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42 music theory teachers in Barcelona

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Juan - Barcelona$28
Jazz music · Music theory · Piano
My Pedagogical Approach: Discovering Music Together In my role as a piano teacher, I embrace a pedagogical philosophy that goes beyond technical teaching and dives into the emotional exploration of music. My goal is to cultivate a lasting love of the piano, encouraging my students to enjoy every step of the learning process. Emotional Connection with Music: I firmly believe in the importance of establishing an emotional connection with music. Each lesson is not only an opportunity to improve technique, but also to experience the emotional richness that music can offer. Adaptability and Personalization: I recognize the uniqueness of each student and adapt my approach to meet their individual needs. From beginners to those looking to perfect their craft, I adjust my teaching to foster a positive, personalized learning environment. Fun and Creative Learning: I foster a fun and creative learning environment. Through hands-on activities, musical games, and free exploration, I seek to make each lesson a unique and enriching experience. Integration of Technique and Expression: I understand the importance of technique on the piano, but I combine it with a strong emphasis on artistic expression. I seek to balance technical discipline with creative freedom, allowing my students to develop their unique voice on the instrument. Constructive Feedback and Motivation: I provide constructive feedback in an encouraging manner to motivate my students to overcome challenges and achieve goals. I believe in the power of intrinsic motivation and work to nurture self-confidence and self-expression in my students. In short, my approach goes beyond teaching piano playing; it's about cultivating a deep appreciation for music and empowering my students to discover and develop their own musical journey.
Music theory · Piano · Music theory lessons
Music composition · Music theory · Sound (music)
Trusted teacher: I offer personalized Guitar classes (Online and face-to-face) + Harmony and / or music theory (optional) applied to the instrument. For initial, intermediate or advanced levels and at the rhythm of each student, adapting to their way of seeing, understanding and living music, as well as their work rhythm and the styles they want to learn. I am a professional musician with more than 12 years of experience as a guitarist, I have traveled styles such as Jazz, Rock, Funk & Soul, Blues, World Music (Folklore), Pop, Reggae, playing and composing in a multitude of musical projects and concerts. Graduated in professional medium degree in Jazz and modern music, I am currently studying the higher degree of "Jazz and modern music (Conservatori del Liceu)" and I am also a qualified sound technician (experience in music production and recording). Class content: - Introduction to the instrument (optional) - Objectives exploration (What do you want to play? And How to achieve it? - Instrument technique (... Pick, finger technique, slide, fingering ...) - Visualization and understanding of: Scales, chords, arpeggios, progressions, phrases ... - Application in your favorite music. - I work as a rhythm guitarist and soloist. - Improvisation (language, philosophy, visualization and sound material) - Reading of encrypted chords and / or scores (optional). - Musical theory applicable to the instrument: Modern harmony, analysis. Private or group classes, in my studio and online. Barcelona downtown area and surroundings.
Guitar · Music theory · Music composition
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Develop your musical talent: Piano, Musical Language and Theater classes for all ages and levels. More than a Decade Teaching. (Barcelona)
I've had so far two lessons with Anita and I am grateful that have found her. The class is usually based on theory which follows a course towards my goal but also learning to play the piece I've wanted for months.
Review by MIHAELA
Jazz Piano Teacher and Composer based in Barcelona: Expert Lessons Available Online. (Barcelona)
Juan embodies a refreshing philosophy towards piano playing, embracing spontaneity over overthinking. Highly recommend his approach for those seeking a more intuitive musical experience
Review by DANIEL
Piano lessons. Teacher at the Conservatoire of Barcelona (Barcelona)
Marcos has a good knowledge and ability to guide during the classes to achieve the goals that has been set up.
Review by CARLOS