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129 physics teachers in Ixelles‑Elsene

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Mouad - Brussels$39
Trusted teacher: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 👨‍🎓 With 4 years of experience in distance education, I am a mathematics teacher specializing in support lessons and private lessons. I also teach physics and chemistry as well as scientific subjects in general. I hold a Master's degree in Operational Research (Applied Mathematics) and I have been teaching private lessons for more than three years, mainly mathematics for middle and high school levels. ✏ I have taught students from different schools, whether public, private, following the French program (mission), Belgian, Swiss, Spanish (students from French-speaking or English-speaking Spanish schools) or American. In summary, all French or English programs. ✏ I support students from A to Z in all stages of their learning, using a simple, new generation and effective methodology: explanation of lessons, summary of lessons, application and deepening exercises, etc. ✏ I also prepare students for exams and competitions. ✏ I also support students with their homework (homework help). ✏ All my students have made extraordinary progress and achieved their goals, with grades of 16, 17, 18 or 19 out of 20. Sessions usually take place as follows: 1️⃣ The first sessions are mainly intended to assess the level of the student in order to determine the shortcomings noted. 2️⃣ Then we make a plan to fill those gaps: number of hours of work required, parts of the lessons to focus on, lots of training and development exercises, etc. 3️⃣ We make sure to stay up to date with the student's class teacher to track their progress and align our work with what is being taught in class. 4️⃣ Then I provide exams similar to what may be offered in class. 5️⃣ Upon request, I write a monthly report to keep parents informed of their child's level throughout the course. I also adapt my methodology according to the needs of each student, which means that everyone has a personalized working method adapted to their needs! I also offer crash courses for those preparing for the start of the school year, so that they start the year well prepared 💪 and with a head start on the program.🧠 💭 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me ;)
Physics · Chemistry · Math
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Ahmed - Uccle$64
Trusted teacher: Quantum physics is an extremely difficult subject to grasp, even for the greatest physicists "Richard Feynman, one of the giants of quantum theory, said that whoever claims to have understood quantum physics has necessarily understood nothing". Indeed, indeterminacy, uncertainty, probability, acausal, non-local, timeless are some of the strange concepts that form the basis of quantum physics and on which many of the most brilliant researchers have been working since a century. Thus, at the atomic level, protons, neutrons, electrons - are capable of quirks or even quantum eccentricities, which, if they are common in the laboratory, are unimaginable transposed in our everyday world. Thus, by the game of probabilities, the particles can be in several places at the same time. I will offer courses for students of the Superior. In these courses I will explain the following points: - Real / virtual conception of matter / quantum light - Wave / particle duality - What is the tunnel effect? - No continuous trajectory in quantum physics - Heisenberg inequality - What can we learn from Young's slots? - Reduction of the wave packet; - Does quantum physics renounce any description of reality? - What is quantum non-separability-entanglement? - Quantum cryptography? - What Einstein fought in quantum physics - Why does quantum physics pose so many philosophical problems to us? - What is quantum vacuum? - What is quantum decoherence? - Does irreversibility exist at the quantum level? - Is quantum physics indeterministic? - Applications of Quantum Physics: From the transistor to the quantum computer via quantum satellites and radars. Looking forward to reading you.
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Excellence: Maths Courses - for College - High School - University levels (Montreal)
Mouad is a fantastic teacher. He has a very professional approach to what he is doing. He knows how to work with younger students. He can quickly position student's knowledge and has the flexibility to follow the required curriculum. He also knows how to build the confidence of the student himself what is extremely important in case of students who had bad experience with the subject in the past. Mouad communicates fluently in French and English. He is always on time and well prepared for classes. He also gives feedback after the lessons. We will definately continue classes with him. My son is making good progress in Mathematics while working with Mouad.
Review by ANNA
Academic support courses in mathematics and physics (Etterbeek)
Adrien brings positive energy to his tutorials - he seems to know just when to challenge and when to encourage. My son, who normally groans and complains about any tutoring, actually seems to look forward to his sessions with Adrien, and seems to be feeling much better about algebraic equations and the Pythagorean theorem!
Review by KELLY
Maths, Data Science and AI, Computer Programming, Physics classes – Online or In-Person. Mathematical and Engineering background. (Brussels)
Pavlos is a great teacher. He taught me discrete math and comes with his own suggested material, although tailored to your needs. He goes over the material, making sure you understand it before he continues. He also provides extra exercises if you need them.
Review by GÉRARD