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121 physics teachers in Uccle

Trusted teacher: Reconciling students with mathematics, physics and computer science: this is the goal I have set myself. How? 'Or' What ? The purpose of this particular course is twofold. On the one hand, to catch up with the student, by helping him to build a solid technical base in the subject of his choice. On the other hand, guide him in his working method by aiming for productivity and academic autonomy. Today, a large number of students remain stuck in front of their notebooks for hours, without assimilating the slightest knowledge. Fascinated by productivity, I have long studied the factors that allow students to shine in their studies. Studying effectively is a skill that is not innate for everyone, but fortunately, it can be learned! Through these courses, I would like to guide students towards a productive way of working, in order to allow them to find an academic independence which will be vital for the transition to higher education. A productive student will achieve better results by working less, which will allow him to savor the material, rather than undergo it. The satisfaction that is derived will then help him to maintain a level of motivation throughout the year. My accompaniment: • Available H24, 7/7, via message/email outside of class to answer urgent questions about a class or an exercise. • Provide additional exercises if necessary. • Organization of “mock” exams to simulate real assessment conditions. • Possibility of giving lessons to two students at the same time if they are in the same class.
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Trusted teacher: Quantum physics is an extremely difficult subject to grasp, even for the greatest physicists "Richard Feynman, one of the giants of quantum theory, said that whoever claims to have understood quantum physics has necessarily understood nothing". Indeed, indeterminacy, uncertainty, probability, acausal, non-local, timeless are some of the strange concepts that form the basis of quantum physics and on which many of the most brilliant researchers have been working since a century. Thus, at the atomic level, protons, neutrons, electrons - are capable of quirks or even quantum eccentricities, which, if they are common in the laboratory, are unimaginable transposed in our everyday world. Thus, by the game of probabilities, the particles can be in several places at the same time. I will offer courses for students of the Superior. In these courses I will explain the following points: - Real / virtual conception of matter / quantum light - Wave / particle duality - What is the tunnel effect? - No continuous trajectory in quantum physics - Heisenberg inequality - What can we learn from Young's slots? - Reduction of the wave packet; - Does quantum physics renounce any description of reality? - What is quantum non-separability-entanglement? - Quantum cryptography? - What Einstein fought in quantum physics - Why does quantum physics pose so many philosophical problems to us? - What is quantum vacuum? - What is quantum decoherence? - Does irreversibility exist at the quantum level? - Is quantum physics indeterministic? - Applications of Quantum Physics: From the transistor to the quantum computer via quantum satellites and radars. Looking forward to reading you.
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Math for elementary to university students / Wiskunde voor studenten in de lagere school, middelbaar en universiteit (Ghent)
my daughter was happy after the lesson as she started understanding the topic she had difficulties with, YAS took her time to explain in detail, thank you
Review by SONJA
Tutoring in Mathematics and Physics (Ixelles-Elsene)
My daughter had a first course in maths with Adrien. She was very satisfied. Adrien has a good teaching approach and knows his job. I recommend him.
Private lessons in maths and physics. Secondary and university level. (Auderghem)
Edouard is a very good teacher, experienced and committed to making sure the material is well understood by the student. Thanks, Edouard!
Review by LETICIA