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Ryo - Mitte$20
Guitar · Music theory lessons · Music composition
Music composition · Sound (music) · Voice (music)
Trusted teacher: Hello! Alright I'll break it down by parts. If you look for a more "narrowed description" just scroll down where I made a list :) My name is Francisco, and I'm a guitar player from Argentina, currently living in Berlin. I am very enthusiastic about teaching and sharing the energy to grow musically to my students. I have taught music for 7 years in schools and privately at home. With private lessons my aim is to adjust to the student likes and abilities. I am attentive to the needs and the reasons why someone is wanting to play and learn music. And I try to encourage the curiosity and spirit of making music and not follow what is "considered" that you should learn. What to expect from the first lesson with me? To get to know each other. That way I see what you like and what you don't, what you already play, and your learning pace. And probably I can share with you something new already, and from there, we will build a "program" according to what you want and your rhythm, and time availability. I value singularity and I like to get to know who I teach, so that way I can help them better. It can be first chords and ways of learning new songs, or improvisational tools, or pure harmony and theory stuff. Because everyone is different, for example, if you like Rock I will go in that direction and teach you the elements that make Rock sound like it does and I won't teach you Jazz Harmony, if you like Classical music we will go over the abilities that you have to have to execute this kind of music, the same goes for the styles that I play. My skills: I play and have played mainly Fingerstyle Guitar, Jazz, Argentine Tango, Jazz Manouche, Rock, Rockabilly, Experimental. I have worked a lot playing Bossa Nova at some point. I don't like teaching something that I don't know. So for example, oriental music I couldn't teach. And if we come to a point where I am not helpful anymore, I will say so. What I do like is learning with students, it is often the case that your students teach you new ways of thinking about music and I find that super exciting! I was lucky to travel a bit of the world playing music with different projects and musicians that I admire, I always did this playing mainly Jazz music. I have played in bars and clubs and theaters in New York, Boston, Buenos Aires, and in different cities around Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland. I was also part of several orchestras (Jazz, Tango and Rock) in Argentina and in the US. I teach beginner - intermediate - advanced levels of different topics: - how to improve technique (right hand and left hand) - how to improvise (elements of improvisation, vocabulary, phrasing, etc.) - how to visualize the fretboard - how to learn songs by ear, and how to read music (or tab) - how harmony and music theory works - specific genres such as, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Bossa Nova, Tango, Rock, and Fingerstyle. The lessons can be also in German (basic, so you might need a bit of patience with me!) or Spanish (that's my mother tongue) or English. They can be at my place (Wedding), all corona safe, or online via Zoom/Skype. Shoot me a message if you are interested! All the best, Francisco
Music theory · Guitar · Music composition
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Deniz - Berlin$52
Trusted teacher: Ich biete Klavierunterricht an, bei dem die Freude an der Musik, das Erlernen der richtigen Technik und eine psychologisch aufbauende Erfahrung im Vordergrund stehen. Ich ziehe es vor, ein individuelles Programm für den Schüler zu erstellen, das seinen Wünschen und Zielen entspricht. Insgesamt ist es mir ein Anliegen, eine positive und ruhige Umgebung für meine Schüler zu schaffen, während ich dieses komplexe und schöne Instrument unterrichte. Ich biete auch Unterricht in Musiktheorie an: Vorbereitung auf Musikschulen, allgemeines Wissen und Verständnis von Musiktheorie oder ein tieferes Verständnis davon - wenn der Schüler weitergehen möchte. Musiktheorie kann aus Harmonie, Kontrapunkt, Analyse von gewünschten Werken, Akkorden, Intervallen, Gehörbildung... bestehen. Für Interessierte biete ich auch das elektronische Tool Logic Pro an, da ich in den letzten 5 Jahren meiner Ausbildung elektronische Musik mit diesem Programm komponiert habe. Wir können diesen Aspekt mit Musikkomposition kombinieren oder uns auf technische Elemente konzentrieren. Mein Ziel ist es, einen rücksichtsvollen und respektvollen Raum zu schaffen, in dem das Musizieren zu einer glücklichen Erfahrung wird. Ich unterrichte gerne auf Deutsch, Englisch und Türkisch. Ich hoffe, von Ihnen zu hören und Sie bald zu treffen! ----------- I offer piano lessons; with the focus of enjoying the music, learning proper techniques, and having a psychologically uplifting experience. I prefer to create an individual program for the student according to their wishes and goals. Overall, I love to achieve a positive and calm environment for my students, while teaching this complex and beautiful instrument. I also offer Music Theory lessons; preparations for Music schools, general knowledge, and understanding of Music Theory, or a deeper understanding of it - if the student wished to go forward. Music Theory can consist of Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis of desired works, Chords, Intervals, Ear Training... I offer the electronic tool Logic Pro for who is interested as well, since I have composed electronic music using this program for the last 5 years of my education. We can combine this aspect with Music Composition or focus on technical elements. My goal is to create a considerate and respectful space where making music becomes a happy experience. I am happy to teach in German, English, and Turkish. Hope to hear from you and meet you soon!
Music theory · Piano · Music composition
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Joseph - Berlin$37
Guitar · Music theory lessons · Music composition
Greetings! If you've come across this page, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Sean, a composer from Melbourne, Australia, now based in Berlin. I am currently freelancing all around Europe and have had my music played by some of the preeminent ensembles and contemporary music players. I primarily work with contemporary 'new' music, focusing on finding the expressive qualities of instruments and players, sometimes with edgy, earthy results that can verge on abrasive; though I am open to a wide variety of aesthetics. My practice is notated mostly, but I have experience with electroacoustic and non-traditional forms of musical composition also, as well as improvisation. Much of my teaching style comes down to creating feedback loops with my students. I am firm with my students to ensure I get their full potential. Of course, if a student comes to me with a particular area of interest and/or issue that is my main focus. More general students should expect to focus on building up their aesthetics and discovering new ways of using the tools at their disposal. I like to invest time in my students, including introducing them to connections in the professional sphere to assist in their trajectory as composers in the real world. This does not mean my students need to have aspirations to be professional composers necessarily, but it is crucial for 'emerging' voices to hear their music live - even in reading sessions and practice rooms with performers - to get the full experience of the cycle of composing. I am familiar with the software Sibelius, but prefer for my students to write by hand - at least for drafts - as this gives them the most agency and discipline in composing the music they seek to. I am looking to open my teaching roster to diligent young composers and aspiring amateurs. Limited spots remain, so please feel free to contact me to secure a spot. I offer all my lessons in English, with the possibility to integrate German into them as well. - SQ :) Note: please don't request free lessons; this is not appropriate.
Music composition
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Guitar lessons (Acoustic and Electric) and music composition (Berlin)
Sam is an amazing teacher, patient and open to the student's goals and suggestions. His approach is more technical than theoretical but will nonetheless get anyone willing to learn up to speed on the basics into more advanced notions. He assessed what I was already able to do on the guitar to fill the gaps and help me progress into further fields. So far he's taught me the electric guitar, a bit of bass and piano and I'm very happy about all of it.
Review by ALEXIS
Piano (classical, jazz, improvisation, popular songs and film music), Composition and song writing, Music theory (Berlin)
Working with Victoria is a pleasure! She's very skilled in both music and teaching. She is extremely patient and always makes sure that you finish the class with all your questions answered and goals achieved. She tailors the class towards your needs and always finds a way to explain sometimes complicated concepts. Warmest recommendation!
Review by MARIJANA
Learn Guitar & Musical Development in Berlin (Tempelhof) (Berlin)
Joseph is a superior teacher! A very friendly person and professional musician! His methods of learning guitar are really fast and adaptive. He adheres to your tastes in music and tries to help with the best as he can.
Review by RUSLAN