exercises. I find it hugely rewarding the moment you see concepts 'click' with those studying the topic. Although I have not formally worked in a tutoring capacity previously, I believe I possess a number of qualities which make me well suited to teaching Maths. My career path to date training to become an Actuary has seen me continue to use and develop my numeric knowledge, particular in the field of statistics. My roles in industry too have developed my communication. Working as an Investment Analyst in my first job particularly gave me the opportunity to improve explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences as I would often have communicate complex Investment Strategy options to the trustees of pension schemes, many of whom would not have a numerical background. Lastly, I think my personality lends itself well to tutoring. Those familiar with any of the 'colour profiling' personality evaluation exercises available might recognise me as an 'Earth Green' type. To those not familiar, the dominant traits that best describe an Earth green are patience, supportive and considerate - all of which I hope I can leverage to help students overcome any difficulties they are having with the topic. With a bit of guidance around which areas of Maths you are looking to improve on I think I could really help bring alive the field of Maths for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Math · Tutoring
Ciao! My name is Marika and I am Italian mother language. Learning a foreign language can be extremely difficult. The simplest way is to put into practice what you learn daily, and to do this you need a Tutor to talk to. A friendly and patient person who has already faced the difficulties of learning a new language. That's why my lessons are based on conversation. I believe the best way to learn is through speaking without fear - I'll take notes while you speaking and share with you some tools that help you to learn efficiently. "Provando si sbaglia, sbagliando s'impara"! (lear from failure!) WHY CHOOSE ME: I will get to know you and find out what your learning style is, so that our lessons are always tailored to you! My approach is based on conversation. I will shape a method that stimulates conversation and interactivity with a touch of fun. You will improve your pronunciation and memorize many words. I use games, fantasy situations, and dialogues that stimulate discussion between us. I will also use videos, audio, and articles to improve your speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills. If you have never studied Italian, I will improve your language skills by guiding you step by step. We will start with phonetics, vocabulary and then with simple presentation dialogues. In a short time, you will find that you begin to understand and speak Italian. If you have a specific purpose or interest, tell me! We will form a program together and maybe I will learn something from you. See you soon!
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Randa is a good teacher, very kind and flexible. She is a positive, encouraging, and patient tutor. I highly recommend her..
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