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25 music theory teachers in Zürich

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Sebastian - Zurich$144
Trusted teacher: I specialized in contemporary music composition in Bucharest, Birmingham and Paris having finished with honors my Bachelor, my Master and my Doctorate degree in this field. I also have a pedagogical degree and 2 years of experience in which I taught music composition, musical forms, poliphony, orchestration, music theory and solfege at the National University of Music from Bucharest. In 2022 I finished a 2nd Master's Degree in Film Music Composition at the ZHdK. This class is for both beginners who want to compose music as a hobby and to aspiring professional composers. The main topic of my doctoral thesis was the compositional idea and the processes involved in the creative undertakings. How does one reach the final stage of a composition from just a few ideas? How can we improve this endeavour? What strategies and techniques are needed in order to do that? The class will be customized for each student so in order to achieve a certain objective in music composition the lessons can include elements of music theory, harmony, poliphony, orchestration, improvisation, music notation (Finale & Dorico) and music production (StudioOne). Although solfege and improvisation are extremely useful (I dare say even indispensable) for a professional composer, they can also be means to an end for passionate music lovers. Solfege and strategies that come with it can help your singing and music sight reading. And improvisation is such a fun and relaxing activity that I think everybody should do it!
Music composition · Music theory · Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: Hello, I offer private lessons of classical piano, at home, at home, or even online, the one that suits you best :) I am Ariel, a Brazilian pianist living in France for the past 6 years, and in this time i have acquired significant experience as a music teacher, in music schools and with private lessons, also with children, young people and adults - and because of the confinement, I also have experience with lessons online. These courses can also be in French, English or Portuguese ! My method is mainly focused on the autonomy of the student and the joy of making beautiful music. These two principles will guide us in our work, and any technique learned will have the goal of making music more beautiful, of allowing you to actually make the music you want to listen to. Of course, I will adapt to your personal needs and goals, depending on your situation: - IF YOU (OR YOUR CHILD) ARE ANY BEGINNER, we will start with the basics of position, finger action, just like solfege. It will be a work parallel to the piano and the notebook, to develop intimacy with the instrument and knowledge of musical language. - IF YOU ARE ALREADY INTRODUCED TO THE INSTRUMENT, you have played the piano before and want to take up again or you are taking lessons in a music school and do not want to drop your studies during the summer holidays, then we can work on all that concerns the improvement of your game: I will talk about sound, technique, the development of a personal interpretation and your musical culture, deciphering and sight reading, finally, any subject in the music that interests you, that 'be more practical or more theoretical. It will be a great pleasure for me to teach you this profession and share my love for music. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me!
Piano · Keyboard (music) · Music theory
Trusted teacher: -SORRY I AM CURRENTLY FULLY BOOKED, NOT ABLE TO TAKE ANY MORE STUDENT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. -Learn to Play Piano: Ages of students:4-9 years old Lesson length: 30-60 Minutes Lesson schedule: One class per week A great age for learning how to play the piano. Lessons feature music reading, ensemble playing and singing - with an emphasis on having fun! Ages of students:10 to adult Lesson length: 60 Minutes Lesson schedule: One class per week An internationally regarded piano lesson for all levels age 10 to adult. An emphasis on hands-on learning to helping students of all ages learn to play and enjoy the piano. -Music Wonderland Lesson: Ages of students: 3 year olds Course length: 30 Minutes Lesson schedule: One class per week Parent participation: Required Listening Ability: As this is a most significant period of aural development, a rich and varied array of listening activities develops sensitivity and listening ability and enables students to perceive music's power to vividly express images and emotions. Social Development: Because of the importance of the parent in the life of a child this age, interaction between parent and child is an important focus in the lessons. Also, through the lessons children develop the basic skills of relating to others Keyboard Experience: Children experience sound through the keyboard and are introduced to the fun of keyboard playing. Appropriate to this stage in their physical development, initial playing activities engage the use of large motor skills. Cultivation of the Imagination: Recognizing the significance of fantasy, play, and the imagination in the learning of children of this age, the activities, textbooks, and music are filled with suitable colorful, playful imagery, sounds, and subjects. -Junior Music Lesson Ages of students: 4 and 5 year olds Lesson length: 60 Minutes Lesson schedule: One class per week Parent participation: Required (participation enables parent to be an effective "at home" learning partner) Hearing: Listening to wonderful music helps children: ♩ Develop emotional sensitivity ♩ Develop an ear for music ♩ Feel and express music in time rhythmically Singing: Children love to sing! Singing develops: ♩ Self expression ♩ Correct tempo, rhythm, and pitch ♩ Understanding of note names Playing: Performing songs introduces children to the joy of expressing music by themselves. Playing also helps students: ♩ Get familiar with the five-line staff and keyboard ♩ Express music with both hands Creating: Junior Music Course experiences cultivate children's: ♩ Musical creativity ♩ Sense of harmony *Lessons in English, Chinese and Germen
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Piano Lessons with Diana in Russian, English and Romanian for Children and Adults. (Zurich)
Diana is an exceptional piano teacher who provides personalized lessons to her students. She structures her lectures according to the student's knowledge and learning style. She helps beginners learn techniques from the very beginning and encourages experienced pianists to develop their skills. Diana has the ability to simplify complex concepts into manageable steps. She is patient, supportive, and provides constructive feedback to help her students progress confidently. Her passion for teaching and dedication to her craft are truly inspiring, and her personalized approach to teaching has helped me to improve my piano skills immensely.I highly recommend Diana as a piano teacher and I am happy that I found her.
Review by CINTIA
Accordion Lessons For All Levels And Musical Styles (Zurich)
Noel was awesome. He is a very talented young musician, his ways of explaining musical notes and how they aply to the Accordeon was coherent and easy to follow. I had no idea about Accordeons at all and I never played a musical instrument before. Noel was able within 5 hrs to give me a very basic but helpful insight into how to play the left and then the right hand. He also explained me the basic of reading and writting notes. I am very thankful for his help to learn the very basic of playing the Accordeon, and I would recommend him for anybody interested to learn to play the Accordeon. He is capable to teach any level and any age groups, from kids to seniors.
Review by NATALYA
Classical, Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar Tuition (Zurich)
Andrew has been an excellent teacher. He clearly not only holds a passion and skill for bass guitar, but also for teaching it. In the few lessons I had, I felt that he has put me on a good path of learning the value of understanding sheet music and correcting playing technique. I would highly recommend his lessons to those seeking to learn or improve their bass guitar playing.
Review by ADRIANE