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34 private teachers in Bayswater

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Sylvain - Camden$55
French · Grammar · Public speaking
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Silvio - Bayswater$55
Trusted teacher: I am an italian piano teacher with many years of experience. I encourage music study not only for performance success, but also for personal development. I can teach both classical piano or modern (jazz/rock/pop) piano. I really enjoy sharing music knowledge with my students, I love working with very young children and with old beginners as well. I am a very patient and approachable piano teacher and always study music pedagogy to be a better teacher. Private piano lessons for all levels and grades. Adapted to the students needs and preferences. So whether you are keen to learn classical repertoire and take ABRSM grades or simply want to improve your skills and enjoy a stimulating hobby, I can help you. Homework will focus on the achievement of specific goals set for each lesson so that the students progress. BIO: Silvio, born in 1986, is a pianist, composer and educator originally from Italy. He began studying classical piano at the age of eleven and went on to major in piano at the Conservatory of Lecce, graduating with full marks in 2005. After falling in love with jazz and improvisation when he was nineteen, he attended Lecce State Conservatory on a full jazz scholarship in 2011. Silvio specializes in many styles of piano and has received numerous prizes at national piano competitions. In addition to being a musician, Silvio has expertise in business. He graduated with first class honours (110/110 cum laude) in Economics and Finance from the University of Salento in 2013. His album “Flowing” is the result of a prize in the music competition "Giuseppe Tricarico" (May 2016 - Gallipoli, Italy) which he won and which allowed him to produce this record. It was released in December 2018. In September 2018 Silvio had the chance to lead workshops about jazz music in Santo Domingo at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, National Conservatory of Music and Academia de Música de Patricia Logroño. In June 2019 he was one of the Top Prize winners at the International Online Quebec Music Competition (Montreal, Canada), where he played his own composition called “Latin Jazz Etude – Una Noche en el Barrio”, and in July 2019 he won the First Place at the San Francisco International Innovative Music Competition (Summer Edition). Since December 2018 he has been collaborating as sheet music arranger with a US-based website, the world's leading digital sheet music retailer. Silvio is also a music teacher with many years of experience, whose students range in age from 5 to 60 plus. He encourages music study not only for performance success, but also for personal development. In 2019 he attended music pedadogy courses at the Conservatory of Lecce. Since 2014 he‘s been the vicepresident of the Music School and Association “Oda – Officina Degli Artisti” (Taurisano, Italy).
Piano · Jazz music · Music theory lessons
Trusted teacher: Hi everyone! My name is Inés, I am 22 years old girl form Spain. I have studied a Degree in Mathematics in my country where I had the opportunity to specialise myself in Pure Mathematics, more concretely in Algebraic Geometry which is the field of my thesis. During those years apart from researching and studying hard to get outstanding marks I worked as tutor specially with undergraduate mathematics, physics and engineering students as well as last year of high school students focused on passing “PAU” the Spanish exam to access to university. I have worked with a really wide range of students, boys and girls who just wanted to get the best grades, others with no interest to do anything and of course with lot of students who hated maths. Eventually we always fulfilled together our goal and on many occasions I know that apart from that I was key to make some of them start liking maths. Mathematics is my passion and I always try to transmit it along with all the interesting things which surrounded this beautiful science. Proudly, today I can say that some of my “worst” students at the beginning, those who didn’t want to listen anything about math are currently studying university degrees such as engineering and they enjoy math as I do. With all this I just want to say that no one is more or less capable of doing maths, students need something which motivate them, specially with abstract stuff, that is why my method consists of showing real applications, answer why we have to learn this and that, why is important..
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French experienced and qualified native tutor - learn, enjoy, share (Camden)
Sylvain has been a private tutor to my 4-5 year old daughter for the last couple of months and I am very pleased with his teaching approach. He makes sure that the basics are taught using interactive games which keeps my child engaged and she also has fun learning. He is very patient and also has a great way with children.
Piano, Jazz Piano, Composition and Music Theory Lessons (Bayswater)
Silvio is very kind and efficient. My daughter is very happy to play the piano with him and to work on her gcse music exams
Review by MARYLINE
Private lessons in mathematics / physics - College / High School (Bayswater)
Great teacher Very kind and professional , takes care about needs
Review by MARYLINE

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