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27 music composition teachers in Germany

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Ryo - Mitte15€
Music composition · Music theory lessons · Guitar
(1 review)
Ascanio - Berlin35€
Trusted teacher: I am a music producer and film score composer from London living in Berlin. I currently tutor privately and teach at the EMS - Electronic Music School Berlin. I have taught everyone from complete beginners with no music theory knowledge, to experienced DJ's trying to up their game. I am currently preparing to teach a masterclass at my school that will cover advanced mixing, mastering and sound design. I work in Ableton and I have made or engineered everything from industrial techno to dubstep, acid rock to pop. As such, I am extremely flexible and can focus exclusively on what you are aiming to learn, regardless of what genre or subgenre you want to make. My approach is dynamic and changes depending on every student, but my aim is the same across all levels and types: to get you to love music production. For the beginners: -How to start your track -How to make more than just loops -Sampling -Sound synthesis -Basic beat creation -Mixing -Use of effects -Plugins -Marketing -Mastering For the intermediate to advanced students: -Multiband mixing tools -Advanced Mastering -Using sends as mixing tools -Advanced sound synthesis -Advanced social media marketing More about me: I have worked in the music production field for the last 10 years. I have a recording engineering certificate from UCLA in California. I have scored two award winning short films, and am currently signed to Subsoul Recordings. My personal tracks have reached around 300,000 plays. I currently manage a deep house producer signed to Crosswalk Records.
Sound (music) · Music composition · Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: Unlock Creative Potential + Overcome Anxiety = Share The Gift That You Truly Are Do you play music but don't really know where to start in making your own? Do you feel anxious thinking about performing your music and is the idea of standing on stage very scary to you? I know exactly how you feel. I am here to help you on your musical journey and overcome those blockages. As a deeply shy being myself I was terrified to play on my own on a stage or even to sing in front of anyone. I performed one of my first solo shows at a legendary tiny venue in London called Cafe Oto feeling like I was drowning in anxiety. This was in 2016, since then after moving to Berlin the next year I found incredible strength and passion to overcome my deepest fear and truly express my heart and soul in front of an audience openly and completely liberated. I toured in Europe many times and on rare occasions in North America. The shyness and fear were here because of the tremendous power of the music that was in me. It can be scary to feel your own power but if we learn to tame it our sensitivity and vulnerability can become our greatest ally and help us share the gift that not only we have but also that we truly are. Just the way we tune an instrument, we can also learn how to tune our own selves and express the core of our being in the most authentic way. As an intuitive music teacher and motivational speaker in this class, I want to share my experience with you in composing my own music and performing live with tools that help me build my creativity and open myself to expression. Composition is the art to flow with energy, the less we put control into it the more it surprises us and brings us to new territories unveiling the potential in ourselves we didn't even know existed. Because everyone is different in the way we express ourselves I have no fixed idea of how this course will be taught and I will adapt to every student's needs. I can help you build a solid and authentic live show, whether it is on Ableton live or not, this course isn't only for electronic musicians but also applies to any other styles of artists. I will also share with you some meditation and breathing techniques to prepare yourself, music theory if you want to learn, and for those of you who are singers, I will share ways to unlock your vocal potential mainly based on centering your focus on expression from your heart center. This course also applies to non-musicians and will benefit beginners as well as more advanced people. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat a little further about the class. I wish you the best creative vibes and remember "if you take care of the music, the music will take care of you".
Music composition · Voice (music) · Ableton live
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Joseph - Berlin32€
Music composition · Music theory lessons · Guitar
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Guitar lessons (Acoustic, Electric, and Bass) and music composition (Berlin)
It was my first electric guitar lesson, and I had already from the beginning high hopes about it. Sam is a wonderful teacher, he knows how to structure the lesson and try to include both theory and practice. Very good job! I enjoyed a lot the first lesson and I am looking forward for the new and second lesson! This time I will try to be more patient and not so demanding with myself! Thanks for your patience Sam!
Review by EMMA
Learn Guitar & Musical Development Tutoring in Berlin. (Berlin)
Joseph is a superior teacher! A very friendly person and professional musician! His methods of learning guitar are really fast and adaptive. He adheres to your tastes in music and tries to help with the best as he can.
Review by RUSLAN
Ukulele lessons! Time to pick it up and Let’s bang out♬ (Berlin)
RYO SAN was very patient and had great skills in teaching ukulele from the start as I had no knowledge to play any musical instrument but this had been a dream. I recommend him as a great teacher. Thankyou RYO SAN