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Trusted teacher: I am doing a thesis at EPFL in analysis. I offer mathematics classes at home or at home, the target audience is mainly first and second year students at the university in maths or engineering. Topical Note: I have a very good camera and a large board at home, so I'm ok with zooming or skype, for example. Experience: -Many private lessons of all ages and for a long time. -Assistanat analysis I and II for the engineering section and the maths section (so I did some exercise sheets, course reminders or some points, and the work of "tutor" at the epfl, ie the help during exercise sessions). (Several years in a row). - Assistantship in more advanced courses, for example "Sobolev spaces and elliptic PDE" (Master course), functional analysis II (master course), Dynamics and bifurcation (3rd year of License) My CV: -Classe at the Mathematics Olympiad at 15 -Prepa (French system) to Louis Le Grand in Paris. -Diploma of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (License and master, maths / info) -Diploma of Oxford University (Master, Maths) -Thesis at the epfl Most: -I know very well the students of this age, the requirements as well as the program. In 2016/2017 I was assistant in charge of the engineering analysis course at EPFL, and the student analysis course in mathematics at EPFL (second semester). In 2017/2018, I was responsible for the two analysis courses (first and second semester) of students in mathematics at EPFL. I am responsible in 2018/2019 for the third year course "Sobolev spaces and elliptic partial differential equations". As a young person, I am aware of the difficulties encountered by students (concerning programs but also stress, and the difficulty of passing an exam). I also see students during exercise sessions as well as individually in my office for questions about the course etc. -I am aware of the requirements of the program, which is expected in these streams since I am responsible for the worksheets and exam correction. I took part in the writing of the exams for students studying engineering and mathematics and decided the scale. (followed by a consultation with teachers and other assistants for the courses with a large number of students, eg 180 for mechanical engineers). I would like to point out that these courses are not necessarily reserved for students in difficulty.
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Trusted teacher: CONTENTS : This course is aimed at university students, in the field of mathematics. This course is also suitable for students at EPFL as well as students of mathematics and physics), but also for faculties of economics (except economic mathematics), or medicine for example. The goal is simple: to help you understand by yourself and acquire an intuition of the desired mathematical concepts, as well as the resolution of the exercises. The courses cover a number of subjects. The student chooses the desired branch (the choices are listed below (*). Additional drills can be provided upon request. (*)The topics covered in this course are: -Analysis I, Advanced Analysis I [one-variable real analysis, integration, etc...] -Analysis II, Advanced Analysis II [real multivariate analysis, integration, differential equations, etc...] -Linear Algebra I [linear maps, matrices, determinants, diagonalization (AL2), etc...] -Advanced Linear Algebra I [AL1, dual spaces, multilinear forms, groups, rings, fields, etc...] -Advanced Linear Algebra II [Gram-Schmidt, Orthogonality, Sylvester, SVD, QR, MSA, Jordan, SEDL, Hermite, Smith] -Algebraic structures [Basic logic, sets, equivalence relations, classes, quotients, groups, etc...] -Discrete mathematics [combinatorics, generating functions, basis of graph theory, probabilistic approach] Note: For more information regarding the contents of the topics, we can discuss. The courses are flexible. SIZE: The course can be given face-to-face in the Lausanne region (preferably Renens / Ecublens) or Geneva (preferably center) depending on my travel availability (this is to be agreed by message with me directly, this option only appears by default in my schedules available below). Otherwise, the course is generally given by Zoom with screen sharing where I generally write by hand). The notes during the course are sent to the student after the course is completed in PDF format. For more availability, please contact me. The courses are based on my experience (EPFL, mathematics section). Hoping to be able to help you.
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