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Ahmed - Uccle$63
Trusted teacher: Quantum physics is an extremely difficult subject to grasp, even for the greatest physicists "Richard Feynman, one of the giants of quantum theory, said that whoever claims to have understood quantum physics has necessarily understood nothing". Indeed, indeterminacy, uncertainty, probability, acausal, non-local, timeless are some of the strange concepts that form the basis of quantum physics and on which many of the most brilliant researchers have been working since a century. Thus, at the atomic level, protons, neutrons, electrons - are capable of quirks or even quantum eccentricities, which, if they are common in the laboratory, are unimaginable transposed in our everyday world. Thus, by the game of probabilities, the particles can be in several places at the same time. I will offer courses for students of the Superior. In these courses I will explain the following points: - Real / virtual conception of matter / quantum light - Wave / particle duality - What is the tunnel effect? - No continuous trajectory in quantum physics - Heisenberg inequality - What can we learn from Young's slots? - Reduction of the wave packet; - Does quantum physics renounce any description of reality? - What is quantum non-separability-entanglement? - Quantum cryptography? - What Einstein fought in quantum physics - Why does quantum physics pose so many philosophical problems to us? - What is quantum vacuum? - What is quantum decoherence? - Does irreversibility exist at the quantum level? - Is quantum physics indeterministic? - Applications of Quantum Physics: From the transistor to the quantum computer via quantum satellites and radars. Looking forward to reading you.
Trusted teacher: I am a civil engineer and a doctoral student in mechanical engineering (Bilingual FR-ENG), having experience of more than 15 years in private lessons, I give lessons in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Science (Mechanics, Resistance of Materials (RDM), Thermodynamics, Electricity, Industrial Design, Mechanical Construction, Fluid Mechanics and CAD / CAM: SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro / E 5 (Creo), catia V5 and AutoCAD 2D / 3D) to general secondary students, technicians and academics from 1st to 5th Year as well as professionals who want to learn CAD / CAM software (CAD / CAM). I have already worked as a professor of physics, mechanics, electricity and welding at the Athénée Royal technique de la Rive Gauche and have been working at the same time as a civil engineer for more than 15 years. With all the pupils, students and professionals that I teach, I always start by evaluating their degree of difficulty and then I adapt an effective method that can help them succeed in their years, their competition or even their training. I have already had several student cases who had not been studying for several years, that I had helped to find the necessary level to be able to succeed in their years, their competitions or their training. For example, I had helped a French woman who was already working in Telecom in Paris and suddenly she had decided to leave everything at the age of 35 to come and study physiotherapy when she had never done the maths, physics and chemistry, we started working together in September and in January, she was able to validate her maths, physics and chemistry exams at ULB. This is just an example among many others....
Physics · Chemistry · Math
Trusted teacher: Hello to you, my future and future students! I am Alexis, private mathematics teacher offering my services in Brussels and via webcam. My goal is to provide individualized support to my students to help them achieve their academic goals. I am available to give lessons in French or in English and can adapt to your needs in terms of location (at your place, at my place or by webcam). I am also able to help you in the preparation of your homework, assessments or exams, as well as entrance or admission exams. I am always ready to adapt my teaching and create new exercises to ensure a better understanding of the subject. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment. about me : I am a student at the ULB in the second year of a Master's degree in Control and Optimization of Systems at the Polytechnic School of Brussels. I obtained my bachelor's degree in civil engineering in 2021 and my secondary studies as an option Maths8-Sciences6 at Saint-Pierre College in 2018. I have a strong passion for science and mathematics and I have given nearly 500 hours private lessons, mainly for secondary school students and bachelor students in analysis, statistics, physics, computer science, etc. In 2019 and 2020, I was a tutor for the ASBL ScholaULB in schools in Brussels for maths, chemistry and physics lessons. Then, in 2021, I was a student-assistant at the EPB to give exercise sessions. I am available to give lessons in French or in English, remotely or on site. My pedagogical approach is flexible and I try to create new exercises for better understanding. If you are looking for a private math tutor, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs and academic goals. I am available to answer your questions and help you choose the right lesson plan for your needs.
Statistics · Math · Physics
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French school courses for high school students (Schaarbeek)
Serdane is a wonderful teacher. Although my daughter learnt French at school she was very unconfident. Serdane was very sympathetic and gave her interesting material to read, discuss and to learn in class. She also went back to the basics which my daughter had missed out on at school and eventually my daughter graduated with 8.8 in French at the European BAC!
Review by VICTORIA
Tutoring : English, French and Arabic (Lebanese dialect) (Brussels)
Josiane is a very friendly and professional French teacher, who has a number of practice tools and ideas. For example, we practiced from grammar to pronounciation, as well as dictation and conversation. We had very interactive and interesting lessons. She is very patient and also flexible, so I could focus on topics which I need more practice.
Review by YURI
Tutoring courses in Mathematics and Physics (Etterbeek)
Adrien brings positive energy to his tutorials - he seems to know just when to challenge and when to encourage. My son, who normally groans and complains about any tutoring, actually seems to look forward to his sessions with Adrien, and seems to be feeling much better about algebraic equations and the Pythagorean theorem!
Review by KELLY