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Trusted teacher: Quantum Physics is Extremely Difficult to Understand, Even for the Greatest Physicists "Richard Feynman, one of the giants of quantum theory, claimed that anyone who claims to understand quantum physics has not understood anything" Indeed, indeterminacy, uncertainty, probability, acausal, non local, timeless are some of the strange concepts that form the basis of quantum physics and on which many of the most brilliant researchers have been working since a century. Thus, at the subatomic level - protons, neutrons, electrons - are capable of quirks or even quantum eccentricities, which, if they are common in the laboratory, are unimaginable transposed in our everyday world. Thus, by the set of probabilities, the particles can be in several places at the same time. I will propose courses for the students of the Superior. In these courses I will explain the following points: Real / virtual conception of matter / quantum light The contradictions of quanta Duality wave / corpuscle What is the tunnel effect? No continuous trajectory in quantum physics Heisenberg inequality Quantum light-matter What do Young's slots tell us? Reduction of the wave packet Does quantum physics give up any description of reality? What is quantum-entanglement non-separability? quantum cryptography? What Einstein fought in quantum physics Why quantum physics poses so many philosophical problems? What is the quantum vacuum? What is quantum decoherence Does irreversibility exist at the quantum level? Is quantum physics indeterministic? Applications of Quantum Physics: From the transistor to the quantum computer via the satellites and quantum radars.
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Perfect bilingual French-Spanish offers Spanish classes (Schaarbeek)
She teaches me French in English. I'm a very beginner and this is my first time to learn French in my life. She is very friendly and also has passion to improve your skill and knowledge. One thing I really appreciate is she tries to explain one thing in multiple ways. So that, you can easily find a hint to understand an answer to your question. I'm very satisfied with her and her way of teaching. Thank you, Zahia.
Review by YUSUKE
School support: optimize your study and improve your working method (Ixelles-Elsene)
Je suis très contente de Serdane. Elle a immédiatement mis mon fils de 15 ans à l'aise et a tout de suite compris ce que j'attendais d'elle. Serdane est très à l'écoute des besoins de mon fils et lui donne confiance en lui et en ses capacités tout en allant à l'essentiel. Je vous la recommande vivement.
Review by SYLVIE
Primary / Secondary / Academic Math / Physics / Chemistry / Mechanics / Electricity (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert)
Excellent professeur, ma fille en Secondaire 6 a eu des excellentes explications, et puis de bons resultats, un très BON PROF,très pédagogue et patient, très efficace, vraiment je le recomand chalereux
Review by MARIA