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Bret - Mechelen$33
Trusted teacher: How do you become a multifunctional bassist who is up for a challenge and can handle anything? I show it to you! Pop, Rock, Disco, Jazz, Electro, you name it. in all styles of music there is often 1 instrument at the base of the song along with the drum. The bass guitar or bass part. For me the bass guitar is synonymous with the fundamentals of the music, but I also immediately think of dancing people, nice fat slap riffs and synth bass. Would you like to take your bass skills to the next level or play a bass guitar for the first time? I can help you with that. I have a lot of experience both live and in the studio. I work with various artists including. Deep fryer Paula (cover band) Dean (2007 idol winner) Robin De La Rue (the voice of Flanders) Rookie (the voice of Flanders) I already have more than 200 performances on the counter with bands And much more as a freelance bassist. The great thing is that all these projects each have their own different style and so they need a different approach. I can help you with: - Your first introduction to the bass guitar. - advice when purchasing equipment. - Functional music theory for bass players. - Different playing techniques. slap bass, Finger style, playing with a pick. Palm mute, tapping or even a combination of any of these styles. - be creative with your bass lines. - be creative with effects, amplifier and different techniques. - adapt to different styles of music: Rock, Pop, Jazz, metal, electronic music… - music production: recording, mixing and mastering of music. Does this sound like music to your ears? Please feel free to contact me.
Bass guitar · Audio production · Music theory
Trusted teacher: The Skype online guitar lessons allow you to make a personalized learning in any place that the student thinks comfortable. Thanks to my experience as a teacher, I discovered that online courses are a good option for students of all levels, offering the possibility to be personally followed on Skype plus digital sheets written each course and access to tracks recorded especially for the practice of all day. Method For more than 10 years of experience as a teacher, I developed several methods and exercises for teaching guitar and music (composition, improvisation, harmony, etc.) for students of all levels. Over time, I realized that the most important thing is to have the ability to adapt to each student. I think the main thing is that students get to find the motivation to practice regularly with pleasure to progress in this instrument. The most common is the use of songs that the student chooses and take advantage of this to work on more general concepts of music and guitar that are important to gain a solid foundation and without bad habits. For more advanced students learning is determined together to set a personal goal. Professional training Academic training Buenos Aires, Argentina 2004 - 2008 Superior Performer of Popular Music in Guitar with a Tango Orientation. Graduate of the ISMP (Institute of Popular Music of the Argentine Union of Musicians). Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012 - 2013 Technician of his diploma from INARTEC (recording, audio production and live sound) Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012 Career of the Jazz Conservatory Manuel de Falla. Courses and workshops Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 Workshop composition of the Conservatory Manuel de Falla given by Professor Ricardo Capellano. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2003 Course "jazz guitar and other musical genres" dictated by Prof. Ricardo Pellican. Specific training Buenos Aires, Argentina 1995 - 2012 Guitar lessons, harmony, composition and improvisation. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2003 Music theory course of Blues School of Collegium Musicum. Professional experience Buenos Aires, Argentina 2003 - 2013 / París, Francia 2014 - 2015 / Lisboa 2016 Private guitar teacher, harmony, composition, improvisation. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011 - 2013 Session musician for advertising. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011 - 2013 / París, Francia 2014 - 2015 / Lisboa 2016 Producer. composer, musician and sound engineer in advertising productions, song project films and multidisciplinary projects (theater, circus, dance, poetry). Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 Professional jazz musician for private events. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 Independent sound engineer. París, Francia 2014 - 2015 Intermittent of show. Competitions and Competitions Chaco, Argentina 2004 Finalist of the International Jazz Guitar Competition "Oscar Alemán". Montreux, Suiza 2015 Semi-finalist of the Socar Montreux Jazz Electric Guitar Competition - Montreux Jazz Festival.
Guitar · Jazz music · Music theory
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Guitar and Music Theory Lessons by a Qualified and Experienced Teacher (The Hague)
I have done already more than 5 lessons with Goncalo and I can highly reccomend him. He is very kind and patience, but mostly I great teacher. I was a beginner trying to learn playing guitar via internet without any success. But since I started taking lessons with Goncalo I improved quickly my skills. what we do during the lessons is playing together a song of my choice, first he shows me what the accords are and then we play :)
VIOLIN and VIOLA Lessons 🎻 | LEARN and HAVE FUN! All ages welcome! (Antwerp)
Ana has a professional attitude whilst maintaining a friendly approach. My first lesson with her was a phenomenal experience. Ana is a skilled a qualified violin teacher with an eye and ear to see and hear the student's needs to make progress. Very highly recommended.
Review by CHAIM
Piano lessons to learn how to play the piano well for all levels (Zaventem)
Stijn after then first lesson got our girls playing beautifully. They really enjoy piano lessons!
Review by MEGHANN